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I began today's update this morning and here the day is almost over and I'm just getting around to posting. Where does the time go?Gail tatted Camilla one of the patterns from Tatted Bookmarks by Lene Bjorn. Gail likes these bookmarks because they all have fancy tassels. Sharol's Red Hat chapter made cards. Hers is sporting a lovely wee butterfly done in a thread Sharol received in an exchange. It's been a very busy past few weeks - I've moved The Hoff into a larger garage and started to tackle the odd & ends of this refresh that I didn't have space for before. Besides pulling the wiring and ecu out making way for the new engine install, the refreshed engine is getting lots of new seals and parts. One of the most satisfying jobs of late was refurbishing the front brakes. I had considered doing an upgrade but while I plan that route I've spruced up the original calipers and added Hel stainless steel brake lines too.

Much like everything else, the brake calipers were rusty but working.

With all the new suspension bits I couldn't bring myself to fit the rusty dirty calipers so I stripped them - which was pretty easy. It isn't true, of course, but our late summer cruise has finally done so. We started out under some blue sky from our lonely mooring, to wend our way through territory that's now quite familiar, though we haven't actually been here since last autumn. Across the aqueduct over the River Sow… through the beautiful but now practically deserted Tixall Wide… past the last stretch of moored boats… before the handsome bridge at Great Haywood junction. Then round the corner and through the last little wiggle of the canal… before arriving at the entrance to the marina. We took it slowly, and even found time to stop in the Wide for a lunch of the two remaining home-made Scotch eggs with a salad – my best beloved is much better at preparing that sort of thing than I am. We have new neighbours both sides, neither of which are home. One of the odd things will be to sleep in a bed whose orientation to the horizontal is practically normal, instead of being sloped slightly one way or the other by the way Erin Mae is tied to the bank. But we'll need to sleep well – tomorrow will be the big clean-up!. You're probably spending a lot of time riding in wet, sloppy metro streets these days. Paths, trails, the Greenway, sidewalks, parking lots are all covered with large pools of grayish-brown liquid in various stages of freeze/thaw. You really never know what's at the bottom of some of those puddles. "Is there a Kraken in there?" I often ask myself, hoping for the answer "no. " Well, no Krakens yet, but that isn't to say that I haven't ridden through puddles deep enough to conceal at least a juvenile Kraken. At sunset, for example, when the air temperature is starting to drop rapidly enough to make you wonder if another layer wouldn't have been rad.

” “Bristol Bay produces half the world’s red salmon and supports thousands of fishing jobs and way of life for thousands of Alaskans,” Begich said Jan.

“Thousands of Alaskans have weighed in on this issue and I have listened to their concerns. Pebble is not worth the risk. “I agree with other pro-development Alaska leaders such as Senator Ted Stevens and former governors Jay Hammond and Tony Knowles, that Pebble is the wrong mine in the wrong place for Alaska,” he said. Robert Dodson set up a camera trap in Oklahoma recently, using a bait box tied to a tree, with a motion and heat activated trail camera sitting behind the box. Something triggered the camera, and the video is pretty surprising.

Don't miss the amazing Flickr photostream of Matt Fry a great photographer from Dallas.

Recent Brontë-relate paprs: Different Representations of the Orphan Child: A Character Analysis of Emily Brontë’s Heathcliff and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre Patricia Loggarfve Degree project in English Literature Lund University, Sweden This bachelor essay aims to discuss and analyse the main characters in the novels Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights written by the sisters Charlotte and Emily Brontë, respectively. My discussion is mainly about the characters’ childhood as well as how they are affected by love and death as adults. It also discusses the importance of narrative structure and religion. The results further reveal that the narrative structure has an impact on how the characters are perceived, and it stresses the importance of telling one’s own story. This is my October block for the Shenandoah Valley Botanical sew along. The name of the block is Kings Crown. This month marks the ONE year anniversary of the SVBAQ Sew Along! Time sure flies when you are having a wonderful time! LIZARD This was my final Dutch Treat block for September. Wishing you a Happy and Stitch filled start to October!. A delightful reminder to get out there and make the most of life, In the book, there is a Charlotte Brontë quote.

