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I would like to start this review with an enthusiastic congratulations to the publisher, Scarlet Imprint.

Their 'Kill All Kings' edition of XVI has recently been shortlisted for the Limited Edition and Fine Binding category of the British Book Design and Production Award. This is an incredible achievement, and a first for the occult publishing world. It appears that fine, talismanic, occult books are finally getting the respect they deserve. Quite frankly, the reality is that esoteric books of this caliber can no longer be willfully ignored. These images came via The Way We Play, and you'll find plenty more there. A sweet Sunday everyone! x. Still rooting for gold to fulfill this count. . A couple of weeks ago I was reading the blogPatty's Pretty Things, and Patty talked about joining the Chaotic Goddess Color Swap which sounded like so much fun. I immediately went and signed up and ironically, I was partnered with Patty for the swap. Check out Patty's blog post here about her love of green. I had to drive KC to Los Angeles yesterday where we got in some quality mother/daughter shopping time before I put her on an airplane and when I got home this package was waiting for me. I was exhausted and I knew I wanted to take pictures as I opened it for my link to the color swap so I held off opening it until this morning. Surprise - red tissue paper and lots of it with a sweet note from Patty. Patty definitely paid attention to my blog and included a sweet red scarf for Lulu - whose only interest at the moment is to eat it. And Patty knows my love of creating - red pins, duck tape, buttons, string. Handmade dishcloths which ended up on a pile of red dish towels. After a day in the garden, I can wash up with the Lava soap and then enjoy a cup of tea - can't enjoy the cookies because we already ate them! I know from following Patty that she has a Silhouette and after seeing this cute red pillow box and matchbook notepads I am convinced I need to buy a Silhouette. More of Patty's beautiful work - cards, all with red images - and I love every single one of them. During and since his incarceration he has successfully litigated a wide variety of censorship and public records cases against prison systems around the country, both as a pro se plaintiff and on behalf of PLN. S. history. "Norfolk Police confirmed that Quedell "Que" Higgs was taken into police custody Wednesday. No other details about his arrest was immediately available. " Victims: White female, Casey Kayser - White male, Jeffrey Stallings. I've been remiss in posting the details of what's been going on with my real estate investments, so here's a catch-up post. That service really seems to be geared more towards tenants paying rent than owners getting funds to managers, but I was willing to give it a shot. Unfortunately, the managers need to set up the people who they accept payments from before you can make a payment and they have not set me up yet. Wishing you all the loveliest of Easters. xoxo Wendy. Military incursions into political governance, tribalism corruption and apathy have deepened the electoral challenges confronting the ration. To achieve this, the constitution in its wisdom has created special adjudicatory bodies, known as election petition tribunal to resolve these disputes. These include the National Assembly/Legislative House election tribunal, governorship election tribunal and the Court of Appeal with exclusive jurisdiction on matters pertaining the presidential elections. Pin Si Kitchen Pte Ltd - Only open to Public before Chinese New Year. pinsi. Call me girly, I don't care- pink is fabulous. This is my first post, and I would like to explain why I am creating this blog. There are some great blogs out there that discuss neuroscience for both scientists and lay people, and I am planning to have links to them soon. I thoroughly enjoy these blogs, but find that they generally focus on the higher level of neuroscience, such as behavioral studies and human fMRI scans. While this level of neuroscience is interesting to everyone, some people might want to focus a little closer in. With The Cellular Scale, I am hoping to bring cellular level neuroscience to the blog world and to start discussions between scientists and non-scientists regarding neurons and the way they work. YouTube link. Very impressive vocal control. When I saw the title, I was expecting something on the order of the more familiar Tuvan throat singing, an example of which is embedded at Grit in the Gears. May God's Peace cover you, His HOPE inspire you, His Joy uplift you, His Love surround you. -Dayspring May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you. This will not end well. I bear multiple features resembling Harrison Ford, too. The US claims the site was a reactor that was "close to being built. " Just like my wife's dream house. Shylock Survival Plan: Now GMAC wants to be a bank and tap into the TARP funds.

Manny down at the barber shop is looking into it, too.

