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American actor Danny Glover will star in the Dutch Caribbean film “Tula, The Revolt”, from Dutch director Jeroen Leinders.

But the Tula project remains controversial. Tula led a rebellion of slaves, protesting against poor living and working conditions in the plantations. After a few weeks Tula was arrested and executed by the Dutch rulers. Photo: Ross Fraser McLean. For Book Week Scotland DCA will be presenting a display of books, published ephemera and zines all made by artists. The display will draw on works from a number of sources including work from the Centre for Artists’ Books which is based in the Visual Research Centre in the building. Alongside these works the display will include rare examples of the landmark ‘multimedia magazine in a box' Aspen featuring work by Andy Warhol, Marshall McLuhan and Dan Graham kindly lent to Dundee Contemporary Arts by Heart Fine Art, Edinburgh. There will also be a focus on the Dundee quarterly art zine Yuck’n Yum and the unveiling of new books from DCA’s recent exhibitions programme by Ruth Ewan and Torsten Lauschmann. At a ceremony held recently in Marathon, Lt. Here he is, pictured with Sheriff Rick Ramsay receiving his promotion. For the Glue Arts blog this week, our job was to make an ornament with Making Memories paper and die cuts that they kindly donated to us. Thank you MM! I decided to make a little tree that you can hang as an ornament- but it also does double duty. The box underneath can hold a small gift or note for the recipient. To adhere the paper, I used some small pins with pearls on the heads. I added a few snowflakes with pearl pins as well. Then with the Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun, I hot glued some "snow" to the middle of the snowflakes. The little gift box is an inexpensive wooden box from the craft store, which I covered with the papers and added a gift tag and snow inside. For full directions, see the Glue Arts blog today! Stay warm out there!. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball. Sandwiched in between the Heralds and Trumpeters, the Jurors of the Art Exhibition, the single beneficiary from the Football & Hockey Tournament and the native and European Mutiny veterans, is the soldiery, both native and British. A number of British infantry regiments were present, each regiment nominating eight men to receive the Delhi Durbar Medal. Their numbers belong to the old series in use by the Regiments of Foot. I'm still missing a box, though. And I will STILL be using the other post office. Very unimpressed by the post master's response to this. EDITED TO ADD: Now that I think about this I'm still pissed. I mailed that huge pile of stuff twelve days ago and paid first class rates for all of it so that it would arrive in THREE DAYS. At any rate, apologies to people who've waited weeks for their yarn, and I have changed post offices. It's that time of year again when we give a presentation in English to a group of Spanish students. That means it was time to dust-off a couple of our many unused suits and for me to wear a tie!This year the presentation was about "films" which again was structured around a team quiz. Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

Now, I'm neither pro or anti epidural.

I just think that's not an accurate representation of births today. . Trust Your Soul and Dwelling Dots I just cannot resist butterflies. They symbolize transformation, beauty, and independence. The butterfly in this month’s SMAK kit is PERFECTION. There’s even a little heart right at the top of it’s wing. If you’re interested in the process of how I put this card together, which includes a bit of sewing and applying some glittery goodness, please watch my new video. How cool is this stamp! I love it!  Here is my card: And here is a card the very talented Angie Blom has made: Go HERE to find out more information and to sign up. Have an amazing week! . Hello and happy Sunday! It's Lisa H. with you today. I really love these posts. Mixed media can mean a lot of different things to different people. For me, it means pulling out some materialsand using them together. Today I pulled out some acetate.

I was talking to a woman who came in to work yesterday.

She is one of our regulars and although she usually presents as sad, lonely and broken, yesterday she was as happy as I've ever seen her.

She had discovered happiness. Apparently she had found a place to live with her children and her rent was reduced significantly if she did some gardening and cleaning for the woman who owned the house. Others disagree. - EBAY Pour le plaisir des yeux. wake up! Bet she dosn't reed to gud ether. What a Teen Girl Allegedly Obtained During School Hours Without Her Parents’ Permission Has Them Suing. Well, it is a sign of the changing times when this Guilty Bird happily stays home, cleaning dishes, listening to Billy Bragg and waiting for the inevitable waking cry of one or more babies whilst a household of friends go out on the town in DF on a Tuesday night.

I never like to say 'good-bye' as such, more of a 'see you soon' or Hasta Luego.

Greetings, Groove-ophiles, it's time for more Atlas-madness! As I've mentioned before, when the guys at Atlas/Seaboard had to rip-off a character or concept, they had an uncanny knack for making it seem original.

For example, Iron Jaw.

Howard's iconic barbarian. All three will work with this design. The other two say "Noel," and "Let It Snow. Your cards will use several different patterns, not just the one shown here. S. v. Games-Perez, Gorsuch stated, in dicta, that an individual should not be able to be convicted of a “gun possession” offense unless the person knew his actions were unlawful. " I call hyperbole on that. Only if Republicans let them. Remember that Governor Paterson had, laughably, recused himself from the mess surrounding Aqueduct Entertainment Group that he helped to create. “The Division of the Lottery has concluded that it cannot issue a gaming license to Aqueduct Entertainment Group. Therefore, the state has officially withdrawn its support for AEG” to develop and operate the video lottery facility. Nice of him to think of that now. With corn season looming on the horizon, this is a recipe you might want to bookmark. It will blow you away. It's Mexican corn salad and is just amazingly good. Cook it without stirring until the corn begins to char. Toss it around to make sure it all chars. of chili powder. The gearheads behind TheFuelist. Matt is one of the biggest gearheads I know, who collects vintage bikes and cars, and keeps the Alfa Romeo blog Giuliettas. I recently visited the Berkeley headquarters of their new venture, TheFuelist. My friend from work acquired a couple extra tickets to a friends of the NRA banquet and raffle.

His cousin is a business partner and had tickets he couldn't use.

It was a blast. Guns, reloading supplies, a safe and many nice items available as prizes and for auction. Saw some people from the sportsman's club there.

The caretaker of the club won the safe.

It is the exact model I have. It has a rifle rack built into the inside of the door. These cells, known as circulating tumor cells, or CTCs, can provide critical information for examining and diagnosing cancer metastasis, determining patient prognosis, and monitoring the effectiveness of therapies. The current gold standard for examining the disease status of tumors is an analysis of metastatic solid biopsy samples, but in the early stages of metastasis, it is often difficult to identify a biopsy site.

By capturing CTCs, doctors can essentially perform a "liquid" biopsy, allowing for early detection and diagnosis, as well as improved treatment monitoring.

Surprising stats about kids and injury and deathSome of the facts about sports and recreational injury may surprise you. For example, when we hear about sports injury, many of us immediately think of contact sports like football. .