Hi! How are you today? I'm having the kind of day where it takes me forever to do anything.

I think I'm just distracted.

I need to focus! I had some fun playing with new stamps last night. I think the silhouettes are so classy instead of campy, and there's just something about the tight rope walker. For today's card, I used the elephant image. Hey Freinds, Its time for another Step-by Step Thursday with me Neeti. Today I made a simple quick card using the set Cuddle Bears Stamp Set from Blackleaf Studio. So, here's my card giving BEAR HUGS to everyone. I made this pocket birthday card, where a bear pops out to give you some BEAR hugs. Grab you craft supplies, Card Stock, coordinating DP, Image and ribbon. Color your image, Cut through the sides and make a loop for the ribbon. The blog has been dormant for the past few days due to my laptop being called up on Yuck 'n Yum duties. Normal service ought to be resumed by tomorrow night, so do look out for thrilling posts including a tracklasting for the Generator fundraiser, exciting news about Yuck 'n Yum appearing in Edinburgh this weekend, red hot collage action and much more besides. Sara Buchan and two of her students who have earned blue butterflies.

Although Friday is the last day of National Random Act of Kindness Week, Martha Reid Elementary School spreads the kindness year-round.

Students and staff have all taken part of the Kindness Challenge. It’s an initiative started by first grade teacher Sara Buchan who wanted to teach children how to pay it forward. “I can make them brilliant in math, but if they do not have social and emotional intelligence, I have failed them,” said Buchan.

The eight-year Mansfield ISD teacher started incorporating what she coined as a kindness mat.

The mat is a non-reward-based sheet of paper with different nice gestures students can do. She later contacted the founder of Secret Blue Butterfly and received blue butterflies for teachers to hand out to students who go above and beyond.

The blue butterflies hang to remind students and staff to spread kindness.

The Asters are blooming. Trying to properly name them is futile. The are just Asters…. Purple Asters and White Asters. They are beautiful in the last rays of sunlight. We know that Fall is here. The nights are downright cool. The days are getting shorter rapidly, leaves are falling off the trees in our yard. THE SPIDER-MAN CLONE SAGA. Monday in the United States was supposed to be about honoring the memory of Dr. King was working for. Miller was scoreless in this game but was involved in one of the fights which makes it is for fighting major of the season and second game in a row with fight. If JT Miller plans on playing as a pro next year that some friendly advice to him would be that the others fight and you do everything else. If blogs serve no other purpose, they are perfect tools for confession. And confess I will. When I moved south to Mexico, I vowed that I would escape my life as a serial volunteer. By nature, I am a joiner. All of that while working full time.

Tuesday, I left Ogden around Noon to travel over to Grand Junction, CO to pick up GSgt.

The trip itself was uneventful. Mary Magdalene, and S. James the Just and too brief visits with some good friends. I am here in San Diego staying with my son until his wedding date. I've already been to Horton Plaza Mall and had dinner at a sushi restaurant downtown. Here is a little peak at the project I created with all of the trimmings for M&J Trimming challenge- a big, beautiful vintage inspired statement necklace! My tutorial post and all the other creative posts from the other designers is now up- so head on over to to see the whole tutorial! Make sure you scroll though all everything- there is LOTS of inspiration!!!. Margaret Moody sketched this wonderful design for the Pals Paper Arts Challenge this week. It is always amazing to me how many ways a sketch will be interpreted. I stayed pretty true to the sketch and embossed the snowflakes from Christmas Punch in gold on Very Vanilla squares. But when it was time to snap the picture, this card just refused to stand up straight. After a while I just gave up - who am I to defy gravity? Sorry Margaret - I tried!. A friend asked me on the phone tonight how work was going? A harmless question, but all I could muster as a response was how awkward it feels being inside those walls. It's like the divorce is finalized but we're still sharing the same house for another two weeks. It's cordial, but distant. Both parties knows the other is down for the count and already thinking about what's ahead. There will be an internal job posting soon to replace me, and I am already planning speaking and farming events for weekdays. We're both moving on. That doesn't mean it isn't scary. The choice to leave the office is one I believe in with all my heart, necessary on so many emotional, career, and social levels it surprises me it took this long in the first place.