From the manga and anime Souten Kouro aka 'Beyond The Heavens' 蒼天航路, here's an illustration of Liu Bei by manga artist 'King Gonta'. Since Cao Cao was been made the protagonist in this anime, Liu Bei played a less heroic character been portrayed as a happy-go-lucky kind of peasant opportunist who acted dumb and silly in escaping tight situations. The figure is well balance and stand on its own even without the stand. Even in figure Liu Bei had been mocked in this foolish pose in half squat pulling his long earlobes. Anyway, those black spots or patches you see on the figure ain't stain by painted as weathering effect like creating contours. I would say the figure is well painted with much facial definitions. . I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me. " Wedding is such a sham! I've been having a rather bad week because I can't sleep well as my mind is still very active at night. I attribute it entirely to the stress of settling matters pertaining to the wedding preparation. There's a thousand and one thing to arrange and tie up with others and a million others to call up and wait for their reply before you can proceed on. It's really such a hassle! I have no romantic views on wedding and as far as I'm concerned, the marriage is more important than the wedding. Is there a difference between marriage and wedding? I don't know if there's an official one, but I am going to make a distinction between marriage and wedding. There are quotes there which stand out as text book for anyone who claims to believe in liberty. " "I only care about freedoms of things I don't agree with, that's the only ones that test me. if you have not got the freedom to put what you want in your body, you are not living in a free country" Quite. While waiting for Archbishop Wuerl to release his new pastoral letter on education, I came across a video made by Gianna Jessen. Ms. Jessen survived an abortion but if it was up to Sen. Obama, she would have died. In addtion, you can go to her website to learn more. HT to American Papist. Now for those of you who are Cafeteria Catholics for Obama, you may want to purchase your t-shirt or bumper sicker here. I do not remember how I explained my presence or my camera to her, but I do remember she asked me no questions.

I made five exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction.

I did not ask her name or her history. She told me her age, that she was thirty-two. She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields, and birds that the children killed. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. There she sat in that lean-to tent with her children huddled around her, and seemed to know that my pictures might help her, and so she helped me. MEET MY NEW GIRL FRIEND, SIRI She came with my new I-Phone, and I love her. or should I say, I love what she does for me. Answering questions. looking up information. by Phil JohnsonLater this week, I'll follow up on last Friday's post and the question of what it means to glorify Christ in all we do. But I'm too fatigued from the weekend to crank that subject up again first thing, so it'll just have to wait. In the meantime, here's an introductory post on another tough issue I want to deal with over the next week or two:t seems the doctrines that pertain to human sin are generally some of the hardest doctrines for people to understand and embrace—particularly the doctrines of original sin and universal depravity. To paraphrase Mrs. Fletcher, we're fallen, and we can't get up. Those ideas run counter to every other religion man has ever devised. People want to believe they are basically good, that they can be good enough to please God, and that if they just set their hearts and minds to do good, they can redeem themselves from their own sin.

People don't want to believe that Adam's sin put the whole human race in a spiritually hopeless state.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. Beware the Jabberwock, my son! With jaws that bite and claws that catch. No Jabberwock here. just Josh and a pale reflection of his own self. We took some terrific looking photos in front of a mirror in one of our early sessions. If that bothers you, don't read it. If you want to lecture me as to the morality issues of writing stories like these, don't bother. Judging some ballbusting stories to be more or less moral than others seems to me like very thin ice to skate on as it is, and anyway, it is just fantasy. If you can't separate fantasy and reality, I think that's your problem. OK I'm done ranting now. I'm going to piggyback on a recent post by Jason Engwer. Critics stress the differences between John and the Synoptics. They act as though it's problematic that John is so different than the Synoptics. But that really has it backwards. Framing the issue that way is misleading and counterintuitive. What's striking is not that John is so different, but that Matthew, Mark, and Luke are so similar. The conventional explanation is that Matthew and Luke use Mark. They adopt and adapt his basic plot, repeating many of the same incidents–in the same order. ::rainy:: ::small road trip:: ::goat farm:: ::donkeys:: ::trout farm:: ::good friends:: ::frog eggs:: ::turkey feathers:: ::Boston Butt:: ::cupcakes:: ::patching the greenhouses:: ::bathing the puppies:: ::assembling rainbow quilting bee quilt:: ::oatmeal cookies:: ::springing forward::No time for cinnamon rolls. But I'm planning them for this week. -dana. I found this neat card catalog generator thingy on the web. The weekend is here my friends!-dana. Magnolia DT + Cute Card Thursday 'Animal' ChallengeThe challenge at Cute Card Thursday this week is to have animals somewhere on your card. I have put glitter on the blossoms and the card really sparkles but unfortunately the photo doesn't show this very well. My first cucumber! The tomatoes are doing pretty good growing in the troughs. I only have a couple really small zucchinis. These black cherry tomatoes are delicious. My eggplants are slow. Only one has set so far. The yellow cherry tomatoes are producing the highest yield so far. One of these tomato plants has a lone tomato on it and another plant is tomato-less. you can now buy in bigger quantities from the miners.


co, gisnai. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how to promote the successful participation of SMEs in standardisation activities, and make it easier for them to access the results.

To ensure the quality and safety of products and services, and to make it easier to sell them throughout Europe and around the world To help to create a level playing field, allowing SMEs to access more markets and to attract new customers.

SMEs can take full advantage of the benefits and opportunities offered by European Standards, but often don't know how. More information about the conference "SMEs and Standardisation". .