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My neighbor the antique dealer brought over one of his typical jobs this weekend. It usually involves some metal bit that has seen some kind of mechanical injustice and or application of brute force. Its a wonder how these things manage to make it to the future in such good shape.

Its a testament to the people that designed and built some of these things.

This repair involved a cleverly designed sheet metal bracket that allows the legs of a antique Foosball table to be easily removable for shipping. Fortunately for me there was a second bracket mating bracket that was in reasonable shape so I could see what had to happen. It is a deep drawn and pierced shape which is interesting all by itself.

I would be interested to see the die that produced this particular piece.

It always amazes me the work behind the scenes to get a product to market. Some of Carson's claims about Islam may well be false—it is not true, for instance, that "Under Shariah law. people following other religions must be killed. To this day America has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment. ” God may treat men and women equally but Islamic law, fiqh, does not. A daughter under Islamic law receives half the inheritance of a son—a rule directly from the Quran. A man is permitted to marry up to four wives, a woman one husband. Two days ago I asked: how do you cope if you're a parent and an introvert? After you responded, I realised that coping can be just as hard when you're an extrovert, cooped up at home all day - but that the solutions will be different. She wrote,Jean, have you checked out motherstyles. It will help you understand your mothering style: why you relate to your kids the way you do. I know I am talking much about humiliation at the moment, but it is a big part of my kinky thoughts and fantasies at present. We all know that humiliation and what people find humiliating is subjective and varies from person to person. Also, what some people may find humiliating in a hot way others might find abhorrent, which could be a result of many things, such as an incident in the past. But what makes something humiliating? How much is this associated to social conditioning? Because humiliation is such a broad topic and I cannot have possibly have experienced all that is possible I shall discuss a few points and see where we get. Exposure of flesh: Being stripped naked in private or public can be thought of and many people find the act of doing so humiliating. For example, in front of another, to whom I have relinquished control I can feel quite exposed and humiliated?when naked, particularly if that person is clothed. Jay-Z ft. T. I, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & MIA - Swagger Like Us. There, the Court held for the first time that closely-held for-profit corporations are persons that may exercise religion within the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Although the reach of the decision remains unclear, it is certain to raise a host of novel issues. For example, because of its sincerely-held religious beliefs, might an employer choose to exclude coverage for blood transfusions or anti-depressant medications? Might it decline to promote a female employee if it means she would supervise male subordinates? Might it refuse to employ LGBT individuals? Separately, an increasing number of religious institutions have required their employees to sign detailed “morality clauses,” requiring them to behave in a manner fitting the employer’s strict faith decrees. These institutions have threatened employees who refuse to do so or watched as employees quit in protest. These and other instances of employers asserting their religious rights inevitably sets up a clash between employers running their workplaces consistent with their religious beliefs on the one hand, and employees seeking protection under anti-discrimination laws on the other. Amy Ryder Wendtz of the law firm of Littler Mendelson and Danielle O. Doza, past Policy Council with the ACLU of Ohio, will discuss these and other issues that pertain to the religious rights of employers, with particular focus on the actual and potential effect of Hobby Lobby on employee rights under anti-discrimination laws. Today I asked someone out, and she said yes. As for a fuller disclosure, the rest you can pick up from the gossip columns. Get the look: + Free People Skyfall Embroidered V-Neck Dress + Sarah Chloe Large Heartbeat Necklace. light and easily transportable, it finds its place by a sofa, an armchair or a bed. its durability allows for outdoor use as well. its structure is reduced to its simplest expression: a lampshade frame and a tray that are assembled together with a rope. because of the simplicity of the materials, a wide range of colors and shapes are available. via. While the earthquake rocked the Bay Area and Northern California. KGO Radio is still running canned programming from Bloomberg Radio. KCBS went on air about six minutes after with live coverage and actualities from reporters and listeners. 'Nuff said. Too funny, really. Tanti gli interrogativi. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. greenmeatsound. Så har det kommet en ny lilje ved Pergolan. Etter en stille periode med peoner og liljene som var da dominerer nå Clematis og hvite liljer beplantingen. Yet another white lily has appeared by my Pergola outside our front door. Together with the other two there’s a strong perfume as I enter towards our house. After the great blooming of peony and lilies after midsummer it seems to be my Clematis and lilies that steels the show here right now. Det blomstrer jo fortsatt to av disse hvite også, duften som kommer emot meg ved hjemkomst er ganske så kraftig. Moving a chair can rarely lead to a major shift in relationships, at least not in the outside world. But in prison. It was one of the most relaxed visits rooms in the closed estate. It allowed men and their partners, children, families, to huddle together and share that physical affection that is so sustaining and yet whose absence is the very essence of imprisonment. Now, our chairs have been moved. via. Hello fellow scrappers. provided they meet the rules and guidelines set forth in our rules which can be found here.

Friday will be lunch out and a trip to the casino.

