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I was in a pharmacist’s shop today. Pharmacists like to portray themselves as skilled and highly trained medical professionals, able to give consultations and advice on a wide range of minor medical conditions. This impression is strongly promoted on the web site of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. This impression is however somewhat spoiled when you walk into a pharmacists. The one I went into today was a typical example. Three prominent displays in particular. The impression I gained was less of a reputable and ethical medical professional, and more that of a snake oil salesman, peddling his quack wares. Well pharmacists, you can’t have it both ways. If you want the status of an ethical professional, then you have to show some ethics. And as long as you promote quackery for financial gain then you are no more than jumped up grocers, with all the integrity of Arkwright. ORIGINAL CUSTOM MADE FROM INDONESIA.



D. LAMP. Photo by I. Peterson. Men who toil and the clothes that protect them. Frontiersmen and prospectors, Soldiers and Sailors, Aviators and Highwaymen, American Indians and Cattlemen and the film idols that portrayed them. Klaxon Howl. A month of performances inspired by the Brontës, presented in the bicentenary year of Charlotte’s birth, the season opens with an interesting take on Villette. Linda Marshall-Griffiths has reimagined the ground-breaking novel by Charlotte but stayed very true to the spirit, setting the story in a strange future. Brilliant Yorkshire writer Emma Adams has created an immersive audio drama called Tiny Shoes which will be presented as part of the season and there will be an exclusive work-in-progress sharing of Wasted, a musical that tells the story of Anne, Branwell, Charlotte and Emily who are “nobodies from nowhere with something to say”. At the season launch there was a preview of some of the music that will be performed at the work-in-progress in October and it is fair to say the Brontës are not being treated with an overly respectful reverence – only a good thing. There will also be a series of panel events and discussions presented as part of the season. James Brining, the man in charge of the West Yorkshire Playhouse, says: “Working in partnership with the Brontë Parsonage Museum on the bicentenary of Charlotte’s birth, the Brontë season invites artists to create contemporary responses to their body of work as we interrogate the impact of this extraordinary family who are so integral to Yorkshire’s heritage. Stories of local significance are hugely important to our programming. ” The Sheffield Lyceum's new season is announced in The Star. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. If I'm really unhappy with the way I'm being treated, I want to present my reasons clearly. That's the best way of making sure everyone is clear about what I'm saying. I'm sorry for that. it was one of those crazy busy weekends.

This weekend I was really honored to be invited to participate in a benefit art exhibit.

The show was a fundraiser for a big local arts development that will have live-in studios, galleries, and educational space. In order to raise more money, we brought in treats for our guests. I actually made two batches of cookies that were eaten up before I could even take a picture! But on Sunday I made a delicious vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake. WHOA.

It was so good.

served up on some fine Dixie paper plate ware. They are all contemporary political figures, painted from their actual childhood photographs. The outrage was indignant and vociferous. Someone had suggested that in the quest to contain healthcare costs under the omnibus government program to be known as Obamacare, there would be rationing of services and judgments would be made regarding whether anticipated future longevity would merit expenditures. The media dubbed the bureacrats, "Death Panels. " That would never happen, we were assured. That was outrageous when everyone knows it is the Republicans who are pushing grandma's wheelchair off the cliff! But this week we saw a hint of the future. We were told that the Messiah himself would absolve the Catholic Church of any responsibility for enabling behavior which they are unalterably opposed to. No women were going to be denied access to contraceptives if the Church prevailed. They simply would have to find another means of funding the product. National GeographicWith photographs. Once the months-long process of extracting the pieces is finished, researchers expect to spend several years restoring the ship before placing it on display in Giza's Solar Boat Museum near the Pyramids. A similar ship found nearby has already been reconstructed and is on display in the museum. Around here, family time is pretty much all the time. We like it that way. We choose it to be that way. If we need to make a trip, run an errand, eat meals, read books, garden, work on big house projects. It took him a very long time to accept any kind of affection, but ultimately we came toan "understanding"—strictly on his terms, of course. To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme. The truth about history is that there's little truth to most of it. Quoted: “Senators say they fear the NRA and the gun lobby. The fear that those children who survived the massacre must feel every time they remember their teachers stacking them into closets and bathrooms, whispering that they loved them, so that love would be the last thing the students heard if the gunman found them. ” Gabrielle Giffords. Definitions: The troops being dispatched to Syria Jordan will be involved in “stability operations”. Images - Stephnie McLaughlin. So excited to tell you that Amanda at The Stokes FamilyAngela at Refresh My SoulJess BeckyJoMama and Heather C. Have all won a copy of "One Reason"!! I'm thrilled for you. E-mail me your address and I will send it on to the powers that be and you should have your CD soon! Thanks for entering!!. While the tobacco control industry has been chuntering on about how they know nothing about e-cigs so want them banned or restricted, the rest of the human population have been absolutely certain about what the BBC now confirms is true. Smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit are more likely to succeed than those who use willpower alone or buy nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches or gum, a study suggests. Well of course. It's because they mimic the habits of smoking, deliver the same throat hit, are cheaper than tobacco. For a long time I have been wanting a set of coasters for my house, and having trouble finding exactly what I wanted.

