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Did some cleaning early this morning in the shop. We are working on a wood sculpture in the shop right now and everything is covered with fine wood dust. Hey its supposed to be a metalworking shop so were not tooled to handle fine lightweight dust. After a little shop cleaning we took a quick run out to the Solano flea market. In the summer we go pretty frequently. Prices are better than the huge Alameda dealer faire but you have to wade through more pure garbage. Picked up a nice cast Iron Desmond belt dressing tool. The red handle caught my eye. He uplifts God’s sovereignty or dominion. Here is an example of parallel thought in a verse that defines dominion for us. Bildad reinforces the fear of God and His control over the world of nature and the spiritual world.

Notice the reference to high places.

Eastern Standard Tribe is a novel by Cory Doctorow. It's a near-future story of industrial sabotage, conspiracy and choosing smarts over happiness -or choosing happiness over smarts. "Stories are propaganda, virii that slide past your critical immune system and insert themselves directly into your emotions. He's doing the best work of his career and can guarantee that the system will be, without question, the most counterintuitive, user-hostile piece of software ever pushed forth into the world. Why? Because Art is an industrial saboteur. But one thing hasn't changed: the need for sleep. marksman-ind. Profile, product range, detailed catalogue and shopping cart. A whirlwind of a weekend of seeing friends, son's concert & having family to stay. Now trying to get my head around a brand new week - May Day and all! x. Is this the face of a leprechaun bigfoot? One man thinks so. We hope it's not true. If one of these little guys got angry, and decided to bite your toe while you were asleep in your tent, it could be a catastrophic incident. A man who says he enjoys exploring the woods and looking for Bigfoot around the Blue Mountains foothills of the Pacific Northwest claimed on Sunday to have found evidence of a “juvenile Bigfoot”. But, he clarifies, it was not on one of his videos that he spotted the mysterious creature. “I was watching a friend’s channel on bottle digging in Alaska, by Daniel Camacho, and spotted a juvenile Bigfoot watching him and his buddy dig bottles,” said Dave, founder of Paranormal and Sasquatch Research. He believes this alleged creature is “the perfect example” as to cloaking is done. Cloaking is a form of camouflage many Bigfoot researchers make use of in order to explain the lack of strong evidence needed to demonstrate the existence of the hairy biped. And, even though Dave believes the face on the mysterious image could be a Bigfoot, he also has a different theory. And, even though Dave believes the face on the mysterious image could be a Bigfoot, he also has a different theory. “Daniel Camacho does bottle digging and relic hunting,” says Dave. small selection from the beaters speed club blog. Ava Liu will play a girl from the MainlandShiga Lin courtesy of on. ccFred Cheng and Stephanie Ho courtesy of mingpao. Yu Kiu revealed that later she will work on a new film. Her character will be a girl who came from the Mainland and spoke with a country accent. She said, "My character speaks less than fluent Cantonese, so I have to find friends with accents to record the lines for me to practice with. The boss sometimes would conduct surprise inspections and suddenly call to ask me to speak with the accent. If I was out at dinner it would be rather awkward. via. This is my kind of place!via. Hilma has a template on her blog. Sarah has a template on her blog. Kimberly has a template on her blog. Tracy has cardboard tags on her blog. Christine has Playful Plaid buttons on her blog. Doris has a fuzzy alpha on her blog. Kari and Heather teamed up and made hand painted flowers.

Get them on their blogs: here or here.

Karla has a rusty frame on her blog. Traci has a aqua alpha on her blog. THE MORONIC Imbeciles who ran heavy onto the Warriors bandwagon should be ASHAMED of themselves. You pathetic people are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS! Most of you didn't know a Steph Curry from a Curry Indian food recipe. Worst Perpetrators: KRON and KTVU. These miscreants have no shame. I've never seen more garish behavior from a so-called "news" guy than I have with Mibach. This is what KTVU has turned into. This post is sponsored by GroopDealz. Just wanted to pop in quickly and tell you about this adorable ampersand for sale on GroopDealz today! I love the fact that's it's gold. I'm really loving gold lately! I know they're going super fast, though. Just a walk around, gave the flushing a rest. I LOVE SOD!When we bought our little sweet home, our backyard was half DIRT! Having a lot of very small children, I HATED dirt. I wanted, craved and idolized grass. I wish I could lie and tell you that I was courageous enough to pull my car over and pop those pieces of green roadkill into the back, but I can't say that. Perhaps, if I were just a bit more desperate. Press Play to listen to the tunes that we are loving right now at COTTONINK HQ! . The natural color near the farm is getting a bit slim. I took the dogs for a walk on Friday and took my camera along looking for bits of color. This pretty red apple was hanging on. On days like these, I am happy that I have filled my home up with lots of color - both bright and happy and more muted and earthy. Color makes me feel good and I think it is one way to get through the dark months in the northern hemisphere when there isn't much color left outdoors. There is a beautiful new book on color and natural dyeing available now from STC Craft. I have done a bit of natural dyeing in my lifetime and it was great fun.

