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I often use my car's satellite radio to listen to political talk shows. The experience is not encouraging. Most of the content, left and right, amounts to "our side is wise and virtuous, hooray, their side is stupid and evil, boo. "Many years ago, when I was the guest on a show whose host I knew, I was struck by how much less pleasant a person he was on the air than off. I concluded that he was doing the job he had been hired to do.

Being nice is less dramatic than being nasty.

Treating people you disagree with honestly and sympathetically, conceding the parts of their argument that are correct while disputing the parts that are not, is less effective theater than telling them what idiots they are—especially if most of your listeners are already on your side.

On the right, there is G.

Gordon Liddy. These rollers are the equivalent replacement of the current "Gravely" produced part. Caina Guitars Model No.

Sounds great.

However, it was virtually ALL wired up with red cable.

This is the second of a short series of AutoCAD/LT tips for quick reference.

Behind the new color is your previous color selection. Or the old layout is restored after a restart. You have AUTOCAPS turned on in your TABLE text editor? turn AUTOCAPS off in MTEXT first to turn it off in TABLE as well when editing. Bigfooter Nathan Reo of Utah has extended an open invite to anyone who would like to join him, as he leads you directly to some bigfoot habitats in his area. All you have to do is show up. There's a reason we pay taxes and support a Federal government. It's because there are things we need done that none of us has the resources to do alone. One of them is to ensure the safety of our food and drug supply. Testing our food and drugs for poisons is expensive. You and I can't do it, nor can local government. k. Halloween is a special time for children, but children don’t always know what is and is not safe.

If your children are trick or treating on Halloween, there are several tips to follow for their safety.

Make sure they wear light colored costumes with plenty of reflective tape so they are visible to cars and trucks. Have them go while it is still light outside. They should never enter a stranger’s house even if invited. They should not sample candy given to them until it has been checked by an adult for possible tampering.

Check with area hospitals to see if they offer free X-raying of treats on Halloween.

Notify a deputy if suspicious or harmful items are found in your child’s collection of treats. They should stay away from homes with dogs loose in the yard. One of the constants of my life is the daily routine, that is the run of things and activities that make up my life, my 'routine' based on the day of the week. Saturday is lost in the shuffle. It's no wonder Saturday is considered the slowest day of the news week and thus why a good many politicians who want bad news buried usually release it on a Friday. I like Tuesday for a variety of reasons. Wednesday, what many people refer to as "hump day", is now the new Thursday, which used to be the new Friday. A new CTMH color challenge has been started over at KJ' Stamp Pad. Here is my card. I used white daisy ink on the edges and then heated it with the craft gun to dry. Supplies from CTMH-Sweetleaf CS, Crystal Blue CS, Sweatleaf ribbon, White Daisy paper flower, Sweetleaf brad, White Daisy ink, Crystal blue ink, Say it with style stamp set. Over the weekend I had a few chicks and a bunny and decided to set up a photo shoot for a few friends and family. My camera broke!!! I dropped it while trying to take a pic earlier this week, and it hasn't worked since. I will have to take it and try and get it fixed, or if that doesn't work, force myself to spend the money and buy a new one. I will hopefully be up and running in a few days!. So here is what it is supposed to be like!. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. At a time when so much hardship abounds in the world, our appreciation for His Atonement and our membership in His church increases daily. The gospel brings so much peace and joy to our lives, and we hope you can find that same happiness through Him today and throughout the new year. Oh my, where do i start?I woke up this morning. looked in the mirror and well the zit i totally squeezed and pinched " hard " last night on my cheek has now formed into some serious scab! Yes, I know. why did i do that. I really don't know. It was just on my face and i didn't like it !!! So i squeezed the crap out of it. We are to be joyful in the midst of our trials as thetesting of our faith produces patience,something which every one of us can surely use more! Not easy, but worth the effort of trying. UnknownMy brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. Crime still pays. Insufficient record keeping, fraudulent loan origination and multiple pledging of the same properties had nothing to do with it, so they say. In order to hide some of their malfeasance, banks may begin offering mortgage modifications to many delinquent borrowers, for signing a modification creates a new and valid loan document. The big loser in this will be the country as a whole. If no one knows who really holds a mortgage, who may have legal rights to sell or foreclose, or what sort of limbo the other houses in the neighborhood are in – how can normal real estate transactions be undertaken? The FHA is sending 'review teams' into FHA servicers “to see how they are handling foreclosures. ” The big threat is the systemic risk contained in these mufti-layered frauds. It is not just BofA. All of the big banks that thought they owned the country. Katy’s father has English ancestry. Katy’s mother is of three eighths Portuguese, one eighth Irish, one quarter German, and approximately one quarter English/British Isles, descent.

