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Good morning Augusta.

This morning it is partly cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm and a chance of rain. Tonight it will be overcast with a chance of a thunderstorm and a chance of rain, then a chance of rain after midnight. The Power of the Powerless and the Farcical Elections in Cuba"Even a purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible political effect can gradually and indirectly, over time, gain in political significance. Their is also an undercurrent of terror that far worse things can happen to you and your loved ones. Finally, whats the point if you annul a ballot it is the dictatorship that counts the ballots in the end giving whatever result they deem suitable. Czech dissident Vaclav Havel understood the great importance of such purely moral acts and the power of the powerless who rejected the lies propagated by the regime in power in order to live in truth. It can be any means by which a person or a group revolts against manipulation: anything from a letter by intellectuals to a workers' strike, from a rock concert to a student demonstration, from refusing to vote in the farcical elections to making an open speech at some official congress, or even a hunger strike, for instance. I thus began to call the Indian movement 'Satyagraha,' that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence, and gave up the use of the phrase 'passive resistance,' in connection with it, so much so that even in English writing we often avoided it and used instead the word 'Satyagraha' itself or some other equivalent English phrase. The choice that each and every human being faces today is the choice of living an integrated life within the truth backing it up with action or passively accepting the lie propagated by those in power. Photo: Authors Olumide Popoola and Philipp Kabo Köpsell The question “What Is the Black German Experience?” was the theme of second annual convention of the Black German Cultural Society of New Jersey this year. The event was reviewed by Steven F. Riley of the website mixed race studies. "The highlight of the conference was Yara Colette Lemke Muniz de Faria’s keynote address, “In their Best Interest… Afro-German Children in Postwar German Children’s Homes” which explored the plight of so-called “War/Brown/Occupation Babies”—the children born of the union between white German women and Black American GIs after World War II. She described the systematic removal of Afro-German children from their birth families into substandard orphanages or foster homes, where many faced emotional and physical abuse. Her keynote touched on the story of Ika Hügel-Marshall, who describes her saga in her autobiography, Invisible Woman: Growing Up Black in Germany. " Read the whole review at mixed Race Studies Last but not least were the live readings by Olumide Popoola and Philipp Khabo Köpsell , see the video of the full performance at Black German Cultural Society of New Jersey. m. on Wednesday. ". ". Have you heard of letterpressing? It's one of the hottest trends in stationary right now, and it's making its way into scrapbooking.

It's a printing technique that involves printing words or images with ink while at the same time debosses your paper.

Let me show you a little sample I found on Pinterest. This will work with your existing Cuttlebug and Big Shot machines. Get the look. Fortunately, namie was the first artist to perform at a earlier time, hence missed the rain. Oh, what might have been! All the lost potential. All the apples that never will be. This time of year, our tree's branches are covered in tiny apples. Apples-to-be. But, alas, the problem is that there are just too many. You are supposed to go out and pick of any obvious duds or runts or diseased applets - which is not too hard. But then you are also supposed to remove perfectly great looking future-apples. Apples do better if they aren't crowded together: fewer pests, and larger more robust fruits. This is very hard if you are a greedy fruit lover like me!! I sometimes can't do it and leave two. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed the Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery for the season. More details in this announcement. Sounds like the fish just weren't cooperating. So, can we officially call this fishery a bust? Deckboss isn't ready to say that until we know more about the price processors paid for the herring. Rosario Venuto. Secondo l’accusa, formalizzata dal pm Paiola, avrebbero abbandonato il posto di lavoro sull’isola di Vulcano e il gip Pugliese dispose la misura cautelare dell’obbligo di presentazione alla polizia giudiziaria.

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there will be something to stand on, or you will be taught to fly. -Unknown Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. Honor is something you lose but once. Here's the scaffolding needed to set in place the final piece, called the tympanum. " Here's the tympanum being set in place a few minutes ago. Clowns are creepy!. Hi everyone my live class starts in one hour, I hope you can make it!link:. By the time high school hit, I had already been selling and showing my work and my identity was wrapped up in being "that quiet girl that made art". I went on to college to study painting and printmaking, grew my creative resume, continued showing my work and bounced from one creative jobs and projects to another. I've had tons of experiences, lots of ups and downs and learned some amazing lessons.

identify your gifts and passions from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

its ok to go slow from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. embrace failure from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. Things are grim down south. And it will continue for several days. Ugh. There are quite a few readers from southern Australia and I send my best wishes to all of you. I know how debilitating that kind of constant heat is. Yes, No, I Don’t Know, You Figure It Out. The Fluid Magisterium of Pope Francis This is worth quoting in its entirety. Bold emphasis added: He never says all that he has in mind, he just leaves it to guesswork.

He allows everything to be brought up again for discussion.

So let’s not talk about it directly, you get the premises in place and then I will draw the conclusions. ” And so, thanks to this “wise” advice - Forte continued - matters came to “fruition” and the papal exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” arrived. In which the reformers have found what they wanted. Jeremiah is in the hospital with pneumonia and possible sepsis. His blood count is very high and several things are very off. Please pray. Clarice correctly pointed out that the rider was in a spot at that point, and that he quickly got him out into a stalking position. Not that you can every really place sole blame on a jockey for such a decisive defeat. " Earlier in the week, he was insistent that he wouldn't make the mistake of moving too soon, as he admits he did with Real Quiet. That leaves me wondering if the jockey was so intent on correcting that error, that he, on more than one occasion, discouraged Big Brown from running when the horse wanted to do so. .