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Here are two words that have different meanings with the same root.

They are “credible” and “credulous. ”Credible: offering reasonable grounds for being believed. Credulous: ready to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence. Many Christians are credulous.

Fairly often I receive a long e-mail that has been forwarded to me of something wonderful that God supposedly has done.

At the end of this wonderful letter I am instructed to forward to ten or thirty or everyone on my mailing list within ten days. If I do I will receive a great blessing, normally in lots of dollars. If I do not follow the instruction then something bad will happen to me. The mood was mostly businesslike, but they also weren't in a huge rush either. Gleason was smiling, relaxed, and calm, Schotz looked a little worked over, but I knew he could take a lot of abuse from his previous T. I. performances. The third rider, John Williams was a curious study, to my mind. He was very relaxed and didn't appear at all tired or even concerned about getting moving again. In fact, he made a remark to the effect that he had stopped to take care of some nutrition or take a nature break or something earlier and had ridden back on to catch Schotz and Gleason. Sesame Street fans will understand when they hear that today's entries are brought to you by the letter "T". Wally has a new motif posted that uses only chains. Gail posted an eye popping celtic motif. Did you notice the colour change on the links? I thought it would make it easier to visit the sites and see what's new. People like to know that others are visiting their pages and they like to hear how other people see their work. You may have a suggestion that will improve the look of their tatting, an easier method of doing the same thing or you might just want to say you like it. So, we have tried to figure out what has happened to these boards that has lead to this sorry state. For a long time, Dartmouth had one of the more accountable and representative systems of governance found in US universities. Recently, however, this accountability and transparency was challenged by some of the College's own leaders. Most boards of trustees are self-elected. When an old member leaves, the new members elect his or her successor. Dartmouth alumni, however can elect eight members of the board of trustees. One of my favorite authors is the now-deceased historian Studs Terkel. He was famous for his oral histories, including such classics as The Good War, Hard Times, Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and Hunger for a Faith and, just before his death, P. S. : Further Thoughts from a Lifetime of Listening. If you've never read a Studs Terkel book, you should, especially if you teach advocacy. The books are divided into chapters, each of which tells the story of a particular event from one person's perspective or memory. Ramer, at left in this photo, grew up in North Dakota but now lives in Custer. This piece was inspired by a Charles Russell water color entitled “A Moment of Great Peril in a Cowboy’s Career. The campaign is down to less than a week. She is shown here with her husband, Tom. I thought you would all like to see the variations that I have done for my red Christmas baubles. My colour scheme is a White Xmas tree with fibre optic lights, decorated with the red baubles, that themselves are decorated with Christmas green tatting and some with silver beads. My next project will be to tat some snowflakes, incorporating the red, green and silver colours. Their decisions directly impact education providers so it’s important to understand their role. Then they did one better. Gabby Gasia and her partner-in-crime, OJ Simpson buddy, Dave Clark devoted a ten-minute bit to the fact it's FEB. I mean, it only happens once every four years! Just a phenomena folks, what? Does KTVU think you guys are a bunch of idiots? Why yes, they do. Was Little Richard over the top? Just a bit! But here we've got American Idol judge Steven Tyler doing his classic thing:. My friend Jun asked me to meet her one night and go out. She gave me the address and said she would be there at midnight. Turns out it was the Cock. An extremely gay, gay bar. When I get inside there is television sets everywhere. Movies are playing.

Paul Newman, an ambitious, intellectual actor and a passionate student of his craft, achieved what most of his peers find impossible: remaining a major star into craggy, charismatic old age.

He was also an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a racecar driver. He died on Sept. From a story in Boston. Even fewer knew he then gifted his fortune to his alma mater. Morin was described as keeping to himself, with his financial advisor telling the Union-Leader that his client “never went out. ” But he did have a love for all movies and books. Cold from the light mist, hand and arms aching from carrying shopping bags all over town, and angry at myself for not being able to find the busstop I fell upon this tiny alleyway that had a old fashioned sign "antique textiles and tearoom. The tearoom was on the third floor up a really narrow staircase but was well worth the climb. I have yet to have a bad cup of English tea, but this one was particularly good. Lots of eye candy to keep me entertained. Each table was set with a different type of china and vintage tablecloth. The cheese scones with melted cheese on top were full of calories - perfect!My only problem. “. Monsters are real, and ghosts too. They liveinside us, and sometimes, they win. I thought you might find interesting what transpired today, my "day off". but agreed, not the best thing to do. and here is a beautiful and inspiring craft book by Gaia Segattini "Handmade for dummies-Renew your wardrobe" the book it's totally about tutorials on how to upcycle/customize old/unused or cheap/basic clothing into something cuter. projects are dedicated to ladies and little girls, but there's something unisex too. I'm so excited to be included in this wonderful magazine! It happens to be one off my favorites, so when they asked me to do a quilt using my fabric, I jumped at the chance. I'll let you in on a little secret. I was going to call it Bunnies Down Under but I wasn't sure everyone would get it. LOL!There's a whole article on me in the magazine, and more photos taken in my home. I haven't even seen the magazine yet, but here's a sneak peek of a photo they sent me. No, this photo was not taken at my house, unless my husband has added pillars in the back yard. They have been in a motel in San Antonio for the past week, escaping the rampage of Hurricane Ike. Jason stayed behind to guard the house and has had no electricity since Ike hit. Limited food in the stores and no gas in most stations. They still don't have power at their home, but utilities, gas, food, etc are slowly returning.

