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And the evening and the morning were the first day. It is established here God’s works are good. His original intention is good, beneficial, worthwhile, life-giving, and giving Him glory, manifesting His power. But, God is not a uniter.

He is a divider.

He divides, as we will see, evil from good, sin from righteousness, the wheat from the chaff, and here, light from darkness. There is truth and there are lies. Resin kit ready for the winter season. Produced by Britannia Pacific Models, it's available in ready-made or kit format and makes for a very striking model, especially if adding the famous shark's mouth logo to the plough blade. I could have gone a bit further with the detailing of the kit - it has been built 'as supplied'. Some scratchbuilt footsteps and a lamp bracket confection over the plough would make it more authentic but, alas, time was against me. Seems more like a month than a week. Some of the bridges in this part are quite attractive, though not a patch on those we've seen on the Shroppie or the Trent & Mersey. One was rather non-descript, looking out of place. It was only as you passed underneath that its significance became apparent. Orange bikes are faster. The project was all there. It just needed a wheel build, tires, and sprucing up. Well, as you regular readers of the blog know, I have not ridden this bike, and in fact, it still is in pieces all over the place. Homer also wants the Navy to relocate its training area to the far areas of the Gulf and away from seamounts, and for the Navy to schedule those training exercises after mid-September and before spring, to avoid impacting migrating salmon and other species. That’s when many species of marine and anadromous fishes are migrating and spawning in the training area, the Homer resolution said. Delighted that CCTV cameras now operating at the Telfer Subway - relevant News Update can be found here. and I'll also just cut-and-paste the main text below: Telfer underpass CCTV Five new CCTV cameras have been installed in the Telfer underpass in the Dalry area of Edinburgh in a bid to improve public safety. It's Fawny Flickr Friday! Woohoo! We love seeing all of the cards and layouts popping up in the Flickr group. A Winter Weather Advisory for snow remains in effect until midnight EST tonight. the Maine foothills eastward to central Maine and the mid coast.

I was clumsy last week and tripped.

I twisted my ankle, bruised both knees and took most of the impact on my wrist. and my face. So doing anything that puts pressure on my wrist is painful. Using the mouse and leaning my hand on the desk to type are both painful, so I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible. I'll get back to doing the updates as soon as I can. Answer the following assignment prompt. You will want to provide solid historical evidence behind your writing. You must use good critical thinking skills to provide the salient information that will answer the prompt correctly, but succinctly. "STAMFORD — A Hartford man was charged over the weekend with holding his ex-girlfriend against her will, pulling out clumps of her hair and raping the woman in her Stamford home. Lt. ". ". co. He lives and works in Washington. Either way, you get the idea. He's a thinker which is a euphemism for opinion columnist for the Washington Post. That should mean that he has a view of the "Big Picture" and America as a nation in a dangerous world. Military service isn't about those two alternatives being weighed. It's bigger than that. What he needs to ponder before having that conversation with his son about a life choice is what his nation and his security means to him.

We live right next door to a shop that sells religious statues wholesale and retail.

It's a bizarre little shop filled from floor to ceiling with Jesus and the blessed virgin in every shape, color and size. I set up my stool on the street and drew this giant statue in the window. The owner came out and wanted to know if I could make a sign for him. Then he wanted to know if I could make business cards for his carting business. He gave me his thoughts on the card.

He wanted a drawing of his van and a big cart that you see on the street in front of construction sites.

ERTL just announced this exciting Allis-Chalmers tractor. ERTL is set to knock this one out of the park, and they're doing it without the sticker-shock of the actual machine. Currently loving shades of citrus in the home. Do you know what a Charger Plate is? Is this a Charger Plate? WiseGeek says that a Charger Plate is “an elegant and underused element of a place setting. ” It says that it is “also known as a chop plate, service plate, or under plate…. it never directly touches any food. ” The Charger Plate is larger than a dinner plate and is to make the table look pretty. They can be made of a wide range of materials from metal, wood, plastic, etc. Do not eat off of your Charger Plate.

I noticed that Moda had a pattern for a Charger Plate.

As WiseGeek says, a Charger Plate can be made of a wide range of materials.

