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Hurry. Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend! Today's post is a cute idea for Halloween. I have used sticker paper that can be found at your local craft store for this project. I have used the Kraft color. You will want to use black staz on ink for the stamping as it is permanent and the sticker paper has a slight sheen to it. Recipe belowHere are two wine bottles and one beer covered with the labels, aren't they sooo cool! Here they are up close for you to see, I used the sponge daubers in soft suede around the edges of the labels to give it that aged, scary look!These are the three label before attaching. I have used three different sets for this project to show you that any Halloween set will work. Again I stamped in black staz on ink, aged the edges with a sponge dauber in soft suede.

Restamped the images in black on the pumpkin pie cardstock and cut it out and glue it right to the label, The skeleton on the top left was stamped on white in black and cut out and attached.

Another card made with the Love Sparkles ScrappinKit. This card is made with all pieces from the kit. xoxo. not so much. However, my outrage meter is running on over-drive. Sandra "I'm too cheap to buy my own contraceptives" Fluke, because he wouldn't want his daughters to be called such names. We have a Mexican restaurant here called Pepe's and it is Julie's favorite. Since they moved to Clayton, every time she is in town, she goes to Pepe's. Which isn't a bad thing. they have great chips and salsa and lots of other tasty items also. There was a special lunch on Monday celebrating Debbie's granddaughters visiting for the holidays. Architectural inspiration via elledecor. Lanvin Sac Oulouette satin clutch. Citrine by the Stones tassel rosary earrings. Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here's the final issue of John Targitt. And say what you will about the story, but man-oh-man don't ya just love that Nostrand art?Cover art by Rich Buckler and Al Milgrom. ATeacherWrites. The obvious monster is Mr Hyde: the snarling, feral mass of murderous impulses. First, Hyde beats up a little girl. Later, he stamps an kindly white-haired old man to death - and enjoys it. Hyde is the creation or alter ego of an eminent doctor. When Jekyll takes the potion, he is transformed, out of himself into Hyde - unrecognisable. We meet the eminent Dr Jekyll, cowering in darkness, haunted, and feel sorry for him. But he is the real monster. Enjoy traditional Moroccan cooking and try the delicious spring Lamb tagine recipe. Lamb tagine is a famous Moroccan main dish.

Season with all spices and saffron.

Add and cook onion and garlic. Add water, MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon cubes and tomatoes. I'll try and keep it simple. note I said 'try'. I had a berry good day yesterday.

My rhubarb was ready to be harvested and I bought a bunch of local strawberries.

For the pies, I cut the rhubarb into small dice and cut the strawberries to about the same size. For my jam, I like big pieces of berries so I quartered the strawberries. This strawberry jam could not be easier. I add a bit of sugar and some lemon zest to the berries, sit it on the burner and bring it to a simmer. Since no liquid has been added, it thickens quickly. Most of this is going to neighbors this next week so no need to can it. The jars were hot and sterilized and some of them sealed just by tightening the lids. Got up and headed out to the Follies. No pictures today. I hit the sales booths and picked up some literature, tools and parts. Picked up some air tools and found some items for the Mustang.

They have a nice power steering conversion kit that isn't too badly priced.

Hit the flea market area and will go through there again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be spent mainly checking out the cars. Fridays, the crowds are low, so I spend my time shopping. Tomorrow, the vendor booths will be swamped. The weather was HOT. I love the used car section. .