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This piece is best used when placed on top of one of our Gazing Ball Stands. The black metal is a great contrast. This is the perfect gift for someone who is looking for a special touch of beauty in the landscape. I hope the poster will be accepted by the panel to gain at least one medal either silver or bronze. Hope for the best. Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, and other tin horn despots have ruled over miserable people, impoverished by the outright theft their leaders have perpetuated on them and the corruption their families and cronies have been allowed to perform. The roaring lion is said to have found his prey. Vicki and Rick have seven children, three married & nine grandchildren. All five of her sons were Altar Servers at Los Angeles area Latin Masses with Fr. Vicki was active with Una Voce Los Angeles and served as Vice President. The extended family lives in Colorado Springs and they will appreciate your prayers on her behalf! Funeral details to follow. “In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners,” the choreographer tells us. more. Just been very busy for the last few months. Things should be clearing up in a bit and I'll get back to posting essays ^_^. Sheriff Rick Ramsay greets participants of the Soldier Ride last weekend.

LOVE!!Here are some sneak peeks of a mini album I made for the show with this line.

Have a great day!Danielle. Greetings Jaguar Country and our neighbors!! The pre-registration period for the third annual Rich Vos Memorial Old-Timers tournament ends in two days. wrestlereg. This event supports the Rich Vos Memorial Scholarship given out each June to a worthy graduating B-B-E senior. I have a really busy day today, so I am posting some photographs for your enjoyment! These are all photographs of Lupines. I took these with my old camera a few years ago. Some years the Lupines are fantastic, other years they all die out from our harsh Minnesota winters. I love this bi color one, it only bloomed one year. They bloom about two weeks, less if we get heavy rains and wind. The tiny seedlings bloom later in the summer. It was a very spot-on interview both by Bruce and the more-than-candid Schaaf who didn't sound like the typical rah-rah politician. As Bruce noted during and after the interview, the new mayor-elect has a lot more important matters on her plate than trying to woo billionaires to maintain residence in a city that has a multitude of problems but also lots of buzz too. She was sincere, or at least she sounded sincere. Perception is the key. It was refreshing and so was the banter between Madam Mayor and Bruce. goofing off on Instagram with Yummers Potatoes by my side A little while before VeganMoFo began, my excellent Instagram friend Claire offered to send me some Euro candy. How nice! But I can't just be a greedy grubber, so of course I offered to send her a package of goodies from California too. It's just so much more fun that way.

Then MoFo came along, and we were both busy with our daily posts.

The fun thing was that I started following her excellent blog, Great Vegan Expectations, and I got to know so much more about her. That made the whole swap even more fun because now I feel like we are officially e-friends. Someday soon, hopefully we will also be IRL-friends.

Last night was Rock-n-Roll on Idol.

If that sounds like an oxymoron, it definitely is. Rock is rough on the edges and great rock is rough all the way to its core. Idol is bubble gum. One need only recall Sanjaya to have all the proof you need. Gokey's Aerosmith scream was ear shattering and Adam's cover of Zeppelin was a one-note slugfest that demonstrated why some songs should simply be reserved for the originators. A good rock song should lend itself to story-telling. A great one should provide an expansion capabiity for the concert experience. Here's what I'm talking about:You can feel his pain, without the need to be Bill Clinton. Good news is, I'm late because of a phone call I just received regarding some good, good news for Bent Objects. Hopefully I'll be able to make an announcement soon. This man, however, lived thousands of years before Mount Vesuvius erupted. His remains are among the fewer than a dozen mummies extant from Egypt's Old Kingdom, and the only one on this continent, and it belongs to the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Recently conserved after almost a century-long hibernation in storage, it is the star of and impetus for the museum's “Life & Death in the Pyramid Age: The Emory Old Kingdom Mummy. The exhibition designers created a particularly dramatic tableau by transforming a gallery doorway into the entrance to a tomb. For a day or two at least. It just so happens, I have a book. It's me. I'm tempted to get a book on brain surgery, just on principle, so when someone looks at all my books and says "Geez, got a book on brain surgery, too?" I can say "Yes. Over in the medical section.

The book.

