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Schwinn Le Tour Luxe - Bicycle - AfterSchwinn Le Tour Luxe - Bicycle Before This is Pat's Schwinn Le Tour Luxe. It is Pat's favorite bicycle, he has toured Ireland with it. We all have a favorite bike that is just right in some way. I loved that bicycle and had multiple, multiple, ten of thousands of miles on it and for some stupid reason I sold it some time ago. Still looking for its replacement. This Schwinn Le Tour Luxe is getting a restoration and some modifications to make it better for touring. The first modification is a water bottle cage brazes on the seat tube to replace the clamp version. The down tube already has water bottle cage brazes. The second modification is brazes on the fork for the front rack, currently it has a u-bolt to hold the front rack on. The Ninth Circuit Court in Seattle has upheld protections for endangered Steller sea lions in the western Aleutian Islands, denying a motion for rehearing filed by the state of Alaska and Alaska fisheries industry participants. ” The state and two segments of the fishing industry had challenged the protections implemented by NMFS in court. The state and industry members appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court after the district court upheld the protections, while requiring the agency to prepare an environmental impact statement now in progress. The plaintiffs then moved for rehearing and on Oct. I don't even know where to begin! I think my favorite part is the way she cut the petals and popped them up. It gives the flower such a different look! I also love the way she created the background with one of the flowers too. You will walk away inspired for sure!I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of "Judy's Blooms". No idea if they are performers or what else, at Panta Rhei you will find an amateur couple doing her best. A positive place to collect visual experiences that shape our relationship. Garcia had been a high profile champion of President Obama's failed and troubling Cuba policy. Jeffersonians vs Hamiltonians.


I love this background in the Knit Bits set and stamped it repeatedly in Fine Linen ink on white cardstock. The stamping ink colors I used here are Raspberry Fizz, Lavender Moon and Sweet Blush, along with several shades of brown - Fine Linen, Classic Kraft and Dark Chocolate.

I cut a white card base, then cut a white Cover Plate: Circles die and layered it over the top.

Gecen gunlerde, hayatimda ilk kez yaptim ve yedim. Buralarda "kale" diye geciyor. Diger yandan sogani, sarimsagi, havucu, kereviz sapini, cok cok az zencefili salca ile kavurdum. Biraz pirinc ve bulgurla lahanalara karistirdim. Tuz, biraz toz sebze kurusu ekledim. If Mats Zuccarello is doing anything for the New York Rangers it is showing that there is room in the NHL for the smaller sized players. So. In. Love.

with the new line of fonts from Magpie Paperworks.

I have always been a fan of Jess's handwriting- it's no surprise that it transferred so well to fonts. Beautiful!. Via the Data is Beautiful subreddit. YouTube link. Via Neatorama. I love western art. It has always been my favorite. This started out as a pencil drawing, then I painted it with gouache. Today's stop on the Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour is Karen at Nana Girl Quilts.

Karen and I have been close friends for a hundred years, give or take a few.

She'll besharing pictures of some of the quilts she made for the book, so hurry on over! These are the first seven stops. It isn't too late to go by and say hello, and even win a copy of the book at some of the stops. I'm always looking for a way to advance science, and three recent articles pointed out some possibilities. So that leaves poop donation. It has only been recently that dolphin snot has hit the news. The promise for research breakthroughs seemed endless. Could we one day cure the heartbreak of plankton-induced asthma? Develop a new marine adhesive from porpoise boogers? Sadly, none of this is on the horizon. Dolphin scientists are excited about snot collection only because it is a good source of dolphin DNA, which has proved invaluable in the study of, uh, dolphins. Autobots logo on white chocolate - I love sweet treats! Destroy the Decepticon! Nothing beats than doing it myself! Haha!! Bite'em hard! Peking Duck in wraps & Siew Mai after a hard day work.

Congratulations for the whopping achievement.