What, I wonder is the difference between a Charger Plate and a Placemat? We obviously are not going to eat off a Placemat. This blog is brand new. be the First. The fourth adventure for Cat the Cat and her friends plays out on a starry night! It's bedtime for everyone. Well, almost everyone!Available at your favorite local bookstore or library or here. I haven't been blogging much the past week so this is a bit of a catch-up blog. The good news is I have five bags of clothing to go to the charity shop and four boxes of "stuff" for them as well. I made some progress on the clear out and get ready to move front. Of course I also went to an auction and bought two very cute bedroom chairs, a painting and a regency period writing desk. So much for the clear-out space! But the new/old stuff is just more fun than a couple bags of suits!I also finished piecing an Around the World quilt top using Bonnie's directions. I would like to put a border on this but am going to wait a week or so. April Main Scrapbook Kit April Add-On Kit April Everyday Life Kit "Boy Oh Boy" Add-On Kit "Girl Power" Add-On Kit and will be here in time for the full reveal! I hope you enjoyed the sneaks and thank you for visiting today!. I just want to make sure that is clear. To my crit partner she thought it was the prince at first, because um, yeah, Jules wants to strangle lots of people. It's not clear. Dear Query Shark, Jules was prepared for an in-and-out job: kill Queen Isabella, avenge parents, achieve happiness. Exiled from Ronan following the execution of her parents, Jules plots the murder of the queen responsible. When she’s eighteen, she returns, but has her plans dashed after a brawl with the guards. Injured, she is forced to accept help from a magician and his pesky band of outlaws. Ulric, their leader, wants her to spy on the prince. One sign of spring for sure is the annual Running of the Roses in Kentucky. No matter how cold, wet and rainy it is here in western Massachusetts, The Kentucky Derby happens every year, never fail, on the first Saturday in May. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been going to Derby parties, first with my parents and sisters, and then throwing a party or two of my own. I love the tradition of the Derby – the hats, the flowers, the magnificent old grandstands at Churchill Downs, the beautiful silks on the horses and the jockeys and the singing of My Old Kentucky Home. When we moved here, I needed to find someone else who might be keen to celebrate this rite of spring. Lucky for us, my friend Kay who also grew up in NJ had grown up in a home where her mother threw a fabulous Derby party. We’ve been celebrating the Derby with Kay and her husband Mike for many years now. We do low-tech, low-stakes wagering and winner takes all. Okay, I admit it. I'm a soccer fan.

The sport is still trying to gain more then a toe hold here in the US, but it's a passion everywhere else in the world.

And since so many of the visitors to the brflines blog and to the brflines site are from outside of the US, it only seems fair that they get catered to as well. Iker Casillas of Spain is one such addition. Enjoy!. This is the weird part: there's more gainers than losers!From my watchlist, I saw so many breakouts from high. I don't think I can ever do so for those who planned this, supported this or executed this. ”Mother GooseThe cold winds have blown away to other corners of the earth, and though he is searching, summer’s heat has not yet found us. The maple trees, once austere and so dreadfully bare, are now wearing fancy frocks of baby green, and the roses are simply a miracle. It is May, that most luscious month of the twelve. A most fortunate girl, as you can see from that photo above, I spent the first week of May writing and dreaming the hours away in the Low Country, that mysterious part of South Carolina where the waters hold hands with the land. I took long rides and filled the basket on my bike with oyster shells - God’s own jewelry - to line a new flower bed and remind me of the marshes when I’m far, far away. I slept with white gardenias beside my bed and ate fresh raspberries for lunch. This is a pure political process…. ”. The results lurk in the archives of this blog in spite of the hope of many that Google will "accidentally" swallow these words and pictures whole. Phil addressed one of primary reasons for American Evangelicalism's vulnerability to false teaching. Rob Bell's latest heresy neither surprises nor interests me. What does intrigue me is the tragic drift of popular, mainstream evangelicalism. Here we see clearly why the evangelical movement is in grave trouble: The passions of today's self-styled evangelicals are easily aroused in defense of someone who makes a career dabbling around the edges of truth. Rob Bell likes to play with damnable heresies as if they were Lego bricks, and yet anyone who points out the glaring errors in Bell's teaching will be met with a wall of angry resistance from young, self-styled Christians who grew up in the evangelical mainstream. Where is that much passion ever employed these days in defense of the truth? I'm not looking for crass watchbloggers or anti-intellectual zealots for whom every disagreement is an excuse for insults and a shouting match. We are up to here with people like that. They are a tiny minority, I think, but a noisy one.

They represent one extreme out there on the evangelical fringe: people who can't tolerate any difference of opinion.

Today I would like to introduce you to Mary. I’ve been fascinated with planners as far back as I can remember and can’t imagine a day without one. My passion is cooking and collecting vintage cookbooks. que nenni !! Des vinyles promos auraient du aussi voir le jour et atterrir sur quelques platines de DJ. So, we were in the car headed to the pool the other day. Razor and I had spent the morning finishing some much needed chores. One of which was mowing and weed-eating the yard. It hadn't been weed-eated in quite some time. As we are driving I mention to Razor how nice the yard looks and I thank him for doing such a nice job. He does anything for you. You really lucked out!I couldn't have said it better myself. That's the goal, you know.

They call it "progressivism," but in true Opposite Day fashion, it harks back to the story of the original war of rebellion.

It's the War on Truth. I mailed it to Beth for stitching and finishing today. I've already reviewed this film in somewhat nauseating fashion, but my enthusiasm for the Husband and Wife Detective genre glows anew with the announcement of this release. Unfortunately for our classic film-loving friends living outside the United States, the Warner Archive only ships within the U. S. From the three-minute video sample the WB site provides, Star of Midnight looks to be another quality release from the "DVD on Demand" series. Now if they'd just get to releasing the "Fast" series. .