"Make your own Japanese Clothes" by John Marshall. And one day, this book was sitting there, smiling at me, within my price range and everything. doli bunny. hasta entonces voy a estar preparando todohasta el último detalle. doli tomato and doli little library mouse as many oftheir friends will be soon in my new etsy shop. Money is Here and Available!You may have noticed my absence from blogging recently, but the reality is that there was really nothing to blog about. Hence, NO BS. anywhere. I'm not good at telling people what they want to hear and I have fielded countless calls on projects that I have declined only because I knew the probability of them being funded was as likely as money falling from the sky and landing in their pocket. New money is REAL and available. xoxJust for today.

thank a friend.

I love the process of inspiration- seeing something that gives me an idea and then transforming that idea into art never gets old to me, in fact it is my favorite part of the creative process! After buying myself of big bouquet of peonies, I just couldn't resists using all that inspiration to make myself a pretty black and white floral "sketch" tunic. So, indeed: What IS your favorite MtAoFC recipe? Or Julia recipe in general? I've been asked this question so many times I want to split my head open, so I now turn it over to you guys. " It's very good.

I think this Pynchon kid's goin' places.

Monday. Monday.

Painted the shelf red and had dh hang it in hallway for some color.

I think the bird is quite happy in his new home. Yep as you see the monogram pots have found a new place to perch already. As the holidays begin to snowball a bit- take a moment to go to the country-invitation by way of friend and interior designer Howard Slatkin. Howard's Christmas decorations in the country are elegant and natural.

I can almost smell the pomanders-and the scent of Nest candles burning.

Trees made of pomanders in the country home of Howard Slatkin What special traditions have you made a part of your yearly holiday celebration? In my family we like to make gifts to give each other and as none of us are especially talented with crafts it is a bit of a challenge but the point is the thought and care, not the perfection. And that it is not about material items, not about money spend, etc. Ali is fourteen now and she has made them for me since she was three. They are truly my most cherished and valued possessions. When do you start decorating for the Season? Do you ever use faux greens-or the sort or are you a believer in fresh and only fresh? I do not do much at home in New Jersey as we spend Thanksgiving at home in East Hampton and Christmas in Palm Beach, where somehow ever greens look a bit odd to me, with Palm trees visible through the windows. After months of anticipation, I am finally starting mykitchen remodel. I have been collecting items for the colorscheme that is going from blue to red and white. Just found these cute chicken prints. My Mom is stable right now and feeling better. Thanks for your well wishes.

Love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo.

I have blown hot and cold with Filofax over the years but since having kids I'm finding I use one all the time now just because my memory is so bad. I only discovered Philofaxy this year though, and have learned a lot since then. As you know, at our meeting at the end of last year, we raised the issue of ring mechanism quality with senior representatives of Filofax. Since then, a petition has been submitted and Filofax responded assuring that they were working with their supplier to mitigate these issues. Lyn asked an important question yesterday: "This year I strived very much to simplify Christmas in what gifts I am giving & did fairly well, but I still didn't go as simple as I wanted to. Australia is a very materialistic country. As the years progressed and I became more confident with my lifestyle, that guilt faded away. I don’t ask that any of my friends or family live as I do, or even agree with how I live, but I require that they respect my choices. People use mediums in many different ways with quite different results, so today I thought I'd share my technique for colouring with pencils. I use Prismacolor pencils because I find them to be beautiful and creamy with soft pigment that covers well, however, there are a lot of other fabulous brands on the market to choose from, including Derwent and Faber Castell.

I begin by adding a soft layer of my highlight colour, adding a little more pressure in the "shadow" areas to darken the pigment.

In this case, I'm using "apple green" on all the leaves. I then use a darker colour over the entire leaf, except for the areas where I want the highlights to be. Now I add the darkest shadows with a black pencil. Use this darkest colour sparingly at first, you can always go back in later and add more. Bizarro is brought to you today by Educational Literature. I have a good friend back in Texas who has run a recording studio for decades. Every now and then he'll share some of the more "noteworthy" music that he has recorded for clients there and I often wonder how he survives. For reasons unclear to me, I'm particularly sensitive to music. I literally cannot tolerate listening to music that I don't like. Scott W. Atlas I would give that publication my vote as the worst or darn close to it. Dr. Atlas is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and is chief of neuroradiology at the Stanford University Medical Center and has a long list of scientific publications to his credit. It is amazing how often sound bites from that study are quoted not only by the main stream media but also recited as gospel by medical researchers often in the boiler plate introductions to what otherwise would legitimately pass for a scientific publication. How many times have we been told that something must be done about the U. S. health care system because although the U. One did see more than once, them dissipating within moments. .