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Here's an interview I did with my friend Susie. If you want to know how blogging fits into my life, how I think about the whole writing thing, and how this has changed over the years, here it is! What does being creative mean to you? Words flowing as if they have nothing to do with me.

Walking or listening to music until I’m in that relaxed state where ideas float into my mind.

Editing until every sentence is like a carefully-placed line in a painting. Going to sleep with a question and waking up with an answer. That joyous moment when I know just what to say and how to say it. Growing in confidence. Uncertainty. I bought the smallest one I could find and powered it with a lawn mower battery.

Trolling ashore for potty This got old fast.

Especially after the dinghy turned turtle with me in it while trying to get Merlin aboard for a trip to shore. A while back my son-in-law's dad bought an old pontoon boat which will be converted to a dock. He offered me some of the stuff that came with the boat - all he wanted was the deck and pontoons.

There were also open ended wire plugs and wires that needed to be attached to who know what?What were all these plugs for? There was no handle to steer it with either.

From Supernatural Radio on youtube: Researcher and monster investigator Linda Godfrey discussed her strange creature investigations and the bizarre discoveries associated with them.

"I seem to be getting more reports in which it was obvious there were connections to other things," she said, noting a possible link between creatures, such as bigfoot and upright canines, and unexplainable lights, UFOs, weird zones of quietness, strange mists, and portals. We love to get our Verve inky around here. So pull up a chair and take a tour of some fun creations using Verve favorites. You are on the right track if you've arrived here from Amy's blog. The hop is kicking off on the Verve Blog, so be sure to head there to get all the details! This week there is also a contest going on at the Mojo Monday Blog. I used this week's sketch to help kick start my inspiration. The holidays are in full swing around here, and I'm adding to the holiday card stack whenever I can. There is a story of a group of the very pious who are waiting in heaven for judgment. With each of these arrivals, the feeling of hostility increased in the first group. They glare at the others. They talk among themselves. Within a short time, words were spoken to those others, “What makes you think you’re going to get in with the evil, sinful lives you lived on earth?” “We are relying on the mercy and grace of God. What makes you so sure you’re going to get in?” “Our good lives, of course. ” They turned their backs to the others. Time began to drag on for the first group. The UK scene has been growing every year with more new bikes and rider starting to race. Racing in the UK is mainly on speedway tracks with some use of larger horse trotting tracks and TT courses. The Nebraska Supreme Court will present an update on court programs and ethics as co-sponsor with NSBA at the annual Fall meeting. The origins of Australian and US law from the English system should indicate that the systems are similar. In practice, especially for education law, four core differences, three from Constitutional law and one from public law, frame the impact of both education praxis and legal challenges. "MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The suspect wanted for harassing his victim, then returning to the scene to shoot him in the legs has been arrested.

The victim told investigators he was out in his driveway working on a car when Robert Tuggle began harassing and threatening to shot him.

". Kind of self-explanatory, isn't it?The title really says it all, doesn’t it?Oh, but it gets sooo much better, folks. He is scum. He is John Norman level of scum. He is the-oppressive-laws-against-women-in-Saudi Arabia-level scum. I have always had a certain fascination with the Samurai fighting masks displayed in the Met. One time when I was there drawing with people, I spotted this sucker. Here is proof. I think museums should allow people to try on the costumes that are on display. This would greatly increase museums bottom lines in this photo taking generation.

I'd walk to the men's room to figure out how Henry took a pee with it on.

In my opinion, being at home is the best place to be. The week we got home from Bible conference, Chris’ Dad came for a visit from the East Coast. It’s always fun to just hang out with him.

A couple days after Papou left, we packed our bags again and loaded up the van headed for our favorite “go to” vacation spot.

We even have different lists for different destinations, which makes sense. That way they can each grab the stuff from the list and I check it before it goes in the bag. It’s been perfected and makes things run so smoothly. Every now and again though, it’s nice to transport ourselves away from the everyday routine and escape to a fiction land where we could take in an environment far from our own, and learn a thing or two about life.

Which is why, we have listed five of the most important books to read right now! Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham For the TV show GIRLS’ fans, this book by its creator and actor is the one book that has been widely anticipated.

