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So, it's the end of another year, and as I look forward to the next, I am pretty stoked on the possibilities. I will be partaking in several events next year- some I have no idea about, yet. These are the ones I am sure I am going to get to.

First up is Frostbike in Minneapolis.

I have a very fond place in my heart for this event and what it means to me. Mostly because of the people, of course, but Frostbike is also something that is interesting in its own right.

Some years more so than others, but usually there is something- or many things- I was glad to have seen and learned about.

Riders getting ready for a long day of Odin's RevengeSee the Introduction HERE. The children to bed and the two of us sitting on our balcony high above the lake, sipping a glass of red in the balmy evening, under an indigo-hued sky. The choir of crickets in full swing, children playing in the valley below until well past midnight. That tantalising fragrance of a velvety summer's night - oh to bottle some of that! Lapset nukkumaan,me kaksi parvekkeellamme, rantaviiva kimmeltävänä valonauhana kaukana alapuolella. Tuon samettisen illan tuoksun kun voisi pullottaa! .

Directed by Jake Davis.

Youtuber and video breakdown enthusiast The Forest Pond talks about some of the behind the scenes debate taking place about the Independence Day Bigfoot hoax, err video. From the youtube channel of Brenton Sawin: Bigfoot or Sasquatch encounter in Kentucky turns into a scary situation while camping. I was hearing trees being broken and pushed over and also things being thrown at me. The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny is sponsoring a visit of Bishop Athanasius Schneider to New York and Connecticut over the Feast of the Epiphany. Updates. Headline news. Headline news. Headline news. Headline news. My favorite flowers are tulips. So for my birthday last week, the hubby brought me home a big bouquet. When I was prepping them to put them in a vase, I noticed that he had purchased three varying shades of tulips. white, pale pink and dark pink. I smiled to myself and thought, "Self, I'm going to arrange these tulips ombre-style".

Okay, so I'm not sure if that's quite the way to say it, but you all catch my drift, right? So I proceeded to place all the white flowers on one side of the arrangement, the pale pink flowers in the middle, and the dark pink flowers on the other side.

