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At the water point at Autherley Junction today we met a family doing the four counties ring in a week, nearly at the end of their journey. On the left is Oxley Marine, the people who fixed our alternator. Ahead is Oxley Moor Bridge – pastures new, the gateway to who knows what. After half a mile we passed Aldersley Junction, with the first lock into the Birmingham Canal Navigations, but that's for another day. and have tied up in the evening sunshine at Wightwick. Hang out the washing, have a cuppa, brush out the boat, rustle up a stir-fry, get out the accordion…. Those dratted SRAM bits have been removed. I spent Wednesday doing two things, mainly. One was dealing with the wet, sloppy return of Winter here. Shoveling snow which is the perfect consistency for snowman making is. I kept reading about people using appliance epoxy paint on their motorcycles, so I thought I'd give it a try.

This is the stuff I found at the local hardware store.

ProPublica recently published an article describing the so-called "beachhead teams" sent by the Trump administration to various US federal departments and agencies. The article stated While President Trump has not moved to fill many jobs that require Senate confirmation, he has quietly installed hundreds of officials to serve as his eyes and ears at every major federal agency, from the Pentagon to the Department of Interior. Unlike appointees exposed to the scrutiny of the Senate, members of these so-called 'beachhead teams' have operated largely in the shadows, with the White House declining to publicly reveal their identities.

Why these teams were described in terms of a military invasion is not clear.

Photo courtesy of Center of Military History. Look here.

The transition sees the beachhead teams, named after the line of defense that the military constructs as it lands in enemy territory, as a check on existing agency officials.

courtesy of singtao. Two days ago it opened simultaneously in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. "The suspect is described as a Black male in his late teens or early twenties, wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, black and blue shorts and a backpack. ". Yep, today for the first time, the entire duckling family went out into the big duckyard and all the adults mingled with the babies, not to mention the humans. That's little Squishy I'm stroking!The ducklings had a great time exploring the run and nibbling on grass. Sweet little Squishy, who will eventually get a prettier name. Relaxation and grooming!Gordon was keeping an eye on things. Charlie Sheen eyed one of ducklings rather lustfully, but was quite the gentleman and restrained himself. Another outing tomorrow! One more step towards total duck integration. Those participating in the Whimsical Garden BOM met Tuesday afternoon at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above, three of the participants show off their first month’s block. Some chose to leave the bird’s tail off until the sashing is on because the tail extends into the sashings. Great job gals! Above, Chris shows us the block that the participants will be working on this month. I didn’t realize I was entering a giveaway. What a surprise I got yesterday when I received the pattern for this lovely quilt. With their heat and humidity, Egyptian tombs aren’t the ideal places to store one’s footwear for the afterlife. m. talk Friday in the Little Theater of the Toledo Museum of Art. Just BeautifulVisit Updated portfolio of Sara Gilbane and her blog Travel for Design. As far as my data is concerned, the information I'm publishing here is the tip of an increasingly large iceberg. Later, during the First World War, six more battalions were added to the London Regiment. co. Ok. So I suck at Blogging. Truly suck. I have good intentions. I think "WOW! I am so going to blog that" and then I never do. I tried making my kids individual emails to send them my thoughts and memories. I can't do that either. I could say I'm too busy. But truth is I'm lazy and unmotivated. Tamkatten, Felis silvestris catus, er en tamkatt fra nabolaget som har tatt sin elsk til min hage. Enten lå hun i staudetrappa og lurte på alle sommerfugler eller så kretset hun rundt dammen og håpet på en aldri så lite smakbit av gullfisk tror jeg. Gjør deg til venn med kattene, sa min gamle nabo, da gjør de minst skade. Kloke ord, ikke en plante er dratt opp, ikke en blomsterbedd er brukt som do, så jeg fortsetter være gjestefri mot rovdyret og sender en stille tanke om at fiskene skal klare neste sommer og. Ten days into the month and the nick is out of toilet roll, bin liners and the amorphous "green liquid" disinfectant. This is to be a mix of screws and civilians. The details are quite murky as staff are keeping all this as secret as possible, lest we mock their inability to get a job outside. Of course, those modern deities - psychologists - are seemingly immune from this cull. Ho hum. There will be severe ramifications for the whole system if these staff cuts are reflected across the prison estate.

