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Finally. Change Your Life Forever!The Spirit Of The MarathonThe Spirit Continues. The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story is the first book in the Gap Cycle by Stephen R. Donaldson. I bought this paperback when it first came out. I'd been looking forward to it because of how much I loved the Thomas Covenant books, but I hadn't been willing to pay hard cover prices. As the series continued I eventually began buying them when they first came to the bookstore in hard copy. I like this series. We get introduced to the three main characters, who are basically a villain, a damsel-in-distress and a rogue/hero. Then we see their roles change. Our friends Ted and Mary had been staying locally in their motorhome, so yesterday we went and picked them up.

They've plenty of boating experience but they'd never visited Erin Mae.

Once there, the hood went up and the rain came down and we enjoyed eating and chatting. As we did so a couple came past the side-hatch in their canoe.

I'm glad to say that, when we met them later as both we and they returned to our respective bases, he had stopped texting and was actually doing some paddling! Later in the afternoon we went for a walk through the grounds of Shugborough, and found this little fellow.

I don't think I've ever encountered a smaller frog. Hundreds of HQ pictures from the Premiere and videos HERE. Another untagged portrait was posted here and a couple tagged ones were posted hereSource. Chari joins us today to share a Copic coloring video with you! She colors some cute images from Happy Harvest to decorate a mini notebook. You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel! Thank you so much for watching! I just love all the cute details Chari added to the scarecrow! Thank you so much for sharing your cute notebook with us, Chari! Happy Harvest stamps Happy Harvest Lawn Cuts dies Doe ink pad Sunflower Ink Pad Memento tuxedo black ink pad Walnut Ink Pad InLinkz. 's layout is awesome! Bright Side papers and stickers look great with her photo, and the paper pieced crocodile is perfect with her photo! Teri's scene is so sweet! I just love how she uses textured colored cardstock to paper piece. Fantastic! Julie's koala card is so sweet! I seriously adore the colors and her wonderful custom Harold's ABCs sentiment. I can't wait to make a card with this sentiment! Chari's card is so cute! I love how she stamped the eucalypus trees and her beautiful coloring! The boomerang looks great on a sentiment strip! Linda's layout makes me giggle! I love the idea of using images in a title and Claire's ABCs is perfect for that! I also love the flagged washi. The case involves good ol' Steward Health Care, which was the subject of quite a few Health Care Renewal posts back in the day. courtesy of mingpao. cc The Hong Kong Film Association yesterday announced its Lifetime Achievement Award recipient to be famous Cantonese diva, lead film actress and "Diva King" Fong Yim Fun. Her representative work included THE STORY OF TUNG SIU-YEN, THE DREAM ENCOUNTER BETWEEN EMPEROR WU OF HAN AND LADY WEI, THE TRAGIC STORY OF LIANG SHANBO AND ZHU YANGTAI, and THE NYMPH OF THE RIVER LO. The fragrance of lilacs fills the air. Especially in areas where there are many lilacs. It is a overwhelming fragrance. Far Guy said "I am so glad we have one small struggling to have two blooms lilac bush in our yard. " These are from the white house with the blue shutters, they never get to see the lilacs bloom. It was a busy week. Google changed a setting on Tuesday and they won't change it back. Therefore, certainly, Paulson had a right to almost pee in his pants. "Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, oh my goodness", he said nervously. Good, exciting television.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Of course, if you are eating out then you knew that before you walked in the door. But, maybe if you live in a liberal bastion like San Francisco you might not always have the costs of your welfare state in your thinking about prices. I think it will be an great idea for every business to include a healthcare mandate fee on every invoice and receipt, right there along with sales taxes and other similar tack-ons. Only in this way will the public gradually be weaned away from the belief that "government" is paying for things which they dispense. They aren't. in this perfect everyday utility pack from Smith + Butler. I love things that will just never be out-of-style. The National Museum of Scotland, having undergone a huge multimillion-pound refurbishment, is currently hosting its first international exhibition, Fascinating Mummies. . I was happy with the look, but wished I could've looked a bit more Carrie-like for the fabulous premier. Lately, if it hasn't been way too cold towalk over the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning,then it's been pouring down rain. I turned aroundto get this shot of the sun rising over Brooklyn and the bridge totally fogged in. Min lille saffranmure fant ut at den skulle blomstre en gang til nå, en siste liten gjennsyn før vinteren kommer. Alle potter skal tømmes, frosker skal inn, og ikke minst alle møbler! Noen løk ligger og venter på å komme ner i jorden. Seint ute som vanlig. Det er ikke mye mer enn to timer man rekker være ute nå og det er fortsatt mye man kan nyte, været ikke minst.

Kaldt men soligt og helt uten vind.