Three of Katy’s maternal great-great-grandparents were from Azores, islands belonging to Portugal.

Antonio was of Portuguese descent. Sarah’s father, Vincente Denis, was a Portuguese immigrant. Sarah’s mother, Hannah A. Mulhaire, was Irish, from Eyrecourt, County Galway.

"More Americans murdered in Mexico than in any other country in the world.

"Well, there is a headline to catch your attention. Especially, if you are an American. And living in Mexico. You read that correctly. Targeted. A significant part of the War On Crime is the War Against Drugs. Another un-winnable skirmish in an un-winnable war. And a bloody expensive one. That is, robbed from Person A in order to buy drugs from Person B. We could see the largest reduction in crime and imprisonment in human history if we simply - simply! - made drug use legal and affordable. The latest experience in Portugal reminds us of this unpalatable fact. Thanks go to D&A Vice Captain Carol Sim for the report and photograph. It's official. People actually read our blog. Remember when we told you about the Lickety Kricket? Well, Jane & Greg read about it online and came in ordered it a couple of days later. Very cool, indeed. Don't say you never get treated here. Scotland?Professor Hugh McLachlan, expert on the ethics of public health at Glasgow Caledonian University's School of Law and Social Sciences, said the government's role was not necessarily to mould or direct the general health. "The state does provide health care and it's required that it treats individuals impartially and I think that's the end of its responsibility.

Carissime ragazze ecco on line il secondo numero della rivista curata da Veronicadi Just Handmade edizione estate.

Tanti progetti carini da interpretare e creare con le proprie mani. Anche questa volta vi ho partecipato con qualche progetto. Eccovi le foto. by Dan Phillips Some years ago I knew of a young man with what was, to all appearances, a fine and stable Christian walk. After leaving home, he fell badly, and unrepentedly. His parents were utterly heartbroken. Knowing this situation led me to reconsider what I was doing with my son Josiah, who was nearing his teen years. Proactive is my watchword, when I can help it. Nothing brews a more bitter cup than regrets, and my own mistakes and follies have served up quite enough of it as it is. Josiah was around twelve, and a professed Christian. I thought: "What better text than Proverbs?" And so the Two-Man Men's Fellowship was born. The title was lifted from the Men's Fellowship I'd attended at church, only our group was much more exclusive. by Frank TurkYeah, OK. Where was I? I was talking about how to read the Bible, then I started talking about bad Christian apologists, and some of you are thinking that I simply stopped talking about the Bible topic because I was out of stuff or out of my depths. Unfortunately for you, I am not finished with the first topic and am using this second topic as an excursus about what it means to have read the Bible and then implement it in some way. But that said, we closed with the thought that there are people who belong to churches and are still bad apologists – that somehow belonging to a local church doesn’t solve the problem of having more bite and bark than, um, something else. That is, they have to be able to speak the truth in love, and they have to be able to give an account for the hope that lies within us in both gentleness and reverence. Yet it is Pepys’s candor in recording the minutiae of his private life— what he ate for dinner, a squabble with his wife, his childlike excitement over a new watch—that prompted his biographer Claire Tomalin to declare him “both the most ordinary and the most extraordinary writer you will ever meet. ” An Insatiable Curiosity Pepys had an insatiable curiosity and attempted to learn all that he could about every subject.

“The Right Hand of the Navy” Shortly after starting his diary, Pepys became a clerk in the Royal Navy office and worked hard at rooting out corruption and streamlining management.

In that capacity, he doubled the number of battleships and restored the Royal Navy as a major sea power. A Confidante of Kings During his years of public service, Pepys enjoyed a close relationship with King Charles II and his successor, James II. However, Pepys also made enemies in his rise to power. heh!. We mixed pink and white paint for ours. Also, paint the lid to match. Mia chose brown for her angel's hair. Always busy with something. Rat Fink was a blast, side projects lately have been fun opportunities to get some booth time in as well as practice with the brush. Kulture Krash, that I help plan and put on, is less than a month away and I have all sorts of projects in the works for that right now. You can follow them on Instagram. Today, the cafeteria staff is receiving baskets of parent-donated food items. The "from the" and "PTO" tags are done with JustRite New York Times font stamps. The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance is temporarily suspending updates. Please hold correspondence and news link tips until things start up again. Ditto for social media messaging. Also in the interim: Feel free to check out my stuff at AmmoLand, Oath Keepers and GUNS Magazine. .