Fewer staff means a reduced regime - increased bang up, less association, disrupted work and education.

For N. and her Papa. And their Papas? Papas will do anything for their granddaughters. Thursday night we had a ferocious windstorm that knocked down trees and power lines. Our lights blinked a few times but thankfully came back on and stayed on, unlike our neighbors' which stayed off for several days. I called for Matt the great fixer and turned him loose in the office. When he was done we could again access our email through dial-up, but we couldn't access the web. I hadn't realized how dependent I was on being connected. Friday made me nervous, by Saturday I was downright jittery, and by Sunday I felt like I was having a caffeine withdrawal.


The morning was cold but it warmed to a mild day which almost convinced me to take off my jumper. Almost. As usual, there was plenty to do with all the normal chores and a fair bit of relaxing and talking on the front verandah. We had one trip out to have morning tea with my step son and daughter-in-law. Cathy gave me several bags of fabric, some of it vintage, for our sewing circle at the Centre and Jens showed us his newly built chook house. They're buying their girls in late Spring, after a trip to Europe. I have been meaning to mend one of my nighties since I put my elbow through the sleeve a couple of weeks ago. That mending was done now, along with tightening some button holes on one of Hanno's shirts and stitching the hem of a skirt. There's an amazing giveaway going on right now at Punk Rose Journal's blog. These are just a couple of the amazing goodies in the giveaway. Jed Clampett, e. g. Le festival a lieu dans la ville de Viña del Mar. c'est sur c'est plus exotique que l'Europe ! Olivia Newton-John es la nueva artista confirmada para el Festival. " - David Bowie With the lowering tides, the earlier birds already caught the worm. But not to worry, the worms always wiggle back. Slow, and small the few that paddle out are not rewarded this morning. PATCH: The floaters are not treated but any excuse to get wet will do. Certain tides may bring pleasure as others or more may struggle.


PACK IT OUT. Thanks to my upline, Sue, for encouraging me to see the Dashing designer paper line as more than just Christmas paper. I used it and the coordinating colors as the basis for this card of encouragement. For the sentiment, I used my aqua painter to add a color wash in River Rock. I went back in and highlighted certain words with Real Red, again with the aqua painter. Two pairs of ivory knitting needles. These were probably carved on board a ship by a sailor for his wife. Scrimshaw and ivory carving were skills developed by sailors to fight boredom at sea. They spent endless hours carving whale bones into beautiful useful objects to give to their loves when they returned from months at sea.

Spooky kittySpookier viewThe ladiesI have to have something that's not scary!the greenmanwitch weathervane.

Now, you are to contact the Diplomatic personnel appointed by The Us Embassy in your country India which the hard copies of your offer letter with other document have been send through DHL to the Embassy for the procurement of your Valid Visa and work / Residence Permit Papers as we are having a contract agreement with them for the easiest acquisition of employees necessary valid traveling document which will empower you to live and work in United States. THE DESIGNATED DIPLOMAT CONTACT DETAILS ARE WRITTEN BELOW: Diplomat: Thomas L Vajda Us Embassy Mumbai, India. Also, remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering your documents shall be refunded back to you on joining as you submit your expenses report. When you enjoy a fast spin on your Deltabox Yamaha or other alloy-beam hotrod, give a nod towards Marcel Giuget, the French pioneer of the cast aluminum motorcycle frame. MGC made roadsters and a very few racers, an example of which is shown here, fresh from restoration. Best of all, it's registered for the road. I often tell educators to be the change they want to see in education. This requires speaking up in any and all ways possible if you ever have the hopes of actually changing things. In education we often quip that our voices are not heard, opinions not valued, and our presence at the table when major decisions are made is absent. These statements are quite accurate from what I have experienced or seen as of late. However, even in these venues, having our voices heard and getting a response with substance is a crapshoot at best. In my experience, I usually leave these sessions with more questions than answers. Frustration and animosity build, which doesn't do me or anyone else any good. .