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As frequent visitors to this blog know, Deckboss has been bird-dogging the bankruptcy case of Adak Fisheries, an Aleutian cod processor with a turbulent past. What's really interesting about this motion is its concise history of the business, including a candid accounting of its good and bad years financially. The motion also mentions Ben Stevens, suggesting the son of the former U. S. senator was a key figure in a falling-out between Adak Fisheries founder Kjetil Solberg and one of his several partners. Well, enough of my description. Just read the five-page motion. S. Bankruptcy Court in Anchorage. The other day I had something of an epiphany on the subject of what sock yarn I was going to use for my shop. Glaringly obvious. I'm blaming it on being sick, never mind that I was worrying the problem long before I caught this bug. But I'll keep some superwash going for people with a prefrence for it. The superwash stuff will probably be horrendously bright. I'm going to try for some neon, next batch. You were warned. Otherwise, a few skeins of yarn might get added to the shop late this month, because instead of winding and dyeing I've been laying around coughing and hitting myself in the face with toilet seats. If they get really popular I'll probably have to up the price a bit because they take three or four times longer to produce than the regularly dyed yarns. To all my lovlies out there, What a wonderful fashion journey this blog has been for me. It’s been a place to share and explore, a place to have fun and to connect with so many amazing fashionistas. I’m saying farewell today, not because my love of fashion has changed, but because I’m entering a new chapter of my life and quite honestly, available time in the day gets less and less. Most importantly, I have an amazing new little person to now care for and devote time to. Additionally, I’m taking a challenging, time consuming, and travel requiring opportunity on the job front. Thank you all for your amazing support and dare I say friendship over the years – I’ve connected with and have been inspired by so many of you! I will certainly continue express my love for fashion in my everyday wardrobe choices and will look forward to still visiting all of your fashion blogs in the future. For my final post, I’m highlighting a few night out dresses – including a classic little black dress, a pop of color dress, and an all over pattern dress. I’ve also highlighted several over-the-years looks of mine. I've had to take a day off from my usual fare of French Press coffee because I drove to Huntsville, Texas yesterday to speak to the Tall Pines Quilt Guild. I'd never driven down some of the smaller country roads that lead to Huntsville and I totally loved it. It made the drive so much more fun. I'm back now and ready for the coffee cozie/fabric giveaway extravaganza, so let's get started. Unless otherwise noted, press all seams to one side, alternating sides where seams intersect. Print paper template. I was born in a small town called Beaufort West, South Africa. Beaufort West became the first municipality in South Africa and had the first town hall in the country as well. Beaufort West people are very friendly and helpful and has produced many medical greats.

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Wow! This month flew by! We had Brett's birthday and our anniversary.

And did I mention that I started a business? Yep, I just hit lead consultant with Jamberry, woo hoo!! A busy month, indeed.

So, a belated thank you to all of you who kept us going during that time. It means more to me than I can even express. Here are the funny things the kiddos said this month. It's as if it's impossible for something to look like it means something on the surface but really mean something else, where you can tell it by looking elsewhere in the document to see what the overall intent was. That point can be observed even in original public meaning, as long as the principle of charity is in operation to guide how we interpret the public meaning. We don't have to turn to intent derived from looking at external documents to get such a thing. But that's disanalogous to an uninspired piece of legislation. He should first explore whether there are reasonable harmonizations. However, even on that weaker principle, the alleged parallel breaks down. A consensus document. Greetings, Today is the Feast Day for St. Andrew. the patron saint of Scotland. Cheers,Scot. Last week, I made two Lanyards with fabric scraps again. It's similar to my patchwork string, but I put a cotton tape on the back for this. I write here how I made them. I used a piece of leather on it. - Hard to believe when you look at the attendance figures on a daily basis, but the Big A experienced increases across the board. Going to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in March was a blast. With that, I was satisfied and set no expectations for the next tournament. No, wait. That's not quite right.

Hi there crafty peeps! It's Amber here today, and I am so excited to share with you a simple but beautiful card I created for Valentine's Day using watercolors to create my background.

I used supplies from the new February Simon Says Stamp card kit to create this card.

The watercolors were so much fun to work with. I used a mix of red, pink, and purple. I then splattered some Gold Gelatos mixed with water to create some interest. The wreath and sentiment are both rub-ons from the Crate Paper Kiss Kiss collection that I rubbed onto sticky backed canvas and die cut with a circle die. I added some sequins for sparkle. To finish the card and bring it all together, I wrapped Ivory Burlap String from the store and also created a bow with my Bow It All tool. I hope you enjoy my simple but beautiful Valentine's Day card. Have a wonderful day and make sure to visit the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store for all of your Valentine's Day card needs!. .