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I found this footage just recently when charging the battery of that camcorder. This week has been one of play and creativity. Queen B Creative Me posted about this darling little banner made from a Charlotte Lyons kit found on Etsy. My little banner dresses up the garden bench for the summer. Brownyn put a lot more detail into her embroidery, but I am happy with the way mine turned out and just might start doing more embroidery. I love letters and especially these distressed letters from Grandin Road. A wooden rectangle, the letter J and some beads painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint gave me a cheap imitation of the Grandin Road letters. I have some little wooden squares and small wooden letters on hand to create tiny versions with a variety of letters. These little heart tags I pinned from Sugar Sugar are simple and sweet. The hearts were super quick and easy to make and I was able to use scraps of fabrics that otherwise would have been tossed out. I am totally hyperactive and never sit still and these hearts are an easy project to keep me awake on road trips. In Spain and Latin America this involves the celebration known as Three Kings Day. Some of the independent journalists in Cuba now describe Three Kings Day as something from outside of Cuba, but local Christians are trying to revive the tradition publically. Unfortunately in Cuba the secret police in the days leading up to Three Kings Day have raided the homes of opposition activists, beating up dissidents and confiscating toys that were to be handed out to needy Cuban children today. Paper instructions:What are the principal regulations or practices of nontariff quantity controls instituted by governments that affect imports and exports? Why are these practices or regulations implemented? Do you feel regulations and controls should be increased/decreased? Support your perspective with rationale, evidence, and/or examples. Here it is. I got a little burst of energy and finished it up today. You might remember the before picture. This was the changing table we used for both kids. It matched the crib they used, but now it just doesn't match anything. I was going to sell it on Craigslist, but then opted to paint it. First I sanded off all of the shiny-ness, then rubbed a bar of soap over the places I wanted to distress. I sprayed it Krylon Oxford Blue and then sanded the heck out of it. I finished it off with some rub-on poly. Yesterday I needed to get out, I needed to see something besides snow and trees. I was pinging off the walls and just needed to get out. So I chose to go look at some culverts. Whoopie!! This may seem rather boring to most of you. I however like to watch water make its way from one side of the road to the other. via. It's also a Catholic school. foxnews. Maybe that's where the activity speeds up. I've been listening for the Bamster's use of his favorite word as he discusses the bin Laden mission. It is found largely between the lines. It isn't as prominent as usual in Messiah messages. He needs to be very cautious because the evidence of responsibility for this victory does not point to him very strongly as a "person of interest. " One could almost give more credit to Pervez Musharaff. And quite clearly, Pakistan deserves no credit at all. How did we get the big dog? We got it through diligent intel work by a framework set up by the previous administration. We found out things from interrogation. We identified both a primary and secondary service market. Gli ultimi avvenimenti successi hanno anzi peggiorato questo grave stato di disagio che mi affligge e che mi fa stare male.

Ma in ferie di che? Ci siamo mai chiesti se la parola ferie può ancora fare parte del nostro vocabolario? La definizione di ferie recita infatti ”giornate di astensione dal lavoro dei lavoratori dipendenti interamente retribuite dal datore di lavoro”.

Finally getting to that, only, uh, three months late? Right then. It looks super-feminine even now, and I suspect had a hand in defining what we consider feminine to this day. That's a corset for a grown woman.

Check out the interior:Those are steel bars in there.

This question has been asked several times with our old reproductive endocrinologist here in NY, my OB-GYN, and the reproductive immunologist.

"You're putting back all three?" Yes. "And they are chromosomally normal?" Yes. "And they are at the blastocyst stage?" Yes. "Are you sure you want to do that?" Yes. And I suppose we may seem crazy, but yes, we want to put back all three. I have joined an exclusive club just by virtue of having lived long enough. No, Petunia, it's not the Colonoscopy Club. Okay, it is, but that's not what I was talking about. No, it's not the Better Check Your Drawers After You Sneeze Club.

