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Dave MacDonald. The poor are always with you - "Christians must love the poor, because God has a heart for the poor. Caring for the poor is not the gospel, but the gospel teaches us to do it. It’s not strategic. It’s just right. " Con Campbell. The last few days of price action seems to confirm the overall count of a leading expanding diagonal triangle. They both are quite similar at this stage so its a moot point. An interesting study using Real Clear Politics poll average for President Obama's approval disapproval ratings average. This is an example of how real time sentiment data directly correlates to stock market wave counts. The bottom line is there is a very large divergence between actual current sentiment and stock prices. BPSPX is still very much in long-term oversold territory. Ever heard of the Eagle Man? How about a Balloon Man?. Hi there. I feel like it has been quite some time since I sat down and created for the heck of it.

I feel like my insides are in a constant state of turmoil.

the anxiety has kind of reached a fever pitch at this point. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we are hoping to hear very soon. It is exciting and scary, the planning potential and just the chance for change. As a writer, I want you to realize that everything you write has a built-in audience, so that any piece of writing contributes to an on-going conversation, many of them hundreds of years old. Be sure to buy our one book for class, The Writer's Presence, which is available at the ECU Bookstore. We'll start using it next week.

Otherwise, consult the syllabus for questions about the class and other information.

". ". Hi all! This month Tattered Angels is doing a blog exchange with My Little Shoebox, so I have a few new projects to share! On the first layout, I used the Regal Fonts chipboard sprayed with Silver Sugar Glimmer Mist to house my journaling and a small photo.

The swirl stamp is Screen Prints Regal Classic Accents Stamps by Tattered Angels also.

All paper is My Little Shoebox, as well as the pink sticker letters and die cut borders. I love these colors and wanted the pink in the photos to stand out, so I chose the Silver Sugar as a subtle accent for the frames. Isn’t she cute? This is my friend’s daughter, and I watch her a couple of days a week. She is just learning to walk and it’s adorable to watch her!Thank you to Jennifer Priest for these awesome stick pins! I met her in California and she was so sweet to share some of these with me!Next up is a card. I used My Little Shoebox grid paper for the background and a doily from the baking section at the craft store. We don’t know the exact origins of the violin. There may be some family stories that I am unaware of. He played the violin and the trombone. He gave music lessons to neighborhood children…we know that from the Farm Diaries that he left behind. He also played for dances…a hundred years ago dances were a big thing and happened nearly every weekend. James is Far Guy’s Paternal Grandfather. James X. The Beached House, BKK Architect’s latest residential project, sits on the Victorian coastline of Australia. The residences’ name couldn’t be more fitting, as the architecture appears as if it was washed up on the shore and naturally nestled into the sand dunes. via. Yes, there's a new look. Black background. Change brings a lot of response, good and bad. I happen to like it and it's a lot more easier to read, particularly on mobile devices. But that's just me. So, I'm asking all of you to write in and tell me what you think. Be real. Try not to act like a jerk, if you don't like it, that's fine, write a cohesive reason and be adult about it. Those of you that think it's cool, you too, please write in. This is not a scientific survey. Just basic, honest, feedback. Here is an update on what your Air Force is intentionally to doing to the last of an historic breed of aircraft: The early story was the aircraft were being moved. Here it is apparent that they are being destroyed. The orange crane on the left of the photo bears the spike which is driven through the engine and the wing spars to forever destroy the resource. The two round holes are the insurance that the wing will never again support flight. The orange square rod you see is the spike through the engine turbine. This is not accidental. It is a purely malicious act by an arrogant government which is destroying a heritage written in blood by some of the bravest warriors this nation has ever produced. Let me first remind you how we got here: We discussed the FAH to PeopleSoft General Ledger integration pack, and then looked at how to set up E-Business Suite General Ledger within the context of that integration. We left with the conclusion that depending on the PeopleSoft setup, each PeopleSoft business unit might require you to create a separate accounting flexfield within E-Business Suite. e. Seriously. We're discussing a very specific scenario here, where multiple primary ledgers are each using their own distinct chart of accounts. Although this might give the impression that this article is related to multi-GAAP, in reality it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Everyone had corset tales to tell and thoughts to share. But if you think about it a little bit, those of you who do wear corsets now, don't wear them ALL THE TIME. I found some more photos that may illustrate the problem a little more clearly. I don't really have anything against corsets as they're worn by most people today - an occasional undergarment or fashion accessory.

If I dressed up more, I'd consider getting something made, myself.

As they were worn a hundred years ago? Well, I think they were dangerous most of the time. but not frighteningly so!How Normal Are You?. patent red peep toes: Steve Madden I love these shoes!! I can't stop wearing them, so I figured I might as well post a picture of them. Have I mentioned I have a shoe addiction problem?.

