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Made of wood, with a hemp rope border, it has a carved bamboo tiki mask, and the lettering is carved to look like pieces of bamboo. Nick Rowe's post on upward-sloping IS curves motivates today's musings.

I'm sorry, but what follows is a tad on the wonkish side.

It's intended mainly to promote a conversation with Nick. Consider the Solow growth model. I've been trying to walk more, and this neighborhood park made a lovely change of pace. In mid-November, the idea of Trans Iowa was hatched. In the ten years since then there have been many stories and memories.

These posts will tell of the most prominent ones to my mind.

Maybe I'll even spill the beans on some things you never knew. Senators Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Mark Begich, D-Alaska, applauded the deal. Murkowski said she initially encouraged Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to consider using Emergency Food Assistance Program funds to provide health food for Americans in need, to give food banks and their partners greater access to a wide variety of tasty, health food. This latest purchase will help ease overstocked supplies following the record harvest, and benefit fishermen by reducing inventories that have weighed salmon prices down on the market, he said. Making these dish towels from a drop cloth was very easy! It also made a lot of them. Firstly, I washed the drop cloth in my washer and dried it. I used a dish towel that was a size that I preferred for my pattern! Some towels are just too short or long and even to wide. I cut them to size and then I ironed a hem, then I did a quick Run on my sewing machine. VIX was the obvious standout today that likely garnered a lot of attention. Closed beneath its daily BB yet a flat market. Lowest volume day of the year pretty much. Along with their great America made boots, Danner is now selling other American made goods that are sure to be favorites around holiday season. Beckel Canvas Rucksack Beckel Canvas Catch All Bag Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Popper Beckel Canvas Log Carrier Roy Toy Log Building Set Tanner Goods Notebook Pendlenton Lake Camp Blanket Grigri Growler Wooden Knife Kit Wooden Puzzle Kit Big Game Kit Journal Kit Stronghold Carpenters Tote Lone Wolf Swale Knife Velvicut Felling Axe Classic Tin Cup. Most of us are taught that being honest is an unquestioned virtue – yet the law doesn’t necessarily see it that way. This course will explore the legal status of “required honesty,” before diving deep into a review of the various Rules of Professional Conduct relating to honesty, and how they play out depending on the relationship between attorney-speaker and subject. Attorneys who attend this webinar can expect to learn:The relationship between First Amendment-protected speech and professional speech regulation. How shifting cultural values shape what we define as a lie. Negotiation ethics and the difference between bargaining and lying. Pre-registration required. Across town, families buried two firefighters found a week earlier.

At Fort Drum, on the edge of New York's Adirondacks, soldiers readied for deployment halfway across the world.

They handed out millions of bargain-priced stock options to their top executives. The terrorist attack shut the U. A Miami man was arrested Wednesday, charged with falsely accusing a woman of stealing money from him. Detective Robert Dosh was assigned to investigate the case. He spoke with the suspect, who told him Delahoz told her he won the lottery and wanted to give her money because he said she and her husband had been so good to him. She said he wrote her two checks which she cashed at a Homestead bank. Detective Dosh spoke with the teller at the bank who cashed the checks. She said because of the size of the checks, she called Delahoz before cashing them and he approved it.

When confronted with the information from Detective Dosh, Delahoz admitted to lying about the woman stealing money from him.

