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You may have noticed a slow-down in posts. Drivers were lost in the re-install, and had to be hunted down. Boring stuff that interests me as little as it interests you, but there it is. In the mean time, I've been working on the house. We killed those boxes yesterday, and sorted most of the miscellany into boxes marked with their contents. It doesn't look like much, but trust me: this is a huge improvement. Fits all Valley View lawn edgings. The Cascade Mountains as seen from the train.

I apologize for the delay in reviews, dear readers.

I have just returned from a delightful two-week excursion to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia via train. Trains are the perfect means of travel if one enjoys reading while traveling. For this trip I chose to delve into dark fiction. It addresses the issue of the smuggling of Mexicans across the border into America to be used as cheap labor in the post-Civil War period. The topic gives it a contemporary feel. This is one of the many to use the name Django in an effort to cash in on the popularity of the first Django film. I found it watchable, but the ending confused me. "You know what it's for. " No, actually, I have no idea what it's for. via youtube:One reviewer on Fistful of Pasta calls it "a somewhat average affair", while another calls it "a highly entertaining Spaghetti Western starring two of the genre's greats.

" Spaghetti-Western.

“It’s just a colossal waste of money,” said B. J. “They’re not telling us what they’re really after. “I was observed twice this year, and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience,” he said. One issue, said Hansen, is that other fisheries required to be included in this program are being observed for two years, but the National Marine Fisheries Service is looking at doing Southeast Alaska over a period of six to eight years, because the area is so big and spread out. Bridget Mansfield, the NOAA coordinator of the marine mammal observe program, based in Juneau, said that NOAA does not want to overly burden the fishermen. UPDATE:Elliott Wave International is offering an Elliott Wave Theorist Newsletter FREE published by Robert Prechter. Its no gimmick, its really free with no strings attached. Soon. Gold will hit its triangle breakout target wherever that is. Might need a down, up down. Or it might be there in an ending diagonal. 'Queen of the Desert' had it's first official screening at Berlinale and these are some of the reactions to Robert's performance in the film. Please keep in mind that reviews can contain spoilers. E. Though she clearly makes a strong impression on every man she meets, he surprises her by asking, “Gertie, will you please not marry me?”"The Hollywood Reporter "The brief but significant appearances of Robert Pattinson as T. As discussion, if not outright panic, about Ebola infections increases in the US, it is still hard to figure out what heath care professionals and the health care system need to do to protect patients and the public in a very changed world. One pressing question is how to identify people at risk of having the infection so as to best care for them, and to protect the public from further spread of the infection, without swamping the health care system, needlessly reducing civil liberties, or spreading further panic. To better answer question, better understanding why the first patient who was diagnosed with and then died from Ebola in the US was initially not diagnosed might help. However, at this time, the whole thing seems mysterious. However, one day later, as InformaticsMD discussed here, the hospital reversed itself, releasing another statement that there was no "flaw" in the EHR. That statement, however, did not explain either why the first statement came out, or anything more about the diagnostic failure. cccourtesy of singtao. TVB boss Chan Kwok Keung, executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling also attended. However during the TVB artist group photo, Christine Kuo was in too much of a hurry and almost fell down. Yesterday at the start of the TVB program SCOOP, a statement was read to condemn the magazine for publishing untrue reports for two weeks in a row. Paper instructions:discuss the benefits of prison privatization or the potential negative issues associated with privatized correctional facilities. Extract from Kate Zambreno, O Fallen Angel:Maggie likes the not-nice boys who are mean to her. Maggie likes the not-nice boys who pull her pigtails on the playground. Maggie likes the not-nice boys who pull down her skirt and push her up against a wall. Maggie likes the not-nice boys to force her to her knees. Maggie likes the bullies and Maggie likes the ones who torture her, who deprive her of her sanity, who leave her awake during sleepless nights wondering what went wrong? what could Maggie have done differently to make him love her?. So, in case you've all been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth and into some kind of dark abyss: I haven't, really. But this is an exception, because something COOL happened. A little while ago I got an e-mail asking me for a photo, because. I love having a job where I can play with vintage imagery all day - but I'd love to spend more time playing with vintage fabrics!. It automatically fill our water tank and we doesn’t bother about to turn ON and OFF the pump set. The circuit is build around a simple flip-flop, which automatically set and reset with respect to the water level present in the water tank. It also contains some protection mechanism in order to protect the motor from ‘Dry-run conditions’. Pier One Imports is one of my favorite home furnishings stores in the US. I'm wondering if it is a knock-off of the real Pier One or if it is their overseas/international brand. The logo design/color is almost the same. It is indeed a bonafide branch of the Pier in the US, but it is a "Middle East Pier" - so says a sales person. The prices are still low by Kuwait standards, so run in there quick before everything gets marked up. Many thanks to all RSPB staff for opening up the Reserve over the last week at unsociable hours and giving many birders the chance to see this cracking bird.

