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This little cutie is called Lil' Miss Poppy. I colored Lil' Miss Poppy with Copic Markers. The Frame is a from the new line of Spellebinders - lacey squares. The butterflies are punched from a Martha Stewart punch. The papers are from my stash as well as the ribbon. The flower is from Wild Orchid Crafts. Ok so I made another card for Sentimental Sundays but I totally hated it! I was like.


Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

I’ve been imagining dire possibilities. Every medical article, every story of hardship, every description of suffering, seems a pointer to our future, a list of what-might-be. There are times when I lie face down on the carpet, sick to the gut, held down by a blank, black dread. I don’t feel safe anymore. And if it has, there’s no longer any guarantee that such-and-such won’t happen. From Sasquatch Chronicles: Tonight we speak with a ex-police officer who was investigating a Sasquatch encounter on a property and was told to back off of his investigation and when he didnt he was forced out of the police force. Join us for a crazy night, you will not want to miss this government coverup. Why is the government covering up Sasquatch? Tonight we will give you some insight as to why. This morning it is overcast with snow and rain, then mostly cloudy withrain. Breezy. Tonight it will be mostly cloudy with rain showers, then a chance of rainafter midnight. Ng Man Tat is resting fully after his heart failure courtesy of mingpao. Last night Ng Man Tat attended an event. "Now mostly I would have tea, play mahjong and go to the Jockey's Club with friends. " Earlier Mrs. In theory, the death penalty for capital crimes should work. An accused killer takes the life of an innocent and is put to death to protect the rest of society. The only problem is that theory has little to do with real life. Let's cross our fingers and pray that with a little luck, a death knell for the death penalty will soon be sounded, especially in light of the sad case of Romell Broom, who would have been executed in Ohio's death chamber on Sept. If you are a writer, at the very minimum, your partner should read a few of your pieces. In the email, he spoke about his belief in his girlfriend's talent as a designer despite her own doubt and that he wants to help her take the steps towards pursuing her vision. I loved this because this is what a partner should be! Another issue that many people relate to is the feeling that one has to give up on their dreams once they settle down and have a family. While taking care of a family and pursuing a dream that may not initially offer stability can be overwhelming and scary, it is possible. Whether we steal dreams consciously or unconsciously, it renders the same effect…RESENTMENT.

Someone we say we love should NEVER be forced to choose having your love and support over having their dreams.

There is a way to have BOTH. The scary part is that most of the time we may be infringing on the dreams of others in order to fulfill a dream of our own. The six Shining Star Award winners will be selected and announced in May. Note: Teachers are recognized through the campus and district Teachers of the Year program. Key Largo – Suspicious activity led to the arrest of two upper Keys teens for trafficking in MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. m. Saturday on Hibiscus Lane in Key Largo. He saw a blue car parked in an empty lot with two people inside. The vehicle’s lights were on and, when the deputy drove by, the vehicle’s lights abruptly turned off. To see what was going on, the deputy pulled behind the car with his overhead lights on. He called for backup.

The stockings are hung by the fireplace, the house has been decorated and every last ornament has found a place on a tree.

The house has been cleaned and almost all dusted. No one should be able to write “Dust me” on anything. My oldest ornament. a pink and blue fish that used to be part of a twelve piece set that was usually given to Newlyweds. each ornament had a special meaning. Greeting all our wonderful customers and friends. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a grand success. Our dealers pulled together wonderful Christmas booths and my hero helped me whip the shop into a holiday fantasy land. Sharing photos below. The winner of our drawing for the gift basket is Kelly Taylor. And look at the wonderful ornament we are selling for the City of Lilburn. And the season is just beginning. I made this for Charlie for his birthday. This is a Letter size pad cut down and decorated for a shopping list. What would increasing the participation rate that much to to unemployment rates? How much would this delay younger folks from moving up? Will this end up costing the country more than it saves? Is this really a 'painless' fix? Peer Pressure II: Yesterday the US warned the UK it had best stay in the EU. Today Chancellor Merkel suggested to the UK Prime Minister that holding a referendum on remaining in the EU would "cause economic disaster for the UK and paralyze Europe. " Sovereign doesn't mean what it used to. Resourceful: The Pentagon has an oil man from Houston in charge of the contracting process for Afghanistan's oil and gas fields. Turns out 'forever' had an expiration date. January retail sales also fell significantly, while credit card delinquencies rose dramatically. Cardiff Giant: Three senior economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, having examined the Fed's data closely, conclude that at no point had lending seized up. In fact, " banks were lending to each other at record levels. " They went on to conclude “Maybe Bernanke and Paulson had information that they were not making public, but the available data simply did not support what they were saying. " Wreckers: The GOP would prefer to let a depression occur than let government - useless, discredited government - save the day. It is in their political interest to kill the bill, or at least maim it beyond recognition, for the economic disaster will be blamed on the Democrats, and rightly so, if they let the Republicans get away with this. So I was invited to march in the Gay Pride Parade. What to wear? Nothing is really out of limits at these things. In fact, "nothing" was the choice of many of my fellow marchers, or close enough to it. I considered frothing up with an expanse of white tulle and a flowered hat. My wedding dress. I am amazed that August is here and almost gone. Some better than others. One of the things I have been thinking about is my blog. This last year has been a challenge to say the very least. In the last month I was laid off from my job and have been searching for a new. The Sunflower Knitting Stitching Immersion is over. It was a great success in my eyes.