And yet there are faces I will dearly miss, memories and laughter, strong friendships and connections.

I hope we all stay in touch, and remain close friends.

If I don't see folks like James, Andrea, Sarah, Bryan, Chrissy and Tyler I'll be mighty sad.

There's also a lot of stress and fear and mistakes I made at that office. Things I said I can't take back, people I am silently grateful I don't have to see anymore, and half-hearted responsibilities and tasks I long ago lost the fervor to care about. The book was Oracle Night. It's about a writer who has just recovered from a serious accident, about his relationship with his wife and about some of his writing. But like other Auster books, it's really about ideas. One of the main themes of the book is about starting a new life. Leaving the house to post some letters, the main character of this story within a story ends up taking a plane to Kansas City to embark on a new and bizarre existence, working in an underground room filled with telephone directories.

Like other Auster books, Oracle Night zips along and is very easy to read, and raises plenty of existential philosophical questions in the reader's mind without ever really pinning anything down.

On one hand, his books are very entertaining and earthy, and on the other, it's never quite clear what exactly he is getting at. In the case of Oracle Night, Auster refers to "the power of the random, purely accidental forces that mold our destinies", and the motif of abandoning your life and starting again afresh is an attempt to embrace the randomness of life. Paul AusterAuster also writes about writing.


Hey guys in this blogs you are gonna read about most amazings secrets about your life And these secrets will make you successful In life . As I get closer and closer to being done with IVF injections, I thought it would be fun to tally how many pokes were needed to get me through it. This includes Lurpon and Follistim. This includes Repronex, PIO and Novarel trigger. Congrats to Cady on her BFP! I LOVE BFP's!. Trying to extend the sending love dsp beyond Valentines Day. Paper flower and a Mojo Monday sketch from a few weeks ago. I love using chopsticks. They are so much fun. I wish I could use chopsticks for all of my meals but that would look really silly. Plus, I'm not quite sure how I would eat a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger with chopsticks. Maybe I could stab the cheeseburger with a chopstick, pick it up and try to eat some of it before it slid off the chopstick. I'll use the chopsticks for Asian cuisine and Asian cuisine only. And maybe salads. And French Fries. Yesterday, I began a consideration of Obama's Cairo speech. I characterized that address as "obscene" in its overall perspective and in many of its particulars, in addition to which, as I noted, the speech was replete with distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies. One of the major reasons for my choice of the word "obscene" might be expressed in a different way, and it concerns the vast chasm separating Obama's words and the realities of American foreign policy on the ground. " If these issues concern you, the entire article merits your consideration.

Justin SchieberWhen somebody thanks God for helping them find their keys they betray their belief in a God with some profoundly misaligned priorities.

Jason Thibodeau But it is ridiculous to think that God is going to go out of his way to help someone find a wedding band when he won't go out of his way to save children from bombs.

Both Schieber and Thibodeau are atheists.

In a broken clock moment, Randal Rauser said some worthwhile things in reply to Schieber: I'd like to make a few additional points. Likewise, it goes to the question of what counts as answered prayer. Mind you, it may be overly generous to assume that much thought went into Schieber's statement. It would be a mistake to base your belief in God on naturally explicable incidents. Today's Bizarro is brought to you by Highland Park Cloning Institute. After yesterday's contentious religious post, this seems a good mindless followup cartoon. This could have been funnier if it had been in reference to the porn industry, but newspapers don't allow that sort of topic on the funny pages, so here we are. I still like the gag, though. I wasn't that into wine at the time, so it was an alternately interesting and boring weekend, but there were moments when I was tempted to burst out laughing inappropriately like a kid in church. My fondest memory is of a large, stately room fashioned after a European castle, with a huge, carved oak table in the middle of the room, an enormous ornate mirror, big Renaissance-style paintings, probably a suit of armor. Since it was midday and we weren't supposed to get drunk, we were also given spit glasses. .