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It is in fact a "Cream Tart" made with bread dough.

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How many times have we heard the refrain "If you are happy with your health care plan you can keep it"? Well, we'll see what happens with the national health care overhaul but the Massachusetts plan sounds a lot like what the current health "reform" bills pending in Congress offer and here is one story of how a family kept their old plan but had to pay a fine to do it.

Here is part of the story as told by the wife and quoted in the WSJ:For the first two years of the mandate, our IBM health insurance was seen as acceptable in the eyes of the state. This year the rules changed. Ten years ago, we had excellent coverage through a more gold-plated plan. But we found that it was no longer worth paying the premiums and scaled back to a more modest policy. We simply don't need to pay that kind of money for the amount of health care we actually consume. .