He said he just wanted his money back. I was a little worried about guest posting for RaeAnn over at the blog Stash Manicure today. But, thanks to my mom, I was able to get some photos of my latest finished quilt top. Go check it out and learn about the fabric "freeze" I'm on!. via. Here is what you will need. With previous versions of Reader for Windows, the cRecentFiles subkey found in the Acrobat Reader subkeys of an NTUSER. DAT hive provided an examiner with the five most recent files accessed by Adobe Reader. , with each subkey containing a bit of information about the accessed file. Stop by PageMaps to see all of the sneak peeks, try out a freebie class, and then register for this one. Good luck!. ChangeThe life you have led doesn't need to be the only life you have. Anna Quindlien We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. Remember free markets? Oracleizing: “Temporary factors can account for only a portion of the economic weakness that we have observed. ” Chairman Ben, letting the cat out of the bag. Translation Exercise: What does 'cooperation' mean in the German phrase "closer cooperation is the only way forward?" Or this: "Let us hope that being German and being European are now one and the same, today and forever. "Some European banks hold almost half a trillion euros in questionable government bonds. Henry Cavill looking hairy and hot on Miami Beach. . Yeah, feel that fresh breeze from outside Washington. Underwear. No, I am not kidding. Thus said the LORD to me, "Go and buy a linen waistcloth, and put it on your loins, and do not dip it in water. Once upon a time I saw a book my friend Michael had. Casually flipping through it,not paying much attention, I suddenly came across Joyce! and I was transfixed. I mean really, how can one not be? That dress. Those glasses. Property stocks continue the decline after govt announced that the deferred payment for property is going to be scrapped away. Surprise development of Labroy marine. This was right after sembcorp marine announced a similar loss over. The novel Eric Hodgins wrote "Mr. I've been reading Mrs. Blandings for some time now- and I honestly can't quite imagine anyone else building that house! Our Mrs B. built the house- decorates it, faux finishes it- and then writes about it. You name it. Mrs. Blandings can do it. How could she possibly have time to read? But, of course She does. As a reader, and since this is a Summer Reading List-what better time to say: I Love Reading this Blog, & amazed by all the talents of the blogger. mrs blandings. A Scene from the Book "a soft green, not as blue-green as a robin's egg but not as yellow-green as daffodils. Hello AI fans! Dana here with a sassy lady who dares to be fabulous!!! I paired just one of the ladies from Uptown Girls and a sentiment from Dare to be Fabulous, a clear stamp set available at Hobby Lobby! I started by stamped the ladies from Uptwon Girls and only colored one with Copic Markers. Then i fussy cut out the one lady that i colored. Next i die cut a speech bubble and stamped the sentiment 'Dare to be Fabulous' from the clear stamp set of the same name. Then i had to find some pattern paper that would go with my fashionista! I finally found a yellow stripe paper and die cut it with a stitched rectangle. Then i added the panel to a black card base. I added the lady in red and the speech bubble with foam tape.

Last i added three tiny gold sequins.

InLinkz. This week's challenge is for 'Clean & Simple' or 'Anything But. ' Sometimes the greatest palette can be a brilliant white background and small embellishments. I also love Anne's 'Anything But' tag, great patterns and coloring! Here are the cards from our wonderful design team! Kirsi Renee Barbara Anne Aren't they wonderful?! Love the weekly card inspiration! As our blog as been experiencing some changes, we will be continuing the card contest next week. Please make a new card or creation for these challenges. Back in the day a Captain Startup saw UFOs near Kaikoura from his Bristol Freighter flight deck, turns out it was images of squid boats powerful lights reflecting from cloud cover.

In the meantime anyone with time and an opinion variously called for action as such a threat to aviation must be nipped in the bud.

Ban Drones, screamed headlines. Oh and the military ones don't usually go high unless the terrain is high asl, as ground hugging is a best practice. Anyway what exactly would any "Ban" achieve, Guns are banned from criminals who choose to employ them in criminal acts, but hang on they are banned and it don't work FFS whodathunkthat.

So as a possible solution, have all our domestic aircraft carrying humans immediately fitted with radar controlled missile defense to engage potential object that might collide with an aircraft and take it out.

This past weekend, your wife took your daughters to a Broadway play - one I would never let my young daughters attend. And today, all you can manage is lunch with that senile dope who is our vice-president? Last Thursday, the beautiful Kale Steinle was laid to rest in Pleasanton, CA, killed by an illegal immigrant who was here because of your policies. Where was your statement? Where was your sympathy? Nothing for Kate, but plenty for every black felon who was killed for good reason. And you wonder why Trump is so popular??? No, actually you don't wonder at all. The beautiful Kate may be your downfall. We can surely hope so. Lord knows, you need one. The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity. Some believe my primary message is that we're headed into monumental catastrophe, and there is nothing to be done about it. In the most important sense, such a view of my work strikes me as surpassingly strange.

It is absolutely not how I think about the world at all.

To begin with, the fundamental fact of life itself, coupled with the further extraordinary fact that we are aware of it, is nothing less than miraculous to me.

Many times a day, as I'm reading or listening to music, and once in a very, very great while when I'm writing and think I may have stumbled onto a particularly pleasing way of expressing some idea, I'll think: "Isn't this just the most amazing thing, that people can create in this manner!" I consider the supreme artistry of Maria Callas, and I am overwhelmed and inspired by the greatness of which human beings are capable. The breadth of that kind of vision, together with an exquisite sensitivity to the smallest detail and an unbreached dedication to settling for nothing less than the absolute best we can do, fills me with wonder. It makes my own soul sing, and I am determined to work harder than ever in my own small way. In fairness, I think Andrew Wilson miscast the argument. The ancient world had a muscular conception of authority. Authority was coercive. The power to impose your will on another. .