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Corsets and BustlesIf you like Victorian Fashion, you may enjoy this. I became aware of it at Victoriana Magazine today, then went to YouTube. "Stop my music first", at the bottom of the page. I hope your having a nice Wednesday!. I stayed away from it all for a while after I left Twenty Nine Inches. I still get "Dirt Rag" every month, so that teases me to stay abreast of the latest stuff. From Darkness Radio and Sasquatch central: An interview with British Columbia Sasquatch researcher Thomas Sewid. A discussion of the Canadian Sasquatch with a first nations perspective. Sasquatch encounter stories from Vancouver Island, AKA Sasquatch Island, BC Canada. Carson, Joshua, Denver, & Taylor heading out to the campsite to camp out on their own!. His entire Star Wars themed set is here. His paradoxically alluring and disquieting photographs bare evidence to a process in which he physically cuts, draws and works into their surface to intricately evolve and brutally deconstruct the original image.

Lepage’s intuitive approach to the image-making process is cathartic.

The week we were having the house painted, I headed for the hills to be out of the house. Wendy is an amazingly talented woman - educated at Pratt Institute in NYC, she has designed children's clothing, decorated a plethora of local homes and now uses her talent to create award winning watercolors and collages. In the early years, when Wendy was occupied decorating houses, they bought a lot of art and I vividly remember when they brought home, "The Chair", or at least that is what I called it. expired link A nice collection of freeze frame photos. No where is this more evident than in Venezuela.

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This private family residence is a beautiful and understated piece of bespoke and holistic architectural design. The modest entrance façade gently invites you through into a stunning pool area which reveals the U-shaped plan of the building. This form allows for seclusion as well as views of the pool area from virtually every room in the house as well as fantastic ventilation through full height sliding louver and glass doors. This is helped by the orientation of residence to make full use of the day and night prevailing breeze. via. Thanksgiving is JUST around the corner and my PRE-HOLIDAY SALE is too!! So, I thought running a fun Holiday Giveaway to announce the sale would be an awesome idea!! My winner will receive all of the printables shown above. Thanksgiving KISS, Thanksgiving Nuggets, Thanksgiving Bottle Cap Countdown, Thanksgiving Subway, Gratitude Journal AND a Thanksgiving Tag Set!. I try to read the newspaper with an open mind. Not an accepting mind, but an open one for new ideas, challenging viewpoints, previously unseen perspectives and additional information. I've always read the major newspaper from the big city nearest where I live. When I was in Mesa, it was the Arizona Republic. In Alamogordo, it was the El Paso Times. In Colorado Springs it was both the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Denver Post. Today, I live north of Dallas and that means the Dallas Morning News. That isn't a good thing. They are deep in the liberal tank. I've tried to be objective, but can conclude nothing else. One need only check their front page every day for a week or two.

There may be huge issues afoot in the world, but what the DMN will offer you is a human interest story on the front above the fold.

You'll find little about N. Korea's latest adventures. Riceviamo e pubblichiamo: Ho letto la proposta di riforma costituzionale e non mi piace, ma voterò Si. Li capisco ma so anche che non sarebbe mai stato possibile. Le riforme, anche quelle costituzionali, sono sempre il frutto di mediazioni, la nostra mediocre classe politica non poteva pretendere di produrre di meglio che una riforma mediocre. It is the first Thursday in April so I thought I'd look back and see what I was doing in April.


What's interesting about the story is that they don't say how many arrests were made or crimes solved with the help of these cameras. Enjoy. Greetings, guys. I added one new picture of Kevin Nolan to his page in the brieflines archive. Good morning guys. I made a significant update to Roger Federer's page on the brieflines site this morning. I added twenty three pics for your viewing enjoyment. Thanks for visiting and I'll see you guys here tomorrow. We’re in deep deficit, which makes it even more insane to spend billions a year on making a difference to the temperature so immeasurably small that no party dares tell voters what it is. Hina Kagiyama papercraft from Ponta, based on the Touhou Project series. The harrier was another tideline job, just like the one of Thursday, last seen heading south and west close to Fluke Hall. This morning’s bird did just the same, flew over the marsh in a south-westerly direction then over the sea wall and out of sight. The wildfowler’s pools should hold a harrier in thrall for a while but I spent a couple of hours near the pools and the marsh without the harrier reappearing. I’m happy it’s a different bird from Thursday and there’s no doubt that each autumn sees a considerable movement of Marsh Harriers through this area, not all of them noticed by birders. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas. Elle sera produite par John Farrar et Bruce Welch pour le tout premier album en solo de notre australienne favorite. the Sacketts can challenge EPA ruling. However, their chances of winning are not good because the EPA operates as a rogue agency that makes a mockery of private property rights and it should be eliminated post haste. The reach of the Clean Water Act is notoriously unclear. Dead calm / sunny / warm. Tide filling in and swamping it out a bit but new NW swell starting to show with little lines rolling in at both spots. Surfable so bring a longboard and have fun. Channel: Thigh high + wave that breaks in the Channel on the deeper sandbar. Seadrift looks better and bigger and surfers are out over there. Tide switch will improve conditions. Patch: Starting to work and has surfers and SUPs in the water. An inside rigth that is thigh high is being surfed right now. Barb is a member of my Blue Star Mothers group and she isn't really a quilter, but she made this adorable quilt for a grandchild. She followed the pattern, cutting and sewing all these background squares together. Another Saturday brings another "Sketch for You to Try" by Jen del Muro. Don't you wonder which Bellas Carole, Shannan, and Susan chose? When you're ready to play, remember to use keyword SFYTT if you upload to SCS. Big Sean Allen in photos by Jason Breeze. .