What's better, shattered dreams or shattered lives? Ilargi The First Cut Is the Deepest: State after state, needing to reduce their deficit-laden budgets, turn first to cutting spending on education, employee healthcare, pensions, and eliminating public health support, Illinois is even cutting state troopers.

What Caused This Rally? Big boost in consumer confidence drives up the market even though housing continues to drop and oil options suggest a further fall in prices as the economy slows.

Really, all I want is a believable explanation.

Misprint: The GOP is accusing Obama of thinking the Supreme Court should "protect people who may be vulnerable in the political process. " They also suspect the nominee will erode the property rights of the unborn or something like that.


via. I LOVE this guy. Two pics of him were added today. That is it. As I wrote of the incident in St. No one called her "faXXot" or "cXXX" or any other name. They are no better than Stalinists. If you don't have at least one pair of lace-up heels in your shoe closet, you better hurry and get a pair of this sultry footwear. Why? Because they're "pure sex, with foreplay and all" someone said, and I'll have to agree. Because they will look great with whatever you wear: whether it's a pencil skirt, a flared one , ripped jeans, leather trousers or an ultimately elegant dress. Yup, they can embellish every outfit like the most beautiful jewelry and be mixed and matched with anything you can imagine. Wanna look glamorous on a black-tie event but add some edge to your outfit? ✔ Wanna be a rockstar in leather from head to toe with head turning shoes? ✔ Wanna make a statement in a casual look with jeans, a simple blouse and a pair of these beauties? ✔ Intriguing lace-up heels are not only IT shoes, they promise to be your bae until winter and beautify each of your ensembles. Make sure you're following our Instagram for latest fashion updates Every attention-worthy designer or a brand has strappy, skin baring heels in their S/S collection. My absolute favorites are Azzedine Alaia, Monika Chiang, Giuseppe Zanotti, Louboutin and Giambattista Valli. Today, let's Say Hello to these wonderful women. My hubby and mom are the best cheerleaders ever! I started blogging to enter a challenge and in return has kept me on my toes with the crafting world. Who knew, through this journey, I would find so many opportunities and meet wonderful friends like YOU! God has given us all a gift of creativity to utilize now. Why keep it to yourself?! Showing you to think outside the box and design Uneek gifts for self, family, and friends has given me the utmost joy. and.

When we first moved into our current home, we made quite a few changes.

The house had been lived in by an older couple and some of the things that suited them didn't suit us. We pulled up the carpet and laid a wood floor, we changed the kitchen, added verandahs front and back and put in gardens and the chook house. We, although we didn't know it at the time, were getting ready to live more simply. It's very easy to look at a new home and see spaces you don't really like, or know they won't work for your family and just ignore them. I want to encourage you to change what doesn't suit you. If you don't, you're changing yourself to suit the house. We all have different circumstances and expectations but all of us can benefit from changing our living space to suit how we live. It has been a great weekend with lots of eager shoppers. Still a lot of great bargains left so don't miss it! It is a beautiful sunny day and the perfect time for a drive to Aurora. Miu Miu grained-leather clutch. Larkspur & Hawk amethyst small Jane earrings. What do you think of this haute home and the look it inspired? Do you have any accent walls in your abode? xoxox, CC. CC is smitten with these haute orange hues, darlings!All items at shopbop. Jil Sander Origami folded leather clutch. Mulberry Polly push lock leather tote. Tory Burch Trompe l'Oeil Tory tote. Jeffrey Campbell Friend suede platform pumps. Marc by Marc Jacobs classic Marc charm bracelet. He took photos and a recording. The bird was in the low Garry Oaks below the concrete viewing platform by the upper parking lot at Mount Douglas Park in Victoria. The bird has not been relocated since this initial sighting. You can listen to a recording of the bird HERE. Cute Card Thursday 'Green' ChallengeThe challenge at Cute Card Thursday this week is to make a card which is mainly green. Like Mai, I also have an baby/toddler -The Tucs- and have I all the same struggles. Trying to stay active, keep this blog up but my Fashions/Passion are changing and I'm get bored with old projects and this one has gone on for five years now. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from IF Crossroads. RandyCongrats to them and many thanks to all of you who played. Even if you don't win, it's SO MUCH FUN, RIGHT?Another cartoon puzzler contest thingy next Thursday and daily posts of various types of shenanigans most days until then.

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Ministers hold the office till they enjoy confidence in the Parliament. Select the correct answer using the codes given below. Consider the following statements: The Council of Ministers in the Centre shall be collectively responsible to the Parliament. The Union Ministers shall hold the office during the pleasure of the President of India. .