“This book contains stories about wonderful nights with terrible boys and terrible days with wonderful friends, about ambition and the two existential crises I had before the age of twenty. For the Scrutiny, I said something along these lines. I explained why the last three Sundays featured the readings they do: the woman at the well, the man born blind, and the raising of Lazarus from the dead. They all serve to illustrate what baptism and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is about: everything changes for us. I also explained that central to our Faith is a kind of exchange: we choose to exchange our merely human life for Divine Life, by embracing the death and resurrection of our Lord. Another way to put it: our Lord offers an exchange: we exchange our mortality, our death, for his. if anything, you're a smokestack hugger. So the environment is not your thing. class.

You know, the one with the burned out misogynistic professor.

the one who smelled like boiled cabbage?Yeah, that one. Anyway, it would have provided me with at least one extra day of skipping class.

It's Saturday night.

We have had a very long week.

Lots of unexpected expenses, extra bills.

you get the picture. I believe God. He will provide, He knew the exact dollar amount we would need before this week ever happened. The main finding appears to be that statisticians are surprised when uncovering facts of which everyone else is already aware. "Tobacco is so addictive that some Oregon families reduce the amount of money spent on food to buy cigarettes," it said. "Well, they can attempt to pin this down to addiction if they wish, but that's really not what's happening here. They still drink the same drinks, eat the same food, and sometimes even drive the same car as they have for decades too.

If they smoke, merely raising the price is going to have very little effect - they will simply find the money from somewhere because smoking is what they and their friends have done, and will always do.

You've reached our TAGS page. You will only find various phrases and words here.

, ellen g.

Stay safe. and elected President Trump. They didn't go back to sleep. I think the tire you're looking for is not yet produced.

The folks over at Pacenti Cycle Designs has some tire designs and I believe they have the Mini-Moto on the drawing board.

I too would love to see a tire similar to what you desire, and I'd put money down to say we're aren't the only two. I know it is available from USA distributor SBS. Join Alicia Harvey and see the color and beauty in these supposed "colorless" hues. We're rounding the bend and are on our way to the finish line for the month of March and we're doing it with a bit o' style. Grab a big board and get to sliding! CHANNEL: Looking a bit like a cat hacking up a hair-ball over the sand bar with that frothy, white water ooze. Go figure. No one here not even a Tabby. Howard and his creations. With the full-sized black and white mag Savage Sword of Conan, however, Roy raised the bar even higher. Into the "more" category came Roy's adaptation of REH's "The Hyborian Age".

The day are just speeding past, and here we are at Thursday, which means a brand-new Deconstructed Sketch to play with.

Do you look forward to these as much as I do? Here it is: For my sample, I really wanted to start with one of Verve's new Plain Janes, so I picked out One Day. There's something about the bold, graphic vibe of this collection that makes me practically giddy. I had to find a way to work in those adorable viewmasters, too! The sentiment is stamped onto a Curvy Bookplate die cut and popped up over a Spellbinders Labels Fourteen shape. The orange accent flower was done with Verve's Loopy Blooms die set. The notebook edge on the blue ledger paper was done with My Favorite Things' Notebook Edge Die-namics die, and the gray scallop beneath that is a Cat's Pajamas Big Scallop CutUps. Along the bottom, I added some paper-pleated orange paper and adhered it with some Tim Holtz tiny staples. Enjoy tasty & easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Chicken Tagine with Green Olives and Preserved Lemon. Remove from the heat and grind in a spice grinder. Mix to a paste. Add chicken, rubbing the marinade over all the pieces. I haven't begun to work on these areas. I try not to think about how much I have to do. I need to thin the lily pads. They are taking over the upper pond and it is pretty large. I hadn't been down here in a week and the entire Weeping Beech leafed out in that time. The middle pond. Looking up the creek from the middle pond. Dennis from photos by Per Bernal. I feel like this is my two thousandth post of Dennis but he photos so well and looks so damned good. You might have seen this prototype B. S. A. but this photo is much better, as every published shot shows the 'after' image. This is the 'before' shot, and the hands you see on the left are using the old photographer's trick of gently shaking the large sheet behind the bike. .