When I saw this page in the Pottery Barn catalog, my heart skipped a beat. Yes, the bedding is lovely, and the windows are pretty, but it was those wreaths that I fell in love with. Amazing!! So, of course, I decided I had to make me one of those "bookish" wreaths. Photo from Pottery BarnThey were so easy to make too. Then I simply cut it out. I pulled out my trusty glue gun "Old Blue" and went to work. From there I kept gluing until the wreath was nice and full. For some time now we have only carried bits and pieces of Hobby Master’s line of the Ground Power, Air Power, and Airliner series. So let us see who is still alive and playing because a day off would really be nice even if I am stuck at home. It is funny in a sad way that the very prospects who could step in and help both teams right now are also the ones who are still playing. By William Van Poyck “That one? There?” you ask, drawing your index finger along the shiny, purplish gash creasing your leg. The woman nods with a sleepy, feline grace, then tosses her head, arcing her long, raven-black hair behind her like a lacquered Chinese fan. You consider her, caught in the low angled sunlight streaming in from the east. You watch the play of shadows dappling the rising swell of her turned hip, youthfully jaunty, yet round with the fertile promise of a mature woman’s fullness. You again sense that, even at her age, she is preternaturally wise, astutely conscious of her looks, posture and mannerisms and their necessary effect upon men. She rolls over in the bed, naked but for a languid smile. You watch the cool linen sheet slide across her alabaster skin, revealing a softly rounded belly like a mound of ripe wheat. You smile absently, still tasting her. She leans forward and you feel her soft breasts push against you as she teasingly nudges you with her nipples. You feel her warm breath and moist lips against your shoulder, then her evenly spaced teeth playfully biting your sun-browned skin. “Yeah,” she whispers, reaching up to play with your tousled red hair. fatitalianbroad thefuzzydave. lifewithdogs. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. If only I could spend more time there. The third Macross figure is a Destroid Spartan model kit. I sold them on ebay early this month. Using the money to buy more toys baby!. Part of that project saw the role of Chairman being redefined, and the term of office being extended from one to three years. Trish Wilson brings a wealth of golf knowledge and experience to the role of Chairman. A past LGU Councillor, English Selector, and Captain of both Club and County, she is also a highly experienced Rules Official having refereed at top professional and amateur events, including The Open Championship, the Ricoh Women’s British Open, the US Women’s Open and this year’s Curtis Cup match at Nairn in Scotland. Trish says: “The role of Chairman has changed significantly from my previous time in post, and is much more business focussed and strategic than it used to be. I look forward to the challenge of leading the Executive Council of the LGU and the Board of its operational subsidiary, LGU Championships Limited. Hi guys. The guys over at the Back Pages are always on top of all the English football action. They've captured this great image of Wayne Routledge that I, in turn, am pleased to share with you. Thanks to all the guys at the Back Pages!. We were so pleased to be chosen as the venue for Melinda Pickren's surprise birthday party. Her husband Chris escorted her into a sea of friends who helped her celebrate how fabulous she is. Happy birthday, Melinda!. My first boxful of books arrived today. This one is dedicated to my fine daughter Amy. So, yes, I have to keep writing books until each of the children has one dedicated to them. To all my "peeps" out there, this one's for you! Are you getting tired of seeing these cute chickies yet? I just can't get enough of them myself! I stamped them on Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo and Daffodil Delight cardstock. I was thinking of the cute "Peeps" candy when I was creating this. Good Morning! Brooke here. hangin' out with you for DT Tuesday. I couldn't be HAPPIER that SUMMER has begun. Brandon from Shelby, MI asks Nancy:Question:"I need help on what to ask my girlfriend about our relationship because I am not sure if she really likes me a whole lot. I think she might just like me because I am a state medalist in wrestling but I have no idea. So I am just wanting to ask a expert. What can I ask her to be sure that she is really into me and not into some other guys?"Dear Brandon,I believe the best approach is to ask your girlfriend straightforward questions about your relationship. I encourage you to start by telling her how you feel about her and what she means to you to lay the foundation for this conversation. By being vulnerable first, you then allow her to express her feelings towards you. I would then ask about her feelings towards you and if she desires an exclusive relationship with you. This morning I decided to have a play date with my camera. Last January, my dear David decided I needed a new camera and while we were up in Austin he took me to a camera shop and bought me one.

I have been a bit intimidated by this new camera.

I have used it, or shall I say it has used me. This morning I gathered up all my courage and just let caution go to the wind and snapped away. Get to know one another.

That is important to me because I want to provide the best content I can on this blog, and the visual images are so important to set the mood and tone for my words.

This morning we played in the kitchen for a while. These are images I see every day while I am cooking. I'm embedding that talk here, unabridged, for your edification. Also: so that person who ought to review it can find it easily. We have an obligation to minimize us and maximize Christ. It is to be displayed in the local church. The abuse of people and scripture in the name of "race". The category causes us to treat God's word and other people with the wrong assumptions. Van der Spek today announced that the new improved Touch Me’s are now available to order. You can order them now on vdsshop. They are specially made for the bigger rings to fit perfectly. So be fast And you can also order the zipped pencil pouch as well. There is also a Van der Spek Junior Touch Me model which is the same size and ring spacing as the Filofax Pocket size. Please note the the prices shown on the webshop exclude VAT, once you are logged in to the site and have put in a delivery address the correct rate of VAT will be displayed. When I got home from work today, a little package was sitting on my front steps just waiting for me! Guess what was inside? It was a little RAK package from Cindy of Sew Cindy. soooooo not my favorite Schnibbles by far. for what it's worth. Over the weekend we planned a hiking trip with some friends. Grown ups and kids frolicking in the woods enjoying the peak fall color. We couldn't wait and the anticipation was killing us. The trailhead was just a little further so we stopped at this lake to eat. And let the dogs and kids run around. What in heaven's sakes is at the top of that mountain?Must have been a freak thing because there isn't snow anywhere else. That I can see. Right??Wrong!We found our trailhead and hopped out of the car into this. - Some of the horses I like the least in the Derby have some of the best pedigrees to get the mile and a quarter distance. So I'm wondering if any of them are worth a second look. But we can also expect to see horses like Cool Coal Man improve as time goes one. He's out of a mare by Rubiano, who was known more as a sprinter, for which he won an Eclipse. .