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so I have made him a book to keep track of them. Not ready to let the cat outta the bag on that quite yet, but stuff is being set up behind the scenes as you read this. If you want the early scoop, add me as a "friend" or sign up for my mailing list. Pretty darn huge fan of all that. It's all a little bit overwhelming. It was excellent news, then, to find out that one of this blog's long-time readers - and regular e-mailer - has opened up a brand new shop in Bury selling kits and other vaping paraphernalia. Pretty smart it looks too, I reckon. What's more, our fellow jewel robber has a special offer for readers here that might be of interest if you're in the area. everything! I'm nowhere near the place sadly but, if it's around your part of the world, why not pop in and give him some of your business or just say hello and offer a handshake and encouragement if e-cigs aren't your particular bag. I can vouch for his sound anti-bansturbator credentials, that's for sure.

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