I'm not sure if the convention would return or this may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans around this region. Bought this Robocop figure after watching the TrilogyThe figure is about the same height as G. I. Joe figure. Check the backing and noticed this toy series has vehicles too!Have taken Robocop out from the card!Part man, part machine, ALL COP!Drop your weapon. You are under arrest. Creep!I'm once known as officer Murphy. This is the battle damaged Robocop. Changable helmet & armour chest. The Farmer and I read through them all - I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm. It is so great that so many of you who read faithfully do not have me pigeonholed into the knitter only world. I think one of the frustrating things for me - which I touched on the other day - is that publishers and corporations - only see me as having one skill or talent. It will take a long time to beat that and I do not know if I ever will. I am just going to carry on doing what I want art and design wise as long as I can afford to do that. And I mean afford that financially. Creatively is not a problem but financially may be. In the fall, when most of the retail dollars are spent, I will probably do some "house shows" if I can find friendly, drivable locations with a demographic that has money and likes to spend it on handmade things. I'll talk more about that later this summer. Observation:James spends several verses talking about humbling ourselves before God. He tells us that "God opposes the proud but favors the humble". Throughout the scriptures we see that God looks for the humble to work through. Moses, David, and Gideon are good examples of this. All three were very humble and God raised them up. When we humble ourselves, God begins His work of lifting us up. Observation:God has been rebuking Israel through his prophet Amos. This famine is not of food and water, but of hearing the word of the Lord. Not hearing the word of the Lord is seen by God as part of the destruction of a nation. It says that God would send a famine on the land. Why would God send a famine to Israel of hearing the word of the Lord. The answer: What you are hungry for, you will go after. Looking to redecorate this spring? Here is an easy way to add that distressed farmhouse look to your kitchen or dining room. Hello Readers, I always want to make sure that I design my house to express my style and always find things that take me back in time. Use a hutch to do that in your kitchen or dining room.

I found a nice hutch at an antique consignment store called Remember When in Modesto California.

The first thing I did was measured the spot in my house that would be home to my new find.

I've been there done that so save yourself the trouble. Always remember to use the right scale, big rooms can have big pieces small rooms need smaller pieces to avoid feeling crowded. Have you tried our famous buffalo chicken pizza yet? Our fans just can't seem to get enough of it. YUM!!. I am delighted to be the featured artist on Mary Fish's blog today! The last thing she said to me before I started my card was "Have fun with it" - so I did! I played with the new triple punch and baker's twine and added in some bright buttons. Early Espresso made the perfect backdrop for Marina Mist and Tangerine Tango. It was fun to put together! Mary's on the Alaskan cruise this week with Stampin' Up! Hmmm she just might be having a bit more fun. Hi there peeps! Hope your weekend is going well. My day over at the Cheery Lynn Designs blog. I have a cute Easter card to share today. The dies I used are a must have for Easter crafting. This die is a go to for me. It can really set the mood for a card.

source Here we are once again at the end of a year and looking forward to the promise of a fresh new year ahead.

I have chosen not to focus on a new diet or exercise plan. I am not going to make a resolution to redecorate the house or a laundry list of battling daily chores. I have held onto hurts and have let them damage my heart. But I do remember these words once spoken to me by a pastor.

source His words stayed with me although I did not really want to let go of the perceived hurt.

How could I is what I kept telling myself when one had intentionally hurt me? When one knew that they were deceiving me and yet persisted in doing so? I wanted revenge for the wrong. I wanted the other to experience the depth of the pain I was feeling. Hoping that the blog, like the group, will attract individuals interested in the Late antique Period. Yankee fans will have a field day with this one. and rightfully so. I admit I'm bummed about this one, although it explains a lot about why his power numbers are down now, not to mention the often-debated pre- and post-Boston pics to the right.

Manny was understandable.

Took the girls to a slow moving river for some tubing fun. It was freezing cold but that didn't matter once they realized how much fun could be had. Just a change of pace from the normal pool. -dana. Rip-off it might've been, but it was a very well crafted mag. This month’s kit will benefit Toys for Tots. Thank you for helping us help those in need. They have done this three times in the past week so be aware and alert. When I have numbers, I'll of course forward them to D. C. , so that you have them in short order. I work for all the people who declare God as Lord, not the banks nor the NPTB just to be clear. .