I was able to merge the students' ideas from the first class in August to improve the experience.

Here are some scenes of what we did. We started out the day with a tour of the farm and farmhouse and a slide presentation called "The Joy of Color. " After the slide show, I handed everyone some clippers and we all went outside to find a natural object of beauty to translate into a colorway. It was a beautiful day - quite warm and the leaves were just beginning to turn. My garden and the fields around our house have begun turning the lovely autumn shades that I love so much. The students walked around - really looking at the plants that are around our house and trying to find a few they found colorfully stimulating. This was a great success. As the sheep and donkey grazed and the guinea hens raced around after bugs, the knitters clipped away. We came back in on the porch and got to work making several colorways of yarn for future projects inspired by the natural object they found outside. Observation: When the book of the Law was found and Josiah read it, he humbled himself before the Lord in repentance and brokenness. He tore his royal robes and cried out to God and wept before the Lord. When he did, the Lord said he was heard by the Lord. Application: God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. We must be people who continually look to the Lord and cry out to Him. Observation: John is nearing the end of his Gospel and decides to tell us why he wrote everything he wrote. He also said that Jesus did many things not recorded in his Gospel. He said the things he wrote were written for a purpose: "that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name". John wanted all to have life in the name of Jesus.

He wanted people to read and understand so they could have real life! Application: John had a purpose.

bringing those who would read his documentary to faith in Christ. Samples from this weeks lesson- "Altering and remixing Photos" for my Anti Scrap Online Class!. Many of us knew them as the "Schnupp Girls.

Ben works at an intriguing little restaurant called Tea And Bannock that serves Native American food.

This is from the kitchen looking out, with Ben checking to see why Paul and I could walk right in when it was supposed to be locked. Marion and Benny Cristiani. That is, it can only get money at least partially by coercion, people won’t give it money purely voluntarily. These same groups want even more — they want the public to take the risks too. What could possibly go wrong?'Global warming isn't happening yet we spend billions to fix a non-existent problem' - BelfastTelegraph. co. ukLooking ahead, so long as government pursues ‘green’ policies, things will get worse. They only show up in regional data, contrary to original global warming theory.

Pinning down AGW alarmism is like shooting at a moving target.

It constantly changes positions when faced with contrary data. It's snowing today over Lubbock, TX! Here is a picture taken today looking south from our office in Lubbock. #TXwx pic. SUMMER time and the living is easy. People are wearing shorts and flip flops. I see bathing suits hanging on lines and bicycles are everywhere. It is a lovely time of year.

I went searching for some inspiration for today's card and came across these two images.

I love this old bike. It is well used and not 'prettied up. ' It wears its use and abuse like truth. Like the rest of his family, Ichiji has light-colored hair and curly eyebrows. His hair is fashioned into three prominent cowlicks on the right side, and also curls upwards slightly at the back like his sister. However, unlike his siblings, his cape is light-colored. His hair was styled in the same manner as it is in the present. Ichiji is also cold and brutal to the people he has been paid to fight against, caring only about his task and not their lives. He does not like it when a battle takes a long time, and expresses his disdain for the people who oppose him. Glowing. In denial I would soon be a Mother. Looking tired from him waking all night. Blissfully holding my child. My, what changes in a year. To all those still trying, I hope you find the strength to continue.

Its all worth it.

I promise.

I'm often asked how I got started in this incredible industry. It's getting closer to Christmas. I hope he dies of exhaustion. Mix all ingredients except for biscuit dough. Peel the biscuits in half and place each half into greased muffin pan. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “I am still learning. d. lang. Glorious morning to be sure but we could use quite a bit more of that precipitation from yesterday, so here's wishing, hoping and praying. There is a little bit of surf in town but not a whole lot to whistle 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' about. Darlings, here are the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Applepear Jewelry Sunrise Gem Earrings, at applepearcollection. CC has and absolutely adores! A special "thank you" to the designer, Priscilla, for making this pretty pair for CC. Gucci Trompe loiel embellished mules, at mytheresa. Monica Stalvang Diana printed pumps, at monica-stalvang. Nachani or Finger millet is the red colored grain that is so full of health. It is one of the flours I always stock at home. We make Bhakari, Ragi roti, Thaleepith etc. This time Dad suggested something new Kababs with Nachani. He is so creative and always tips me on ingredients and their use. As I mentioned in the earlier post we had lot of Palak/ spinach at home as well as cabbage/ kobi. Here's my coloured version of Family Reunion. I used a variety of copic markers to give a nice, bright, vivid look to this picture. And yes, Dad is wearing a quilted hat band. One of my goals this year is to start to consider how English curriculum can be centered around collaboration, flexibility, individualization, and sustainability. Thinking about inspiration, there have been a number of books and thinkers that have changed the way I think and behave personally and professionally. One of the latest is Cradle To Cradle. I described Mcdonough's design ideas to my students, and they wanted me to post his TED talk. So here it is:Technorati Tags: sustainability, green, williammcdonough, cradletocradle, TED. .