All right, I'm in that one too, but I meant something else.

No no no, not the I have No Idea Where I Was Headed At The Beginning Of This Sentence Club, although, yes, I am a member. Where was I? Who are you? Shut up. what's that? Cartman: The college know-it-all hippies.

A red car pulls up to the curb.

This is a really laid-back place. Yesterday, I snuck off to the movies in the afternoon. I saw Pirates II. It was a fun movie, but certainly darker than the first one. It is a good thing that I am a priest, otherwise an incident of vandalism would certainly have occurred. I don't get why people would want to have a t-shirt, let alone a rear car window, with a picture of this murderer on it. Why not have Hitler, Stalin, or even bin Ladin? They also promoted evil, anti-human ideologies, but they were more successful. Yesterday I drove the school van and was again reminded of the Kropf/Smucker gene that makes people love to argue. Emily, Preston, Ben, Justin, and maybe a few others were discussing in loud voices and heated tones whether or not you can love someone you don't know. They talked about being nice to people, praying for people, and really caring about people. And when the last child had been dropped off, nothing had been resolved. Actually, they prefer to call it discussing. They love to rally the facts, volley the figures, intimidate, whip back with snappy replies, and trap the other person in his own reasoning. Hello Ai Fans! Sherry here today and I am sharing a card that I created using one of the images from the Ai His and Hers Gardeners set which is available exclusively at Michaels.

For my card I used just the lady gardener and the one of the sentiments.

Charlie paper toy created by Patrick Pasques. by Frank Turk Before we get too far here, two things. Number One: Thanks for asking - my vacation was great. " I know it's unsurprising, but as they summarize the matter, it goes like this:The first thing to do is to simply suspend judgment. This is the little tote in a pouch I've put in my bag to take whenever I go out now. The little blue pouch unzips to reveal a full sized shopping tote. With this in my bag all the time, I can easily pick up milk or cheese from the local area and not have to bring it home in a plastic bag. In the past couple of years we been able to decrease the amount of rubbish we dispose of to a fraction of what we threw out before. It really hit me one day that when we “disposed” of something, even though it was considered rubbish, that wasn’t the end of it. Whatever we threw out still had a life and in many cases would outlive Hanno and I by hundreds of years. We now make sure we dispose of most of our rubbish in an eco-friendly way and, more importantly, we try not to bring home excessive packaging. I am hoping our three gifts challenge will further reduce the load we place on our local landfill tip. We don’t throw out any wet garbage. There is a hierarchy of contenders for our kitchen scraps. Un petit week end en famille. Et puis de belles contributions ici.

I wanted to share with you the most wonderful surprise I received in the mailbox last week.

This. Isn't it the sweetest thing you ever saw. g. A Cheshire Pie.

A wonderful vegetarian meal.

The crust is made with both Parmesan and Cheddar. I add just enough cold water to bring it together. I always put all of my doughs in zip lock baggies. It's easy to pull them together and flatten them into a disk to chill. For the pies filling I chopped some onions and a jalapeno. I remove all of the seeds and the veins from the peppers so you get the flavor but not the burn. If you like things spicy just leave them in. Then I mixed in a cup of Cheshire cheese shredded and coarsely cracked pepper. Time to use my new pastry board. Yahoo!I sat my redware pie plate on the board to see how big the bottom crust needed to be. This is a fake job scam. scam-job-emails. scam-telephone-numbers. NOTE: This fee will be refunded at the time of delivery of the documents. So you can know your documents status using the information below. It's the first novel by the most exciting writer I've read in a long while, Benjamin Hale. I happened to meet him at a literary event in NYC recently and he was kind enough to give me an advance copy of his first novel, the cover of which is pictured above. I won't say much about it other than that I was blown away, couldn't put it down, didn't want it to end, can't wait for his next book, and I wanted to have his children. That last impulse has subsided some but I'm still looking forward to his next book. Check it out here. .