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I removed most of the furniture. It's actually worse than the pic shows. It is somewhat matted and has some pet stains. I started out only doing half of the room so that I could show the difference.

Then thew were stuck on "yard sign" material for a backing.

This picture shows where they are soldered together at the factory. Here is the video demonstrating the array running the Adafruit demo. Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for aking. He said, "This is what the king who will reign over you will do: He willtake your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they willrun in front of his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks andbakers. He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olivegroves and give them to his attendants. He will take a tenth of your grainand of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants.

Brrr! I got up at the usual time, but due to Mrs.

Guitar Ted's illness which has been making her have coughing fits of late, I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep. Maybe it was that. Maybe it was my hibernation gene kicking in. Maybe it was the cold weather, making my molecules want to implode, forcing me to go into a helpless ball of flesh position curled up on the floor. I don't know, but I didn't want to wake up. Freewheel sent three representatives to the Park Tool Tech Summit in Chicago last weekend to take part in what proved to be a great learning experience. Eight major brands came together to offer technical seminars on their latest products to a motley group of mechanics, service managers and bike shop owners. We attended six seminars in two days and got our hands dirty in everyone of them. Along the way we had a chance to catch up with some folks you may recognize from the blog archives. Here we are with Nick from Fox Racing Shox, who stopped by Freewheel back in August:. TechEnhancedLearning » Vicki DavisThis page has a LOT of my wiki resources on it. tags: education, wikisPosterous - The place to post everything. Just email us. Dead simple blog by email. So, you never think your teachers will blog. Don't worry. Just wanted to let you all know I've recorded a few of my older songs for YouTube, featuring a couple of the more recent guitars posted here. "Hazy Afternoon""Brother John""Anthem". With her permission, of course, we had mentioned this to our local paper and they wrote about her imminent visit. But she was soon whisked away to pose on Cathedral Green, there to be quizzed, interviewed and photographed by our local press who were intrigued that someone with no ties to the city would make a special trip just to see our birds, and maybe buy a few football souvenirs at Pride Park before heading for home. Jennie wanted to see inside the ancient cathedral tower, so together with Head Verger, Tony, we climbed the stone staircase up to the bell-ringing chamber where our control equipment is located, and she posed in front of our brand new TV monitor - a generous gift from another supporter of our project - whilst we explained which bits of the equipment do what. Love her embellished jacket!Get the look: + Topshop Pork Pie Bowler Hat + Noshua Short Dress + Bobbi Brown Lip Color. I prepare passionately whenever I'm near the Battery Media Gulch, an area near the Broadway-Front-Jackson-Battery corridor fronting the Embarcadero. Late last week I popped in to Kokkari on Front and Jackson. This is where some of SF's most famous media personalities like to mix it up and talk turkey. Kokkari is a Mediterranean restaurant with a good vibe. A great place to have a martini after office hours and in a lot of cases, see beautiful people in black suits and ties and splendid dresses. I myself have hoisted a few here but it's always business and although I try to keep it that way, invariably someone has to always make it personal and there's goes business down the drain. Don't get me wrong, it's swell to be loved and admired especially when you considered there's a whole lot of people trying their best to take you down. Matthew Cherry was twenty-one years old when he found himself in a police interrogation room. Thus it isn't surprising that Matthew was much too trusting when Beaumont Police Detective Mark Hogge assured the young man that they just needed to clear things up about a reported off-color remark Matthew made to a member of his church youth group after swimming at the local YMCA. It's reasonable to believe that at some point in their lives the detectives who interrogated Matthew had indulged in off-color banter of that variety. Matthew maintained that he never said or did anything to suggest that he was seeking to gratify a sexual impulse. While his behavior may have been considered deplorable, there was no evidence that it was predatory. However, no other word properly describes the conduct of the police interrogators. But first of all, the general distribution of the personal characteristics of all the respondents from the three zones of Ebonyi North, Ebonyi central and Ebonyi South are presented. I will have to abbreviate from now on.

While I was drawing a gorilla skull, I noticed that there was a stuffed gorilla perched right next to it.

So after I finished the skull, I began to draw the real gorilla over top of it. A mash-up, if you will. Not sure how it came out. I mean, I'm not sure if anyone could tell what it was unless I explained it.

Not that I care because it's a pretty wicked looking drawing none the less.