There's something about taking stuff you find in nature and coloring yarn to knit with or fabric to sew with.

Just one more day until I say sayonara to the CHI and hello to Europe!No need to worry, though. Today's update: six new pics of bootylicious Jo Wilfried Tsonga. Byeeeee!. We have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. U. N. We ate inside since I STILL have not found a picnic table. I really need to get myself together and do that, we've only been here three years. Observation: Paul is writing to Philemon and asking him to accept back his former slave who had escaped, met Paul, and gave his heart to the Lord. In the introduction of his letter, Paul says that his love has given Paul great joy because Philemon "refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people". Apparently, Philemon allowed Christ's love and life to flow out of him to an obvious degree and people's hearts were refreshed because of it. Application: When people are describing me, would they say, "he refreshes the hearts of God's people"? I want to be a refreshing stream or river that continually gives life to those around me.

Prayer: Lord let me be a refresher of people's hearts.

Hi Cheery Lynn peeps have you had time to play with any of the new releases? They have been so much fun for me! I went very CAS on this card. I stayed very nuetral with all my colors and used the dies to add texture and interest. I love the feather die set. I can't wait to use them on a Thanksgiving Fall card ! Other than that I just added some simple ribbon and tied it to the side. love the font on it. We'll be playing a lot of games, ordering pizza, enjoying potluck goodies, and having fun. I am giving away a few games too at a raffle, so you may even leave this joint the proud owner of your own copy of Tsuro or Zombie Dice. It's a laid back event, and you need no gaming experience to join us. This is just a fun, goofy, around the farm table kind of day playing mostly European style and co-op games. Pop in for an hour or just a game or stay for the afternoon. I just need an RSVP!. I just love wise old owls and all the Whoots are so cute! Wouldn't just about anyone love to get this card?? InLinkz. Dear Brenda at Cozy Little House and Rhondi over at Rhondis Rose Colored Glasses are hosting Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for two women who have been especially helpful and encouraging since I started this blog a couple of weeks ago.

Rosemary at Content in a Cottage has helped me ever since I mentioned I wanted to jump into Blog Land. Please go visit her blog. Her postings are unique and refreshing every day. She never fails to interest me. Brenda at the Cozy Little House has sent bloggers my way, and has helped me with so many questions about layout. Still, good on you, Bob. CHUCK TODD: By the way, that distracting background noise is courtesy of Vice. That's how they decided to release the clip. We tried our best to try to tone it down, there wasn't much we could do. He signed that letter. but that is far from the most interesting part of this interview.

This guy has cast himself, and claims all purveyors of news do so also, as the sole deciders of what's racist, homophobic, et al.

He claims the right to call you a homophobe if you think marriage is between a man and a woman. If you think abortion is the killing of an innocent baby, you are against women's rights. Why? Because "there are not two sides to any of these issues. I made snap bags for my oldest Granddaughters for Easter. I added a few things to them, including these cute toothbrushes that fold up. See, a full size tooth brush. They are made by Colgate and I got them at Walgreens. We love the things we love for what they are. It was long and it was exhausting. It was fun too. But mostly exhausting. I'm there every Friday teaching art but being there each day for a week was a whole new ballgame. Obviously I got to be around the students more consistently, but I also got to observe some child and parent relationships that I don't normally see. I saw some parents really push their children. Academically. Athletically. Socially. Hello. time just flies doesn't it? Mother's Day is not very far off. I have a card to share with Mom in mind today. Really Reasonable Ribbon has some beautiful new blooms as you can see. scam-job-emails. tk . Good Luck With That LUCK? HEE HEE I THINK NOT! TOO BAD YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU SAY! HEE HEE AS EURO BEGINS ITS UNWIND OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS, THE DEBT PROBLEM THAT COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN CHOKING ON IS ABOUT TO BE ALTERED. THE BIG TRIGGER TO THE EURO'S DEMISE MAY ARRIVE IN SEPTEMBER WITH THE GERMAN ELECTION! WITH THE EURO LOSING CURRENCY VELOCITY IT WILL SIGNIFICANTLY DEVALUE WHILE DRAGGING ITS UN-BACKED BROTHER,THE FED DOLLAR, SINCE THEY ARE BOTH TIED AT THE FINANCIAL HIP. LOL SOMEWHERE ALONG OUR YELLOW BRICK ROAD THE DEMISE OF THE FED DOLLAR WILL FORCE S. A. TO DEPEG AND BREAK THE PEG FROM THE FED DOLLAR AND THE UNIVERSAL CURRENCY, "BLACK GOLD". .