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Hell, yes.

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Maybe it’ll be a good thing…I have no idea.

I love how she filled the treat boxes with colorful candy! Let's Polka in the Dark paper and Stitched Tree Borders provide the perfect spooky backdrop for Chari's cute Spooktacular decorated Scalloped Treat Box! She finished the design with a fun star-shaped tag from Tiny Tags! Elena dressed up her adorable Scalloped Treat Box for Fall using Jump for Joy, Small Stitched Leaves and Perfectly Plaid Fall papers! So sweet! Lizzy's watermelon Scalloped Treat Box design is adorable! She created the box from Guava cardstock and added a strip of Let's Polka in the Meadow paper to the bottom. created a fun Scalloped Treat Box with Apple Cobbler paper from Perfectly Plaid Fall and arranged a cute Jump for Joy scene! Perfectly Plaid Fall paper and a sweet basket of apples from Thanks a Bushel decorate Melissa S's Scalloped Treat Box. I love how she added the sentiment on a kraft tag! Nicole made a set of Scalloped Treat Boxes in different Perfectly Plaid Fall patterns. Add a cute Tiny Tag and a small Put a Bow on It bow and it's ready to be filled with a sweet gift! Audrey chose Perfectly Plaid Christmas Rudolph paper as the backdrop for the sweet Thanks a Bushel image! The scalloped tag from Tiny Tags and Stitched Scalloped Border in kraft add cute detail to this fresh Scalloped Treat Box design! Latisha added some Halloween fun to her Scalloped Treat Box with Put a Bow on It bow and a tag stamped with images from Plan on It: Holidays! Now, I have a little video for you showing Scalloped Treat Box in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel. Thank you for watching! And here's a video showing Put a Bow on It in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or at our YouTube channel. Bar Licks. At my Aug. It appears they may have been successful. 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He has worked as a prosecutor in Alexandria, Virginia, the Bronx, New York, and as an Assistant Attorney General with the state of New York as well as a Senior Attorney with the National District Attorneys Association, Child Abuse Unit. He has also trained U. S. Army prosecutors on Special Victims cases as a Highly Qualified Expert. With the support of his wife Kristal Tin, Chapman To is able to lend a hand to the pregnant Aimee ChanChapman To praises Aimee Chan for her professionalism. Despite being six months pregnant she still makes the trip to Malaysia to see the viewers courtesy of on. Yan Mei was so tough that she won To Man Chak's praises. "She is great. However she came without saying another word. She even went to so many places. I really have to thank her!" They were rather popular with the people of Kuala Lumpur, everywhere they went was jam packed. Living for awhile in Singapore and Malaysia to write the script, Ah Jat during the promotion not only gave valuable nourishment to Aimee but also took her to have the famous local Lunar New Year food "Lo Sheng". Ah Jat hoped that Aimee would "work more and have more children, the more she gives birth to the more she has!" During the film's Singapore premiere, To Man Chak's wife Kristal Tin Yui Nei appeared. Teaching PlanPaper details You are the quality improvement Nurse for your department. There has been an increase in C. diff in your unit. Write a plan to educate the nursing staff on the illness and ways to prevent it from spreading. ". absolutely beautifulvia. It was a lovely sunny day with a light SE/S wind with the temperature almost reaching double figures. I just can't seem to get enough of these photos of a girls and her cat by Russian photographer Andy Prokh. Beautifully captured childhood moments are the best. The Slash Your Stash class was held Wednesday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop followed by sewing with the Happy Scrappers. Above are the two blocks that Adrienne made. Love her colors. Vickie S. worked on these place mats. I love them. She was trying out the new circle ruler that is in the shop. This is a close up of one of her place mats. Knotty Girls met last week at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. During these meetings the women do some kind of hand work.

Sue said she is so excited to have finished this project.

It is her first attempt at rug hooking.

She used small strips of wool to make this lovely wallhanging.

This is the rug that Sue is working on now. Don’t you love this fish of many colors? Marci continues to work on her Embellishing Wool BOM. Cambridge University Press Thanks very much to Pat Kennedy for alerting me to this new publication. Arielle P Kozloff: Amenhotep III, Egypt's Radiant Pharaoh. Cambridge University Press. C. A successful though infrequent warrior, he was also a thoroughly cultivated man – religious, literate, and an art lover – at the height of Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty, what is often called her “Golden Age. ” His foreign vassals addressed him as “the Sun,” and he justifiably called himself “dazzling,” here termed “radiant” for his effect on the then-known world.

The Goober's favorite kid's show is Blue's Clues.

