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Hello, friends of Really Reasonable Ribbon and thanks for stopping by.

It's Karen Letchworth here today with a sweet card I created using lots of great ribbons and trims in shades of purple. I don't use purple a whole lot, but it sure turned out nice, so I was glad I gave it a try. I started with some patterned papers that I inked on the edges, and machine stitched together. Then, I added a rub-on sentiment, a small sticker, and a metal bird. The fun part was the pretty bow. I ran a length of Lilac Seam Binding across the width of the card, and then tied a bow using two lengths of it along with one length of Cream Seam Binding, and a length of Violet Burlap String and Wheat Solid Baker's Twine. I topped the bow with one small Dark Lilac Open Rose and two small Ivory Open Roses. You may also notice that I added a little "ribbon tab" on the upper right corner of my card. MANUFACTURER: EDV PACKAGING. .