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Especially something as pointless as this. However, firms will be allowed to levy a "small charge" to cover payment processing costs. Boy! That'll have them quaking in their boots, for sure. Stay safe. Haute Couture collection and accessories by Winde Rienstra. winderienstra. I'm not sure if I ever shared this story? When I used to live in the little cabin in Sandgate, Vermont—before I moved here to Jackson—I did my laundry on the front step of the porch. I was out there, scrubing with my Rub-Lite and singing a tune to my earbuds when a neighbor's car drove by slowly. I waved and smiled and they drove past. I thought nothing of it. A few days later that same neighbor arrived with a box of canned goods, which he gave me "for the chickens" but all the cans were in good conditions and with long-distance expiration dates.

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My newest collection of dies from Spellbinders is now available for purchase.

BROKEN MAZE TRIFECTA DRIP DRY SHIELD RAY OF LIGHT LOOP DE LOOP STEERING WHEEL My new releases and all previously released Spellbinders products are now shipping online at Spellbinders. You can also purchase these items through my own online shop, where all new releases will ship in early March. Recently on my Instagram Feed. Flex by Filofax is just that. A totally new product line for them. This is the first time I had seen the Flex system, so it has taken me a few days to fully assess it before writing this review. There are some similarities so let’s deal with those first. However, an insert in the Flex system is effectively a bound book, not loose pages. It's also International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fact I'll remind him of over lunch. LOL! We have made plans to have lunch at a restaurant up in the mountains, we'll meet a friend there and, no doubt, have a lovely time. I have to tell you, he is getting better with age. The days we spend together here now are the best days of our lives - we have the freedom to do whatever we want and each day is full of interest as, piece by piece, we work towards our plans. I doubt there are a lot of things we can be sure of but I know, without a doubt, that we'll be together until we die. Hopefully that's a long way off for both of us.

A big thanks goes out to Julie!!I tried it, with a little help from my friend Becci, and this was the end result.

did you change your clocks? I hate daylight savings time. It doesn't "save" time. It just rearranges it and gives it a new name. It also forces me to get up in the morning and ask myself, "What time is it really?". When the stewardess came by for my drink order I made sure to get an extra cup up ice. I don’t know how long I was out before I felt the cold water on the front of my pants, which woke me with a start. I gritted my teeth while the chilly water soaked me. When the cup was empty she tossed it on the ground and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Wake up. Her shoes were made of tennis-ball fabric. Line a large baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Add the chicken and turn to coat. Arrange the chicken, in a single layer, on the prepared tray. Sprinkle with ginger. Serve immediately. However, it took less than a week for it to pass "emergency" legislation to retain its treasured Preakness - “a sporting event of historical and cultural importance to the State of Maryland.

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Southern Gravestone for NorthernerToday we explored the Colonial Park Cemetery where we walked thorough Spanish Moss covered trees and ancient weather worn grave stones. Along the back wall of the cemetery, grave markers have been placed that had previously fallen over or were damaged and unable to be associated with their original graves. Along this wall I found many stones for people who died and were buried here, but were originally from the North.

Being born in Boston, with my extended family from there, I found this stone particularly interesting.

All things red, white and blue! Love them. I have a fun RRR project with a Patriotic theme today. I painted up a couple of old vintage Mason jars with chalk and milk paint. I used several layers of paint to get a nice distressed look. From there I decked them out with crepe papers, patriotic images, buttons, and several RRR ribbons. I used Flag Grosgrain Ribbon, Red Gingham Ribbon, Lipstick Red Seam Binding, and Glory Blue Seam Binding. Hi everyone. Bonnie from Really Reasonable Ribbon here today with a fun dragonfly inspired card. I feel like I've been in a rut with my card design lately, so I tried something different with the diagonal slant across the card. Then I wrapped some Natural Burlap Sting over that for a little extra 'something'. Thanks for stopping by. Last year, while teaching a full schedule of English courses, I feel like I just dabbled on my blog. I'd like to start by addressing a question raised by a fellow freshman English teacher. Some context first. It just makes tons of sense in English class. .