You've gotta love a kid's show that does color theory. Anyway, there's a song on how to mix colors - they go as far as tertiary colors, which boggles my mind. And there's a really slick color wheel at the end of the song. Very clever. And usually, they change the songs every week or two on the Noggin web site, so if you're reading this in archive form, the song probably isn't there any more. Dress: Mint Green. Checked Gray Tights: Simply Vera. Heech Wedges: Nine West. Sweater: JC Pennys. Since I had the day off from work today I actually got to wear something a bit more eclectic. Some tights and a light sweater are the perfect accessories. Also linking up to the B+W Photography Project at PODcast. So when we ourselves find our own lives hit this level of depression,we need to pull ourselves up in the knowledge thatGod loves us and has a desire that we might share in eternity. Isa. It is conceived as a cultural center to strengthen ties between Muslims and people of all faiths and backgrounds. According to Imam Feisal, who has made a career of promoting interfaith tolerance and understanding, "we want to push back at the extremists. " It's not a bad idea. Surveys show that The Terrorists believe all Americans are evil people, when at most some of us are just a little annoying. We feel the same way about Muslims and people who look like they might be Muslims. One of the best concerts I've ever been to, I think, was Fischerspooner's. This is their breakout "hit", Emerge:The concert was over the top. and just plain fun. It was really more like performance art than a concert at times.

I'd love to meet some of you other enthusiasts!So I have to head out to Portland, OR at the end of the week, early next week for work.

I'd love to meet some of the blog readers. See ya!. Fabulae in absentia. Why banning mobile phones while driving doesn't workJapan's fast food war inspires unusual menu items Tiger population of India facing 'total disaster' due to tourism banUnderstanding the economics of cigarette branding in two articlesThe worst job in GooglePossession of condoms used as proof of prostitution in San FranciscoCalifornia is "well on the way to fiscal collapse"Publisher self-bans graphic novel from Britain for fear of UK customs"He never drank alcohol or took drugs. By publishing them we deem them worthy of consideration. image: For many years — decades, really, dating back to the Reagan presidency — our nation has had to deal with Islamist attacks on its citizens and assets around the world. I used to call it what the media has called it — terrorism — but not anymore. Over the last few years, time and again, I have been reminded of an interview I conducted early in my journalism career. Most of it never saw the day of light, though. Could sperm swallowing woman causing the fertilization process and produce a baby? In theory it is not possible. Here are excerpts of his story as quoted from Lemondrop. In that instant, suddenly ex-boyfriend came and got angry. The former did not receive notice incident in front of his eyes. He immediately took a knife and a fight ensued between them. As a result of the fight, the girl was injured in the arm and stomach. She was then rushed to hospital with stomach wounds were pretty severe. Doctors immediately operated to cover the ripped stomach. But before closing the hole in his stomach, doctors found a lot of fluid in his stomach that turned out to be saliva. I know they're hormone-related because of when they occur, but other than that I have had no success in figuring out triggers and preventatives. I'm interested in others' experiences with migraines, what worked, what didn't, when it's time to see a doctor. Thanks. S. from SUNY’s Empire State College and a Masters in Environmental Policy from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Blackheads are the reasons you spend hours in front of the mirror trying to squeeze them out every other day, only to find that they grow back much bigger and darker each time. Once the pores are clogged up, bacteria from the ever-polluted environment take over and the end result. You know Maude, she's sarcastic as all get out. And only a great friend can send a birthday wish like this. Maude is in the Golden Oldies section of the shop. Take a few minutes to check out that section. There are a lot of great stamps that will fit so many different occasions. Thanks for stopping in today. See you soon,. CLOSING EARLY today - CALL in advance Inspirational crystal quote of the day:“The true pessimist sees change as a problem and avoids it at all cost while the true optimist sees only another adventure. Standing here over the table of power crystals all night. Fighting demons and all the evils trying to over take my soul. Extreme surfing experiences under the moon have left me weak, and with little good chakra left the creatures are on my heels. Watch your heads, its bat country. From the Department of "If His Lips Are Moving, Etc. ," at yesterday's White House Press Briefing:Q The call the President made to Calderon to congratulate him, that means that the U. S. And according to the laws of Mexico, at this point, he is President. I know it shatters your world to think the White House and its representatives might be mistaken about anything at all, but. Most of you are probably familiar with Gesso.

For those who are not, it is a primer for paper and canvas.

It provides stiffness and “tooth,” so paints adhere better. In some instances Gesso also provides a barrier for the paint or ink and stops it from being “sucked” right up by the paper or canvas. I often use Gesso in my Art Journaling as well as in my mixed media canvases. I’m talking about real texture! So, today I will share with you two ways to use Gesso for texture and embellishment on your art journaling pages or mixed media canvases. .