Finally on Sunday there will be a barbecue at the lake. I have these little niches on either side of our microhood. BUT not gonna happen at the moment. We had leftover beadboard and I decided to FORCE my dh to cut some down to size and I painted it black and put it in the back of the cubbies for some POPPPP. I love to collect ironstone. ftmdaily. These "cops" are brainwashed to the point that they are useful for nothing else.

See you there.

artpracticeasresearch. “He’s trying to control the containers that hold our food. Stier notes the trucks that will be necessary to collect the food waste will put more vehicles on New York City streets, consume more oil and gas, and emit more pollutants into the city’s air. Then marked and cut out a piece of transparent flyleaf type acetate the same size as the page marker. I place the acetate over the image and draw around with a pencil, and cut out my images to size as below I then cut out the two images and l glue them onto the acetate with a glue stick. Then all that remains is to trim off the excess sticky film, hole punch, cut a line from the centre of the hole to the outside, trim off the corners, et voila! A new pretty page marker Hope you understand the instructions, I am off on holiday so any questions………. ask Steve ha ha ha Only joking. Will be checking in. Sue and I are still in Skiathos, so apologies that there is no local news again. Instead here are more pictures and a few words about Skiathos until we return. The economy of Skiathos island is mainly centred on tourism and fishing, followed closely by crop and livestock farming. Skiathos is greener than someone might expect from many of the typical hot and sunny Greek island in holiday brochures. While Skiathos has many beaches they are often flanked by lush green hills. This landscape feature makes it one of the more naturally attractive Greek islands. Skiathos is also called “the boomerang island” because it is said that once someone has visited this island they will feel an irresistible urge to return. This is our fourth visit here.

pic The island of Skiathos and the neighbouring one of Skopelos are both renowned for their population of wasps, and I daresay that the creatures are all pervasive on nearby islands and the mainland.

S. should consider a trip North across the Canadian border into Ontario and spend some serious time exploring North America’s two largest theatre festivals – The Stratford Festival and The Shaw Festival. You can find some excellent airfare deals into Toronto’s Lester B. Rental cars are readily available at the Toronto airport. You and me and your dad holding the camera. We could not believe that you were on your way, a month early! We were not ready, but we managed. by unknown "Hi, Matt!" That's how it all started. My aunt said hello to me. God, she was hot. She was somewhat short, but had the firmest legs in the world. She was amazing. The part of her I found most amazing, however, were her feet. I couldn't believe how shapely they were. Aunt Anna's feet were at the center of my attention constantly. e. He confronted a range of options.

Some were mediocre: no free creatures, or at least no significant freedom.

Others offered Him a gamble on how His creatures would use their freedom. If He gambled, He might lose. It's absurd how quickly the Chas church shooting devolves into a debate over the Confederate flag, and finally a debate over the pros and cons of secession. But since some pundits insist on bringing this up: I don't so much object to Southern states seceding from the Union. What I object to is their taking the slaves with them. Freedom is a two-way street: if Confederates are entitled to be free, so are slaves. If Confederates are entitled to be free of the Union, the slaves are entitled to be free of the Confederacy. That's the central contradiction in the Confederate argument. That's why Confederate apologists could never win the argument. They couldn't get over that hurdle. If enough people in a given state or region no longer wish to be part of a political coalition, should we kill to keep them in? That's fanatical nationalism. The demands of social justice require parents to deprive their kids:. In the Utopia, Moore explores his ideas of how to run the perfect society. These novels engage with the problems of technology, totalitarianism and human rights. She goes on to say, “once you've been intrigued by a literary form, you always have a secret yen to write an example of it yourself. Greater equality came with the Gulag, the KGB and the deaths of twenty five million Russians.

Sewing Pattern for Girls Boutique Style Panelled Skirt.

You don't have to be an experienced seamstress to make this adorable boutique style skirt. The sewing pattern is so detailed even beginners can make it easily. This can be paired with any plain top or T-shirt and this awesome skirt will still make the outfit standout. On the other hand if the pattern can be interpreted in a few straight lines, that would be explained to perfection without the added hassle of cutting and gluing the pattern pieces. A disturbing potential correlation: The most popular target for shooters to learn to use their firearm is a black silhouette. Unconscious bias can be deadly. And yeah, they consider themselves to be serious. Here's a solution all "progressives" should be able to agree on:. You can't stop the signal. If it doesn't get to where you are, you can listen to live streaming from Michael's website. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Tomato, Chickpea, and Feta Salad. Za’atar—a Middle Eastern spice blend treasured for its savory thyme-oregano flavor—adds a lovely herbal quality to this easy side salad. Hi everyone. Today I have some cute little Valentine Owl Favors to show you which I accessorized with ribbon and trim from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I made these cuties with my Silhouette Cameo. I think they are just adorable. I don't know if you remember, but I made some 'Grinch Pills' favors for my son's class for Christmas. So of course I purchased Christmas M & M packs and pulled out all the green ones for that project. Not that I couldn't do it, but yeah - well, ya know! So, I made slightly different ones for the boys and the girls. .