Both the Hitmen and the Pats are fighting for division and conference playoff positioning making this game key for both teams. The title of this post was a little bit of a dig to those who are looking at every game Tambellini plays in and measuring it as a good game only of Tambellini puts up points. Yes a lot was made of Tambellini saying he left North Dakota for more playing time but it is almost impossible to really fairly measure whether Tambellini made the right move or not. Some cancellations were done with red ink, but the simpler expedient was to change the design of the postage stamp to red, and cancel them with black markings. These stamps were therefore printed literally by the billions. Except for the one shown above. New plates are then created. oh my. Deb is so nice to me! She lets me scrapbook photos of her children and lets me decorate her blog! I had fun today playing with colors and redecorating for her. Retraction Pending: Energy Secretary Bodman: "The high-priced energy environment is being driven by the fact that demand has outstripped supply. and there is no silver bullet that will immediately solve our energy challenges or drastically reduce costs at the gas pump. Let me point out that we generally wait until after they've robbed the Grab and Run to fingerprint criminals. Poorcast: NOAA predicts an "above normal hurricane season. " Or possibly average. Lets get to serious business! Let me introduce the contestants from the top-most shelf of my Gundam display showcase. They are mainly vintage Gundam toys from G Gundam series, except the Wing Gundam. My next posting will touch on them individually. Just a few photos before I hit the sack tonight. It is hard to see but the colors are light blue and chocolate brown. I could have sat there all night! Beautiful! Here are some up close pics of what they made out of then stencils and ribbons. Then have a look over HERE there are lots of products reduced and some great special offers!!!.

Several years ago I bought this vintage picnic basket at a yard sale.

I can't remember what I paid for it, but I know it was cheap. The top was stained despite my cleaning attempts. The hinges and the metal handles were rusted. I put it away thinking I would get around to fixing it up one day. यासमस्ये पासून वाचण्यासाठी महिला आपल्या कीट मध्ये अनेक प्रोडक्टस ठेवतात. पण पुरुषांना पण अश्या समस्या असतात, त्यांना पण कोरडी त्वचा, रेजरमुळे लागणारे कट, फाटलेले ओठ, कोरडे निर्जीव केस, ब्लैक हेड आणि इतर अनेक. पण पुरुष बऱ्याच वेळा केअर लेस असतात ते सगळ्या समस्यावर एकच क्रीम लावतात किंवा काहीही करत नाहीत. Violent clash: Football matches were more like American Football matches - but without the padding. Games in Tudor times would involve dozens of players and last for hours. It's known as the beautiful game, but in Tudor times football should perhaps have been called the dangerous game. How he came to be there and what his life represents is the subject of this story. Gus is the fulfillment of the American Dream. He was a very successful student at school. He is prodigious in bed with women. I was asked to post this story by a fan of my blog. Notice the differnces between this entry and the cartoon. Enjoy!P. S. : Gimme time and I'll soon return to post about cartoons. It's just that I'm incredibly busy with study and social life. My cartoon collection is getting bigger every week! More rarities to be highlighted soon!. But Ol' Groove just has to get in his two cents on the fabulous, far-out Fourth World, too, dig? But I wanna do something different. What to do? Well, I says to myself, "Self, you were just a pup when Kirby left Marvel for DC. I bought this great witch bowl made by David T. Smith from Turtle Creek Potters. It says: When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers it's Halloween. And I bought this wonderful large covered pot made by David too. It reads: When harvest time is near - work on brave boys and never fear. You shall have cyder and beer beef and pudding and sing merry cheers. It has wonderful detail work covering it. These are the brooms I bought from the wonderful broom maker, Jim Rantala. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Bizarro is brought to you today by King Tut. This cartoon is simple wordplay, yes, but it makes me smile. What struck me as odd when I was drawing this cartoon is the way "pharaoh" is spelled, which I had never really noticed before I had to letter it by hand. But that would mean that the word was originally pronounced "fay-ray-oh. President Trump will be brought up on potential impeachment charges once his executive order pen runs out. His business ethics violations will be the reason sometimes later this month and by design. He knows he will resign before that happens and claim victory over the elites. Then go back to his businesses. Ding referred to as a former President. Not a bad branding moniker. The GOP establishment administration-in-waiting of Ryan/Pence/Priebus will step right in and not miss a beat. Similar agenda as Trump, less drama, more polish. .