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Watch: Strange borders Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Florida Sasquatch Encounters posted this video on youtube, revitisng some footage of what they believe is a possible bigfoot hiding among the palmettos. I think they are a perfect fit!I just love stamping on fabric paper.

It is so fun and easy to do! It makes me feel like I have made a custom embellishment.

Nicolasgass. In your opinion, do both genders listen the same way and for the same reason?. I'm back with more goodies! This time they are created with the April kit from Label Tulip! You NEED to check out what all of the design team members did with this kit. Here is the gallery for this month. it says "Not-to-do list" on it. I actually stamped it upside down just for an extra detail on my card. On the Miss You card, I used a Hambly rub on frame in the center of the card and then cut out the middle so the inside of the card would show through. I had some good luck at a garage sale. I peeked into a box of old ornaments and found five made in Poland Ornamants. Polish Ornaments are glass and hand painted. They weren’t marked…so I asked. See how Poland is stamped on the cap? That is how you tell it is what collectors call a polish.

These five were probably part of a set of twelve.

The seller stated that they were ornaments her son and his wife wanted to get rid of. MV and actinic lights and sugared bait was used to attract the moths, they included Red Underwing, Small Rufous, Svennsson's Copper Underwing,White Satin, Flame Carpet, Blue Bordered Carpet and a small Ear Moth species yet to be determined. Noctule and Daubenton's Bat were feeding over the scrape and male and female Tawny Owls were calling. and this evening a Green Sandpiper was feeding. Al Ahram Weekly Legitimate Robberies by Ashraf El-Ashmawi. Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House.

The book is published this week by Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House.

We are having a birthday party here this weekend and I am busy, busy getting ready!I wanted to share what the homemade birthday invites read. Food will be served at the Mess Hall during Training Exercise. Actually, the name is misleading. Because plying is, by definition, strands of fiber wrapped around each other, single ply yarns should really be called "not plied yarns". But anyway. Here is our culprit: It is simply a column of fiber, loosely twisted together. Unlike a plied yarn, which is several of those columns, twisted around each other: That's a two ply yarn, one ply of blue and one ply of green. What holds yarns together, ultimately, is friction. The twist of the yarn holds the fibers together, and the friction of them rubbing together keeps the yarn from pulling apart.

The more twist, the more friction, the stronger the hold, the stronger the yarn.

Tässä sitten viime viikolla värjäämiäni sinisiä indigolankoja. In EnglishHere are pictures of the blue yarns I dyed last week. One of my colleagues walked into my office earlier in the week, and announced: "Hillary must be reading your blog. "That caught me off guard.

I thought he was referring to an English friend who periodically reads my posts.

But she spells her name properly. Then I realized he meant The Hillary. The Secretary of State. She who would have been The One.

My colleague was referring to my thoughts in moral handicaps.

The headlines summed up a statement Hillary made during her visit to Mexico this week: "Clinton: Mexico Violence Fueled By America's 'Insatiable' Demand For Drugs. " And, of course, the press, in its desire to sell products, reduced a very subtle statement to one that could have appeared in a balloon over Bluto's head.

Le Dame Clinton is now the voice of the State Department.

Has any blogger, ever, just packed it in having declared, "sorry, Ihave run out of things to say"?. To read all about it go the Renfrewshire County Website. Hi guys. Here's the top twenty tennis players with the most pictures in the brieflines archive.

Not much change from October, except that Ivan Ljubicic dropped off the list.

Six years and counting. Pet owners fight New York's Board of Health to repeal their ban on. Are you worried that by speaking out you will loose any chance of saving the DC Opportunity Scholarships? Are you worried that the Archdiocese will not obtain any Federal funding for any of our social programs? Are you hoping that by being silent, the social justice crowd will join you in support of Catholic schools and scholarships? Are you hoping that by being silent you will help to change immigration policy? Are you hoping that by being silent, the lifting of the conscience clause on Catholic medical providers will stay in place? Are you hoping that by remaining silent, you will contiue to receive large Forward in Faith donations?Let me put to rest those fears to rest once and for all. President Obama and the Democratic Party couldn't care less what you do or do not think, as long as you allow him to continue to co-op your priests, religious and lay people to get what he wants. And you are doing just what he wants. There has not been a peep out of them on the DC Opportunity Scholarships, abortion, etc. Today, I have architectural prints on my mind. But more specifically, I'd like to get some in black and white for a client's bedroom. She died suddenly of pneumonia. There are no words for this level of sadness and loss. And yet, it was them and not us, and this is their terrible journey to walk, and not ours. Sen. ".


U. D. hey y'all, i am super busy today trying to get together a furniture plan for a house i am working on but i wanted to share this white sofa from chapman radcliff. by Dan Phillips From a preacher's perspective, it's our happy task before God to craft and deliver a sermon that's worth listening to, attending to, learning from, and retaining. Any regular reader of this blog probably attends a church whose pastor takes this as a solemn, joyous, exhilarating, devastating, God-given duty. On that assumption, then, how can you gain the most value from the sermon? I'll tailor my remarks specifically to profiting from an expository sermon in a book-study series. Some of these suggestions will apply to any Biblical sermon, but I have in mind a series that progresses through a book of the Bible. Pray in advance. Pray for your preacher, because sermon preparation is both a science and a spiritual exercise. I'm pleased to be able to announce the date of the next Philofaxy London Meet Up. Places for this meet up will have to be confirmed. Of course there might still be some form of family emergency or other on the day that might prevent your attendance I know. Once places have been assigned then I will send out full details about the arrangements for the day. So there. And it did not disappoint. I wanted to steal the handles off the corner cupboards in the dining room. Yet as I've said in the past, the event almost didn't happen as my mother had survived an absolutely devastating stillbirth just two years earlier. She could have given up. She could have said, "why bother trying again?" She could have taken the easy way out. Instead, she took a leap of faith, for which I of course will be forever grateful. There's no doubt that I inherited much from my mother, including a steadfast will that refuses to give up and seems to strengthen whenever confronted with setbacks, challenges, or critics. Translation: one stubborn S. O. Ce week-end, newtonjohn. blogspot. Les photos sont des montages.

On rêve de recevoir un petit mot de la star.

And dig the short bat-ears! It had been years since anyone had drawn Batman's cowl that way, but for the amazing Mr. Simonson, it worked, man! Kinda like a Groovy Age Dick Sprang. Stir in the pot of coconut yogurt. Meanwhile the hard copy of your document it has been forwarded through D. H.

L to the US embassy in India for your visa processing to United State of America.

Congratulations!!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU IN ORDER TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. Today I am swimming in an ocean of gratitude. Keeping what serves me and letting go what does not.

This is one of those times, and as always I’m sure most of you are in a similar situation.

That’s the amazing thing about this soul family we call DC - we are all so unique, with such varied perspectives, personalities, tastes, opinions, desires, and paths, but sharing this journey together is truly a collective experience. This is why I am grateful. Because of all of you, the gurus, the encouragers, the fact-finders, the curious ones, the mystics, the scholars, the lovers, the dreamers, the hard workers, the readers, the givers… I have learned and grown so much in this last year that I have been with all of you. Thank you, for everything you bring to the family table. Thank you for showing me ideas, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts that helped to nurture Truth within my spirit and burn away all that was untrue. Thank you for being my friends, my family. .