Ja, ja, det blir vel en ordning i høst også, slik som andre år. Håper bare jeg rekker før det regner eller blir alt for kaldt. Kelly Tandiono is an Indonesian model based in London and NY. She is currently signed with Empire Model Management in NYC. Dear Query Shark, 'This too shall pass,' are the cruelest words in the English language, Petra Harrison thinks as she waits for the plane to take off. With the death of her parents, she's been sent to Greenley's Academy, an exclusive boarding school a million miles away from her home in Smalltown, Idaho. On the flight she makes a friend and catches the eye of handsome bad boy, Baird. She's begun to think boarding school might not be so bad when the plane crashes. The students are stranded on an island and as the days pass, without rescue, people begin to act less like spoiled rich kids and more like desperate survivors. As if that wasn't enough, they are in American territorial waters. Is the United States at War and with whom?How do they know where they are if they crashed? Scrabbling for food and water, with no rescue in sight, the survivors are forced to make desperate decisions. After the murder of the pilot, and a failed attempt at escape, the group splits as accusations and violence break out. I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. sorry! As many of you know Summer kinda takes over. RIP. by TechnoratiChallies is not hardly the most famous Christian blogger in the world. Just sayin'. Wow! My very own blog. I really vascillated as to whether I wanted to start blogging. There are so many awesome blogs out there that inspire me I think I was intimidated. But everyone had to start sometime and this is my sometime. Super Bowl Sunday. It will be an easy anniversary date to remember. This week my sweet friend Sue came over for a visit. and look what she brought me. This amazing basket filled with vintage goodness. She tucked in all kinds of little treats. Build - A - Brad box filled with candies and an ornament tag!the new tree trimmings set!. What matter where, if I be still the same,And what I should be, all but less then heWhom Thunder hath made greater? Here at leastWe shall be free. I don't think I'll have an issue but who knows what caused the reaction in the first place. I'm going to bring my knitting, hopefully I'll get a little time to work on T's hat. I'm also thinking of stopping at local yarn store, if they're open that is, to get some alpaca for my m-i-l for a hat. We'll see. Well I'm going to go get ready to leave, those that will be their, see ya there, those that wont, take care. I'll write up how it went later. But anywho, heres the dishcloth, and it is now off on its way to my mom as a thank you for yarn gift along with the mid-August KAL I hope she likes them. I currently have my beginning of September KAL from my Monthly Dishcloth group I'm doing it in SnC yellow, I'm not very far because of some sinus head aches I've been having, but what do ya do but hope tomorrow will be better. At least I get to go to knitting group again this week, Ya'eh!!! But for now I think it might be sleepy time, my eyes hurt and I think I'm in need of some rest. Night all. Out of fairness, I generally critique high-level proponents of a position rather than popularizers. However, it's possible to be too high-minded for one's own good. Flowers says wants to hear how a Calvinist would respond to the challenge. We'll see about that. I didn't listen to the clips he played of White. That doesn't interest me. Iraq's economy thus rises and falls based upon its oil industry. I've got another little giveway today but before I talk about that let me announce the winners of last week's giveaway.

Winning the Charming Travelers is Kelsey.

Winning the Sugar Block Club Block of the Month Pattern Subscription is Lee D. Today they are offering one winner two of these quilted turkey placemats. My girls are currently coloring two of them to give to their cousins on Thanksgiving.

Winner will be selected by random draw and announced on Wednesday.

The bird showed well all day. Updates would be appreciated. Wishing my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I enjoyed Thanksgiving Day yesterday with my parents, my sister, and my brother and his family, my sister, and my parents. We're not all together nearly enough so I treasure these occasions. For the second year, my mother has had us go around the table each giving thanks for something and dropping a bean into a vase. We go around maybe a dozen times, digressing into stories and memories and conversation along the way. I have a super fun guest spot next week, too - look for those posts Wednesday and Friday. My friend Penny suggested I design a wheel barrow image with various items that can be added depending on the type of card you wish to create. Each image can be used separately or can be mixed and matched with any of the others to create a whole scene. Available in store now. The first card features the wheel barrow and the terracotta pots, while the second card uses just the gifts. Baby Shower Time!!!My brother and his partner are expecting their first child in early April, the first new baby in our family for quite a number of years. We are all gearing up for the happy arrival, with baby shower preparations well underway, and everyone frantically shopping for the perfect gift to give the new family. Being a crafter, I decided to make something that I thought would be useful as well as fitting in with the theme of their nursery. My sister-in-law has decided to go with cute teddy bears and elephants, which I'm sure you've guessed by now, so in keeping with the theme I designed this cute little group of friends. The keepsake box is painted with acrylic paints and then sealed with matt varnish to protect it from wear and tear.

The image on the card has been coloured with water based colours and a paint brush.