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Training Report by FatBird AnthonyPhoto Slideshow by FatBird JancySection of the LunarGlide+ Trialers. LunarGliders all set for the Slide & GlideIt was good to meet with familiar faces, as well as a number of new runners. There seem to be many more who have yet to try out the LunarGlide+ and experience its cushioned properties and dynamic support system. Makin' Coffee: an Allan Sherman song parody of Makin' Whoopee. I never get coffee from vending machines these days. Are there still coffee vending machines around? I can't remember the last time I saw one, much less one that had a tea option. Watch: Don't look down Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Here are a few of them. And we couldn't be prouder to have this blog dedicated to such a good and caring person. We wish Rob the happiest birthday ♥.


These episodes occurred following the presentation of a report prepared by Cubalex on the situation of freedom of expression in Cuba and presented to the United Nations. Attorney Laritza Diversent, the Center’s Director, stated to a Cuban media outlet that the real reasons for the operation were “the official response to a report on the situation of freedom of expression in Cuba” that Cubalex had presented weeks earlier to the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression at UN headquarters in Geneva. In addition, the members of Cubalex were reportedly subjected to questioning and five of them—four men and one woman—were forced to remove their clothing for a strip search.

And yet, everyone ever convicted of orchestrating mass rape could be crowded into a single holding cell.

Laida Carro of the Coalition of Cuban-American Women summed up the purpose of their testimony: "We came to reiterate before the IACHR that it is inacceptable that in our hemisphere women who defend fundamental rights are discriminated against and subjected to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

A. T. u. Mademoiselle E. We just wrapped up with the fall parent-teacher conferences at B-B-E. Teachers and other staff members spent a long, grueling day meeting with parents while being on the "front line" of our area youth education. They do a fine job educating our kids. We owe them all a great deal of thanks for what they do. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. I've never considered it quite so clearly:. A trio of federal agencies today issued this fact sheet concluding that seafood imports and U. S. fishing grounds are free of contamination from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. fem. showing well in flight. Oxbow pond still frozen with the birds on the nearby dyke viewable from the canal path - Pintail fem. Cheers.

The sun is shining and after the dark, gray winter we’ve had, I could not go downstairs to my sewing room.

So, I decided to do some applique while sitting in my sun room and enjoying the warmth and light of this rare day. This is the first block I am doing for the In Remembrance quilt.

This quilt spoke to me and when I saw it in the book El Camino Real at the Attic Window Quilt Shop, I knew I had to have it.

This book is by Nancy and Oliver Rink. Nancy is the one who developed the Amish With A Twist block-of-the-month quilt program. It's no secret that long-distance relationships make you good at goodbyes. So while I know I'll miss Matt when we're apart, we're both perfectly fine with short separations. But suddenly, throw a baby into the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. Jake was quite pleased when it worked! That little guy loves his daddy. "Are you real?""Yes, you are!" "It's my dad!"I mentioned earlier that this pre-Jon's-wedding trip ended up much differently than I had planned. So today is the day to make the Lasagna I told you about the other day, so here's what I did. First, I soaked the pasta in hot water. Although I usually cook the noodles, that's time-consuming, plus it's very awkward working with steaming hot, fragile sheets of pasta. I've heard of people just using them as-is, but I didn't want to do that. So I followed a suggestion I saw online, to soak them for awhile in hot water. This box must have been used for a Thanksgiving football game behind Krogers. So I added that, plus some of the parmesan cheese. He would even bring his toy car to bed during naps and sleep. Maybe he's thinking of bringing cars to his dreams. Ha! Ha! Talk about his favourite movie, it's definitely Disney 'Cars'. Sent by a reader. VIRGINIA RESIDENTS COUNTER ELECTION-EVE OBAMA RALLY Manassas, VA - When Sen. Barack Obama chose Manassas, Virginia, to make his last stand Monday night before the polls opened, he knew well that he was in a very pro-life, conservative area with large numbers of Catholics and homeschoolers. “Not in my backyard!” Protesters noted that roughly one-third of the cars passing by to attend the Obama rally were from Maryland and other states as far away as Michigan. Buses filled with Obama supporters came from Maryland and Pennsylvania. Protesters carried signs supporting the McCain-Palin ticket and reminding passers-by of the horrors of abortion.

Obama has pledged that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would reduce abortion restrictions and significantly increase the numbers of abortions in the United States.

