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Polaris Industries Inc. Minnesota-based Polaris acquired Indian last year and produces the motorcycles in Spirit Lake, Iowa. In union with our holy father Benedict, successor to "Peter the fisherman", the one Church is truly the universal Body of Christ and the "place of faith" for salvation. Top: Sancta Missa versus Deum.

Bottom: The Martinez family with new addition Alejandro.

Wikipedia claims "it is the oldest known surviving film made by an African-American director". I find the exaltation of "the North, where the prejudices and hatreds of the South do not exist" a bit hard to buy. It seems to move a bit slowly, and it's hard for me to get involved. Too much romance for my taste, maybe. A Film Canon calls it "a powerful, sophisticated inversion of Birth Of A Nation. Looks like a possibility. So I am all set to go for the Good Life Gravel Adventure this Saturday. The thing is, I went and signed up for the "solo-gear-o" class, and my first choice, the Pofahl, has had a case of the chronic creaks. I have it nailed down to the head set and the Syncros seat post. Modified clutch bellcrank. The welded stud the clutch rod used to be hooked to is ground off. This is the end to get the a rod end.

A header tube is at the bottom of the picture.

Hello! It is time to share some of the awesomeness in our Flickr group! We love seeing all of the cards and layouts popping up in the Flickr group. Willie MaysGQ has a great article about the Greatest All-Around Baseball Player of All Time to celebrate his new biography. There is even a story about the first time he faced Satchel Paige. Oh, yeah. We were in Memphis, Tennessee. It was like a playoff game. Satchel had a very, very good fastball. But he threw me a little breaking ball, just to see what I could do, and I hit it off the top of the fence. And I got a double. " Three innings later, I go to kneel down in the on-deck circle, and I hear the third baseman say, "There he is. "Pure, selfless, persecuted, tormented, poetic and simple, the religion of the Nazarene enthralled all honourable men. Every people needs to be religious. Not only as part of its essence, but for its own practical benefit it needs to be religious. His death has not been in vain. Despite attempts by the Cuban dictatorship and their fellow travelers to smear Orlando Zapata Tamayo's good name. The truth of Orlando's status as an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience and non-violent human rights activists has been confirmed. International attention has remained focused on Cuba following Orlando's death along with the brutalization of the Ladies in White less than a month later led to an international outcry. It has also led to the questioning of the position of regime apologists. The Associated Press reported today and Reuters yesterday that the Cuban regime will transfer political prisoners closer to their homes and give medical attention to some of the political prisoners. " The only way to avoid that the release of one group of unjustly imprisoned dissidents only open up spaces for another group of nonviolent dissidents being imprisoned for exercising their fundamental rights is to join Amnesty's call for an end to the laws that outlaw free expression, assembly, and association. First, I agree. Nobody should get excited. In a"code blue" situation, as we physicians like to say, the first thing to do is take your own pulse. However, I also don't think we should ignore this material. The implications are too important to the ultimate customer of all of our services - patients. courtesy of on. The audience response was enthusiastic. Greg was touched.

"The best was later in the film when we gave a little hope and positive message to the people of Hong Kong, for Hong Kong to be able to get past even more difficulties.

" Th first time lead Ka Yi paid attention to the new film's word of mouth and box office. "I saw so many good review and viewer encouragement, saying that they hoped we keep the movies going. I felt very touched. I am super happy to see that the audience likes it. Food and drink will be provided. More:. Last night, we had "The Last Supper" Rapture Party. Well, when I planned it, it was actually just a bunch of us getting together to celebrate Gordon leaving his job and starting a law practice. For the cake, Ronna put Chicky into mugshots: Attica! Attica! "Free Chicky! Free Chicky!"Gordon was thrilled with his amazing cake!And a good time was had by all! Big hugs for Ronna, creator of the masterpiece. Gordon also got a bag of goodies to start his new law practice. What lawyer doesn't need Elton John specs?Armed and dangerous. I'd hire him to defend me!I made the mistake of letting Sophie lick buttercream icing off my finger. I recently bought some very cool cat toys on Etsy, stuffed with some VERY potent catnip. I thought my homegrown 'nip was strong, but this American stuff seems to impart a greater buzz. Here's little Naomi enjoying her new toys. One toy is a vampire bat and the other is a coffin, from TheUpstairsRoom. I have a new creative activity: art trading cards. Here's a helpful site run by on the creators of the group I joined, and she also produces the fabulous ATC Quarterly. And I really like her blog!It's a ton of fun and a great creative outlet, plus you get to meet other creative types, which is good for those of us who generally work at home, alone. I'm looking foward to the next get-together but this time I won't leave my cards until two days before the meet. I underestimated the amount of time involved and actually had more elaborate things in mind, but that's fine. THIS story is thoroughly BIZARRE, crazy and infinitely entertaining too. Think I have found my new favorite breakfast. Cooked green onions in butter until tender and scrambled some eggs. First one hot tortilla topped with scrambled eggs. next some sliced grilled chicken. When I lived in Germany I was barely twenty miles from the French border at Saarbrucken. On a Saturday morning we would often hop in the car and cross the border to the French market for breads, cheeses, fresh vegetables and, of course, wines. But, that border had varied often over the years. It wasn't always at the Saar. Wintersett Res: The juv. Oystercatcher was on the boathouse slipway. Other Critters seen at Wres.

