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Apparently, somebody decided to put a little more Empire State into the Empire State Building. I discovered Kristin Lavransdatter in young adulthood and loved it. I discovered The Master of Hestviken later, and I have a one-volume hardback edition of the Arthur G. Chater translation. There are short biographies here and here. A picture of the stamp bearing her portrait is here. There is a review of Kristin Lavransdatter here and a reading guide here. Morning at the Iowa Bike Expo Okay, so this is going to be a disjointed post with some random stuff- randomonium- get it? Ahh. okay, well. In fact, the breadth is diverging over the last few sessions. This thrust event is actually a tad weaker than the near miss back in August. So that is consistent with a weakening market condition long term. Read it here. Today Kristin shares an adorably "cheesy" gift card envelope using our Small Stitched Envelope die! The cute images are from the recent limited re-release set Merry Christmouse sold exclusively at Simon Says Stamp.

I love the way she showcased her beautiful embellishments by using just the sentiment.

You will walk away inspired for sure! Now, I have a little video for you showing this set in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel. We hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek of "Year One". I frequently thought that I had discovered signs of rising talent, which I had seldom or never seen in any of their age. Dat al haar romans eigenlijk Brusselromans kunnen genoemd worden, heeft alles te maken met de figuur van Constantin Heger, haar leraar Frans, echtgenoot van de directrice van het meisjespensionaat in de Isabellestraat. Meeting up with old friends is a truly heartwarming experience. Our purpose has been to break bread, enjoy good conversation, and reaffirm friendships that have endured both time and distance. To be sure, they've displayed more than a little apprehensiveness about such a long journey to "Dakota Territory. " Having now convinced them that we not only have Bed & Breakfasts in South Dakota, we also have revealed that we benefit from both running water and electricity. Activities and sightseeing are always fun, but in the final analysis, it's a group of dear friends who are renewing and reaffirming their bonds with one another, while feasting on a variety of foods and stories. Give me a setting sun, some phenomenal rocks and a road that stretches on forever. and consider me happy. -Valley Of Fire, NevadaHE IS A VERY SERIOUS GUYHatsoff boss. what an expalanationHave a Rainy DayHighest Level Of Water n Dust resistant. Sony Xperia Acro SHikers cool off in the frozen waters of Gilpin Lake in the Colorado's Mount Zerkel Wilderness Area!Hit. Corrections Academy recruits looked sharp as they stood at attention at the back of the room throughout the recent quarterly employee awards ceremony. Looking good people!. OK, it's finally here, the countdown. For this card I used pink carnation paper.

This is one of the best things about white core paper, sanding! I ran the paper through the cuttlebug, and then sanded it to get the white look.

The from the heart tag is hug with the Paper Tagger. A tool kinda like what they use to put a price tag on clothing. I think it looks like the tiny little gun from "Men in Black" that Tommy Lee Jones gave to Will Smith.

Check back soon for a new post!!.

Just check out this ad for a production manager over in Cordova. Isn't this quilt adorable! My friend Brian sent me pictures of his latest quilt and I wanted to share them with you. If you turn your head to the side you can see the the letters spell Woof. There are lots of "woofs" on Brian's quilt.

This is a picture of his entire quilt.

I love the "woof" and the paw prints on the quilt. And check out that fire hydrant! How cute! Above are closeups of more blocks in Brian's quilt. I love how he put the quilt together.

NOTICE: Another date/time has been added for the Quilt Block Cookbook BOM.

You will even get a choice of prizes, all of which you may turn down.

"Earl Nightingale You were taught….

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Farms are never just one farm.

We share supplies, customers, equipment, labor, stories and knowledge with each other.

Bogh was born under their farm stand and was adopted as a tiny kitten years ago. A blessing indeed. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing my nephew's graduation card. He graduated on Friday and his school colors were red and gray. He was also captain of his Varsity Golf team. The Congratulations verse I used is from a grad set at Art Impressions called Hats Off Set. Hats Off Set Inside I used a verse called. During the week I had a question from a young woman, Ms J, asking: As with all of us life tends to increase its demands at different times, whether it be work, additional family members, sickness etc. I was wondering at times like that, what chores do you tend to leave for when things settle down again? Well Ms J, you're right. I doubt there is anyone who can say everything goes smoothly, every day. It might be something unexpected, like a family member being sick, it might be extra paid work, or it could just be that I just don't feel I have the energy to do the work I need to do. When there is a spanner in the works, the first thing that goes out of my routine is making bread, and I buy bread from our local baker. I tend to drop the easy things that take up time - I don't water the garden, sweep the floor or make dinner.

Most things work themselves out.

I just have to sweep more and water more the following day, but not making dinner tends to pose a problem. Usually I have a homemade frozen meal lurking in the freezer or I'll just whip up some herby scrambled eggs and toast. Ray recently posted a new layout in Personal size that was inspired by Filofax's Cotton Cream Week-on-two-pages. He is now releasing a version in Pocket size. Print this double-sided. If you have a duplex printer, set it to flip on the short edge. If you don't then you'll have to print odd-numbered pages and then refeed to print the even-numbered pages on the reverse. You might have to experiment to find out how to refeed the paper. On one side of each sheet you'll find crop marks. Ok, OK, so I’m a blogslacker… sigh but let me explain!! I’m working on a new project for the Moda Bake Shop. It started out as a single thing and has developed into a four part thing. What is Full Spectrum War? First off it is not Total War. This form of war is one that has seen Sherman's March as part of a Grand Strategy to remove the South's productive capacity to support war as one of its modern forms. In Ancient time's Hannibal's attack on Rome to remove its capacity to wage war was an earlier form of this. Economic attrition is at the heart of Total War and the faster it is done the faster the conflict ends. Full Spectrum War is not Total War. Silk, edited by Will Shortz In the course of solving a crossword, it can be frustrating to encounter multiple and oddly-juxtaposed consonants and vowels, but that's the stuff of which puzzles are made. Today's sports a heavy dose. An in-progress solving may leave one with consecutive-square partial entries of illogical-looking fragments, e. g. EAEA, MRW, STK, XNA, OUE, RSK, QS, QT, QW with a couple of RH's, coyly embellished with an assortment of slippery clues. carving at its finest look at the concentration. Baby Bear Gotta get rid of that paci, it is possibly in every photograph of him! We're the two best friends that anyone could ever have. All hopped up on sugar! I love my face in this picture. It's a shift which opened up my process of working and allowed me a little more freedom in the studio. I was less concerned with making them all look exactly the same, and instead I was able to make three big families of sextuplets. Even writing that words makes me tired.

I am starting to think we should buy stock in Pedialyte since we've invested so much in their products in the past couple of weeks, anyway.

We're caught in a cycle of sickness that goes away and then reappears a couple of days later, just when I think I've gotten everything sanitized and assume we're in the clear. I even did something I have never really done before: I attempted to sanitize all of the toys.

Despite what the pediatrician's office told me, I would like to think that my children are smart enough to know when they are hungry and how much their little tummies can tolerate.

I'll post a regular entry tomorrow, but for today I wanted to share this video which gave me a big chuckle. .