I am now craving delicious baked confections thanks to this print by Rachel Saldaña, aka buttons magee.

A marvelous image to illustrate the term "arborizing. and twice as lovely. The Greenlees Lunch and Presentation of Trophies was held at West Kilbride Golf Club yesterday. A very big thank you to all the staff behind the scenes and front of house for such a lovely lunch.

To West Kilbride's Aileen Donaldson, for co-ordinating the day so calmly and efficiently - thank you for your time and effort.

At this stage I would be asking the Ladies Captain to pass on our thanks to the Club Captain and Board. I hope you are enjoying being our guest in your own club!! I am sure that your year to date has been very successful – not I am sure without ups and downs – and I hope when your year of office ends, you will remember it as an enjoyable and fun time. Entry forms for this were sent out to the Handicap secretaries in the February Handicap mailing. The more I read about fundamental analysis, the more I realised that there is more I need to cover. I wonder how long it takes to truly master it.

Perhaps when I reached that level, I will realise that the essence of FA is very simple.

But the journey to reach that simplicity and mastery is anything but. I was reading a wide variety of subjects that I think is useful for me in this journey. I read about Jack Welch's management in General Electric. I read about dividends. Oh goodness I am exhausted. lots of work this weekend almost too much work. Hi friends! Erin here, posting a card I made with the SMAK Kit You Are Loved. As you know, I LOVE making cards with the SMAK kit. Swoon! Have a fabulous weekend Unity friends!. i am lacking things to say. i kind of feel like i am tapped out. do you ever feel that way. Mark Lundy's lawyers have confirmed he's very pleased with the Privy Council's decision, and hopes that he will be acquitted in a retrial so that he can start the search for the real killer. UPDATE: This is interesting. In a letter to the Privy Council, he says that might have caused the Crown to change its case, ''which might create new vulnerabilities for the defence''. ''I was aware that the Crown could be pushed into changing its theory''. But the law lords said it should have been clear that changing the time of death was ''unfeasible''. I don't remember where I lifted this photo from but thanks.

Elle doit avoir d'autres projets tout aussi passionnant en perspective ! Source : Wdwmagic.

The Islamic State is in the midst of its annual spring offensive. This has been marked by an increase in suicide bombings in both Iraq and Syria. Monthly numbers the group has released on social media show this campaign. From oversize polka dots to beautiful brocade, there's sure to be a terrific topper in this post for each of CC's fabulous fellow fashionistas! Photos via vogue. Michael Kors Collection Milly Missoni Monique Lhuillier MSGM Mulberry Nicole Miller Peter Pilotto Rachel Zoe Roberto Cavalli Ryan Lo Salvatore Ferragamo Suno Veronica Beard Versace Which of these toppers do you deem most tantalizing, darlings? CC is loving the floor-dusting, fur-trimmed Cavalli coat! xoxox, CC. This whimsical coffee image is so fun!! It's from Impression Obsession's Coffee With a Friend stamp set. I'm not at all sure what sort of look I was going for, nor what sort of look I ended up with. Kind of funky for me, but I like it!I started by stamping the image onto Kraft card stock, then colored a bit with Copics and finished with Prismacolor pencils. The decorative border along the left was done with Tim Holtz's Ornate Alterations die. The white zigzag is a Martha Stewart Lattice border punched strip just barely peeking out, so that you only see a small bit. I accented the steam swirls with some Kaiser white adhesive pearls. She was wide awake with excitement and eager to check out what I was working on. Her verdict? Boring. I deepened some of the shadows to help the browns pop off the Kraft base. This is a Sewing Pattern for a Girl's Dress and not the finished product. This frock and shrug delivers a touch of style that roars. The frock has an ultra girly ruffled look whereas the shrug gives an extra classic touch to the dress. On the other hand if the pattern can be interpreted in a few straight lines, that would be explained to perfection without the added hassle of cutting and gluing the pattern pieces. The dress does not require any button or zipper. Payment can be made securely through PayPal. New Paper Borders - In the store now!You asked for it - you got it!At popular demand, here are some crumpled paper borders to adorn your scrapbook pages. They feature a variety of grasses, weeds, flowers and a blossoming cherry tree. Actually, I don't believe this is the New Jerusalem, but it is the best we've got. This photo came from NASA. They pointed their high-powered camera into a blank part of space and left it there for some time. That would give it more ground space than that of the United States. And today I have some updates from my source on The New Jerusalem. They were given permission to give us some specifics on what they refer to when they tell us, "Much is happening behind the scenes. .