The cost just would have added up to a lot higher - but if you don't have the capability of getting them cut, that is another great option.

I also found lots of good options on Etsy - just make sure and double check the sizes.

Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing a masculine birthday card. This was made for my brother-in-law. He's a wine drinker and recently started wearing glasses so I thought he'd get a kick out of this. My card features Pierre and the verse from the Celeste set from Art Impressions. InLinkz. Now that the holidays are over we can start thinking about Valentine's Day. WEEKLY DEALS There is no better way to start a new year than with a discount on some great crafting supplies! We hope you enjoy this week's Weekly Deals. The sign outside the fictional Alexandria Safe Zone reads: "Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers. m. Eastern. The increasingly trivial Mr. Mr. No, really. I am mercifully insulated from the academic left, so I cannot know all the details of Freddie’s observations. has a weakness. This is the text I preached off of. It was a draft, and I was tired, so what I actually preached had a lot more editorializing and extemporizing. When I copied it from GoogleDocs into Word to print out for preaching, it erased the indenting I had put in to indicate notes I probably wouldn't use, so I ended up including some stuff I hadn't initially meant to. And I appreciate the way this passage ends:"Yet the people of Israel will be as numerous as the sands of the seashore that can neither be measured nor counted. And one day, instead of it being said of them, 'You are not my people,' it will be said, 'You are the children of the living God. Glassy and Full Moon, I mean. Why is that? What, if anything, can be done about it? I'm sure that this is much more prevalent among men than women. Let's take a stereotypical case. A man converts to Christianity. He learns the basics of Christian theology. He may identify with a particular theological tradition. He learns the jargon. He proselytizes all his friends, relatives, and coworkers. He has debates over creation/evolution, Calvinism/Arminianism, cessationism/continuationism, millennialism/premillennialism, Catholicism/evangelicalism, credobaptism/paedobaptism, &c. From oversize polka dots to beautiful brocade, there's sure to be a terrific topper in this post for each of CC's fabulous fellow fashionistas! Photos via vogue. Michael Kors Collection Milly Missoni Monique Lhuillier MSGM Mulberry Nicole Miller Peter Pilotto Rachel Zoe Roberto Cavalli Ryan Lo Salvatore Ferragamo Suno Veronica Beard Versace Which of these toppers do you deem most tantalizing, darlings? CC is loving the floor-dusting, fur-trimmed Cavalli coat! xoxox, CC. Alice + OliviaBalenciagaCarlos MieleCusto Barcelona, via nymag. Eva Franco Aniseed skirt. Kahiko Steps mini. Tie-dyed Wednesday skirt, at jcrew. Brian Cody. The event featured both interactive and informative sessions focusing on multilingualism, the challenges and opportunities presented by the multilingual information society and how innovative Language Technologies are key in developing solutions to these challenges. International experts discussed future applications for Language Technologies, research needs and market requirements.

For more information watch the videos.