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Then it was going to be a soapbox entry about how the hockey needed to change now after the news of Wade Belak's passing. But before this place joins the chorus wanting to see badly needed changes to hockey then I too must confess my own sins. See I am one of the dinosaurs who needs to "see the light" and realize just how damaging fighting is to the game and life itself.

I know all too well how fighting is the supposed "best way" for men to solve their personal problems.

It was how I was raised by my father which I freely admit is my lame excuse to justify my actions. His message was loud and clear that the only way to stop being the victim was to stand up for myself. I had watched dear old dad break a guy's jaw with one punch and nobody dared mess with my father. If it worked for dad then it had to work for me right? I will not sit here and lie that I did not enjoy seeing someone else being scared as I did. And the seal of approval from dad when he talked to the boy's dean was the icing on the cake. I adore a simple well fitting black dress. There’s just something about it that makes me feel sexy and sophisticated. One thing to remember is that they won’t always fit perfectly off the rack. It’s not you! It’s the clothes. I had to do a bit of nip/tucking work on this dress before it would fit properly. No pain no gain I figure. It was worth it! As not to be overly “evening” at work, I added a fun salmon colored cardigan. Skirt: Paul Harris Denim. White Cotton Top: INC. Shoes: Gianni Bini. The below look was my dressier mix for this skirt. I think it worked for keeping the look professional, but still a little special and more interesting than just the plain tee. If I wanted to go a bit more casual, all I had to do was take off the above top and add a basic jean jacket. A jean jacket makes any look classic and pulled together. Eye-catching and inventive, or unsettling and annoying? Artist uncredited at the Reddit via. "Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place,but far more difficult still,to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. " - Ben FranklinHe who guards his mouth and his tongue,Guards his soul from troubles. etsy hirnverbrandt. Every nick has a con who labours under the title of being "the video rep". With the provision of in-cell TV, this job has now morphed into being in charge of a single channel. The "video rep" has access to the digi-box and its myriad Freeview channels, and selects from these what is piped through to the spare channel. It is a thoroughly unrewarding job, on the basis that you can't please all the people, and in some nicks being video rep carries genuine physical risk. Not in this backwater, though.

Just as well, as the job is about to be vacated and I'm thinking of applying.

I'd like to tell you that this is more than the patrol dogs get, but I'd be lying.

This is why prisoners don't have wet noses. Christmas is on the horizon and some tabloid will reprint a menu handed to them by some landing-rat topping up his beer money. It will read like a fair spread.

Alas, on the plate it is slightly different.

Where the menu says 'turkey', and the tabloids conjure up visions of a meaty leg of fowl, the reality is a slice of tinned meat. Il est rouge. Description Paper Titans is a papercraft-inspired fold-‘em-up brought to life by critically acclaimed Team Lumo. It’s a puzzle adventure game featuring the Titans, quirky characters who each have their own special and unique power. The player literally makes new friends by folding paper, and can then use those new characters and their powers in-game to solve puzzles and collect stars. S. In the ashes of every war the seeds of the next one take root. " - Rosemonde GERARD. Good morning,I hope like many of you, I had the great delight of watching "Julie & Julia" this weekend. And I wonder how many of my fellow bloggers had chills of recognition watching Julie publish her first blog post. In the middle of a dark night. Lit only by a bright task lamp. "Press enter to publish. " Wondering if it would have any impact. Or any readers. "Press enter to publish. .