Hi guys. I only have one new pic of him today. See ya!. This will help you to live peace and happy no worries or anger any more. Perhaps you’ve thrown something across the room, screamed at someone uncontrollably or put your fist through a wall. Those adrenaline filled moments seem unstoppable and uncontrollable. Most people react out of emotion and not rationality. Unfortunately, the majority of people will lash out without thinking and then realize what they should have done after the fact and the damage isn’t exactly easy to take back. We hurt the feelings of others during those stressful moments and perhaps even cause some damage to ourselves or our property. Anger management is something that every single person needs to understand. Seeing out a good week, ushering in an even better one. Optimism works. From the Maryland Family Council. Please pass along this message to your people that their physical presence has made a difference! We still have an ability to stop this bill the House. No amendments were taken. We need to fill the chambers of the House! Also here is a refined target list of delegates to target today, tomorrow and Friday.

There has been an enormous amount of pressure on the issue from House leadership and perhaps even the Governor himself to vote for the bill.

Please take a few moments to contact the below representatives in your district. In the Living Room, the perfect perch for man or beast, looks out over North Spectacle Lake in Kent Connecticut One of the best interior design books of the season has me fantasizing about who I would have design rooms for me, IF, and Robert Couturier is one of those few I imagine creating my ideal room. Just one of the sort he has created for himself in his Kent Connecticut home as well as worldwide for his clients. Many are published in his new book Robert Couturier:Designing Paradises ,written by Couturier and Tim McKeough. “No matter how big the project, I always aim to bring a sense of levity to the design process. I value lasting friendships and crackling conversations far above any ostentatious displays of wealth. His home's living room with seventeen foot ceilings, epitomizes Couturier's mastery at bringing a melange of periods together with relaxed quiet. "There's one element from my childhood homes that I tried to re-create here- the smell of dust, humid ashes, and old-fashioned perfume. Ulla van Zeller writes the blog model's own. See all her Cuba posts Here. ANN ARBOR, Mich. She says the Great Lakes region is especially vulnerable to storm surges and floods that can overwhelm storm water systems. That single statement encapsulates all that is wrong with the climate change debate. It also points to a potential solution. For those who know me, don't be confused. We are so so so excited to let you know we've partnered with the amazing Becky Higgins to bring you the real deal-authentic Project Life products, now in exclusive Stampin' Up! colors and designs.

If you've somehow missed the Project Life craze and are wondering what it's all about, we'll fill you in: it's a super simple, totally affordable way to get your photos into albums: you just slip your photos into Photo Pocket Pages and add designed cards.

It's a back-to-basics approach to documenting your life. Hi there, The Summer is over soon here in Finland. Paint our house, gardening and enjoying the summertime, even if it has been quite rainy and not so warm this year. Coloring with Distress Ink Markers. Have a great weekend and Happy Stamping!!! . I recently bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite which I am enjoying immensely. I ordered myself a couple of cases, one of which was the Malden eReader sleeve which is on sale at the moment. I've always admired the ochre Maldens, despite never owning one, so thought that this would be a cheap and useful way to enjoy one without getting another binder. The eReader sleeve is very similar to the iPad sleeve that Steve reviewed here. As it turns out, I returned the eReader sleeve as it was a bit on the large size for my Kindle, but the ochre leather was beautiful. Both Birders and Barn Owls appear to be creatures of habit. This morning I set off early as I often do and followed my well known route across Stalmine Moss.

I don’t have a driverless car yet but I think that maybe mine does this route so often that it could probably do it right now, without help from Google.

Barn Owl Barn Owl I stopped at the rainwater flood on Rawcliffe Moss where yesterday’s rain had topped up the water level a little. It’s just a mile to the River Wyre and where to follow its course would take the harrier to the coast. Two Black-tailed Godwits flew over heading west.

This style of card is so addicting and easy to reproduce.

This time I changed up the sentiment and the base color of the cards and the ribbon too. I earned a Diva Day since I am a part of the amazing SU team called the Remarkable Stampers. Lots of fun! If you want to learn more ask me how!Recipe:Stamps: Lovely as a tree, Best YetPaper: Various shades of blueInk: Black, blueAccessories: ribbon, top note, ticket corner punch, taffeta ribbon, slot punch, brayer, glitter. -dana. Obviously by now you know how much Teddy likes to roll in her favorite places. Padded playground areas are one of her favorites. She looks like a hair ball with feet. With the extended leash in this pic she looks like a deflated balloon. Yeah!!!! Time for rubs dada. This is a continuation of the other two Teddy rolling posts. This is what happens at the park every single day. Though Teddy does not interact with other animals or people, she does enjoy watching them. As you can see, dada is armed for his daily trip to the park. His newspaper is in his rear pocket and the green bag holds his empty Starbucks cup. It's been exactly four months since my last post, at which point I was feeling like I'd lost my focus. Originally, I started this blog to figure out whether it was viable to use with my students. It was/is. Then, I joined in with others writing about educational technology. Ed. in private school leadership. .