We are just glad that they are safe!.

A lesson for the current situation in the property market. Are we doing the same thing as those people in the past? Read this and learn from it. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Skilled and educated working Americans had jobs providing numerous fringe benefits, paid vacations and pensions. This good fortune set the stage for the Florida real estate bubble. Long time, no "chat". I was out of town for the day job. but I'm back in action. Yes! I'm totally serious. Nate Berkus, of course, is one of the greats and did you know he sells his items on HSN? It's not new news. Martins in London. Gee Gee!. At least they are getting to make inquiries and are not being required to wait while the story is sorted under the protection of an MP, Kamatua or some social worker calling for space for the family to grieve. Maybe the poor little bugger being too slow in avoiding whatever it was that impacted his skull resulting in death was considered an accident. Another accident could be just being born into an unlucky home environment. Today some poor bastard with an unfortunate name in Queensland has been forced to apologise for describing the phenomenon of 'tuckshop arms. ' James Delingpole was right when he said Australians have sold their balls to the lowest bidder. We have been back from vacation for far too long to still be posting about it. We've been on the go since our return.

Then again, when are we not?! I want to skip forward to November, since its a BIG month in our house.

Give me a post or two and Ill get there. Our last full day in San Diego was spent at the zoo! We had another day of perfect weather and I found a discount for our tix, so I was happy they actually worked. And hilly. One of the advantages of the increasingly-smaller number of sales this time of year is that you can make the rounds with no sense of hurry. Which encourages conversation, which is at least as much my goal is bringing home great deals.

Of course, even if none of the sellers provide interesting talk, when you’re out with friends there’s always your own conversation to enjoy.

Judy was back on the trail with us Friday after several weeks of taking care of her hubster after he had surgery. Felt like we hadn’t seen her for a year! Unfortunately we didn’t find any vintage hats for her to try on. But KK was quite stunning, wrapped in the fifty-cent throw she bought because it was cold, and a feather boa.

A fun sale.

The first lady we encountered said there was stuff in the house for sale, including lots of art, and that we were expected to buy something for our walls. For your information:A Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder, decades after mental health experts abandoned that position. The document outlines retirement or other discharge policies for service members with physical disabilities, and in a section on defects lists homosexuality with mental retardation and personality disorders. Critics said the reference underscores the Pentagon's failing policies on gays, and adds to a culture that has created uncertainty and insecurity around the treatment of homosexual service members, leading to anti-gay harassment. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col.

Jeremy M.

Martin said the document is under review. The Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military, at the University of California at Santa Barbara, uncovered the document and pointed to it as further proof that the military deserves failing grades for its treatment of gays. Darlings, CC hopes you enjoy these tantalizing tangerine pieces! Whether you're looking to go head-to-toe haute orange in a jaunty jumpsuit, or just add a pop of color with a bright belt or bag, there's something in this pretty post for every fashionista!Beaded Rose necklace, at jcrew. Valextra Isis mini clutch. Loeffler Randall The Mini Rider Bag, at shopbop. Photo: Turkish eggs recipe Eggs are the star ingredient in this traditional one-pan Turkish meal idea. Heat oil in a medium frying pan over medium-high heat. Add onion. Add paprika. Sharab El Ward: Rosewater is used to flavor many desserts and beverages in the Middle East. This recipe is for a basic syrup which can be diluted with water as a beverage or poured as a sauce over ice cream. I guess the word "redemption" has little meaning in sheikh-ese. Mainly for backing up the information I receive and trying to correlate. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not. However, I have a question:I have been invested in precious metals for sometime. And the idea that all fiat currencies will now be backed by gold I find a little difficult to swallow but if based on a countries "in ground" assets I guess that could work. But again it depends on how they do it. .