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Just moved to LA and headed to Point Dume in Malibu on Friday to relax and take a break from unpacking. Guess who happens to be shooting a fashion editorial right in front of where I'm sitting? Elizabeth Olsen. A totally random moment, and super meta once the paparazzi showed up. Can't wait to see the final shots— She looked stunning!. Amish from Pennsylvania came looking for farmland a few years back. Farmland was much cheaper in Minnesota than Pennsylvania. They settled in Becker County in Evergreen and Spruce Grove Townships. It seems they came one by one until there was a colony. One of the farmsteads they bought belonged to my maternal Grandparents. For awhile they ran a bakery out of this farmstead, but the Minnesota Department of Health shut them down. It was rumored that they were still selling baked goods they just had to take their roadside sign down. From the highway the old garage is unmistakable. "It also yielded this agenda, which was all I was after as an ordinary, interested citizen. Professor-mentors will guide students through research and publication of articles about rare and unpublished documents, among them an ancient Egyptian dowry contract on loan to Kent State University and an ancient papyrus of Greek statesman Demosthenes' famed "On the Crown" Speech, said Dr. Jerry Pattengale, initiative director and a Distinguished Senior Fellow with Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion.

I love the way parts of the Brooklyn Bridge are wrapped up these days, especiallyas all that white sheeting provides someprotection from the blazing sun—and makes a great canvas for shadows.

If anyone speaks badly of you, live so none will believe it. Unknown Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation. It was a cold, snowy day in the Northeast. What is a girl to do? Dishes of course! And then came my Aha! moment. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but I could never find the perfect name for it.

Or at least a name I would like.

Well, it was either that or "tick talk. " And that seemed a bit too precious. I had talked my friends Lou and Wynn into joining me on a trip to Villa Purificación in the hills above our little fishing village. My first visit was last March when my mother and brother were visiting. But that was not to be.

One of the reasons I like traveling with Lou and Wynn is that both of them love traveling down roads with unknown destinations.

We did not exactly do that. But we came close. People who drink coffee have told me that the brew is delicious. But I was far more interested in seeing how coffee grows locally.

Good morning, gents.

Adding another pic of another Spanish footballer to the brieflines archive. Keep a track of Juan Ignacio Fernandez. Peace. Which is why this article on Heathrow expansion came as a bit of a surprise. IT’S BEEN confirmed that the true government of the UK is based not in Westminster – and not even in Brussels – but in the High Court. The daft decision by Judge Carnwath on Heathrow’s third runway may well set a precedent that means governments can no longer make policy decisions without the approval of their bewigged masters. But for those of us who believe that parliament is – or should be – sovereign, it’s a very worrying development. Now, I'm not a politics graduate, nor a lawyer, nor an expert on royalty and constitution, so I'm quite happy to be shot down on this. It was once assumed that disagreements like these in the Roman Catholic Church would end one way: with the highest-ranking cleric getting the last word. In recent years, clergy and lay people in the United States have increasingly turned to the church's internal legal system to challenge a bishop's or pastor's decision about even the most workaday issues in Catholic life, according to canon lawyers in academia, dioceses and in private practice. Sometimes, the challengers even win. For more, go to CNSNews. It's probably for the best that DIY Day is only once per week. You can still link up your projects, if you haven't yet. Here is just a small sampling of my faves. I seriously wish I could highlight each and every one of your projects. This barnwood headboard from Lucy's Tales is seriously stunning! I double-chocolate brownie love it!Krys from This Little Birdie Stayed Home refinished her standard-issue orange pine table into a beautiful spot in her school room. This lamp turned hanging chandelier project from Britt at A Penny Saves is one of the best DIY projects that I've ever seen. She gives a great tutorial so you can do it too. It is my main job now, and the thing I am thinking of between other jobs and writing assignments here on the farm. A lot happened today, and much of it things I could tell you about for hours on end, but all of it is shadowed by the tick-tocking of the Doe Clock. Every few hours I am out with the goats - morning, noon, and night checking on them and their vaginal state.

I am here with towels and bottles and a little playpen set up in my living room.

I'm reading all my goat book's kidding chapters over and over. I know all the rules of the game, I'm just waiting to play and the wait is killing me.

Hello AI Fans!! Today I have another card from the AI Store Exclusive Sets that are now available in the shop! I must say that this image grabs my heart every time I see it.

It really speaks to me. The results lurk in the archives of this blog in spite of the hope of many that Google will "accidentally" swallow these words and pictures whole. Frank offered his thoughts on the Biblical implications of the word "church. We have this funny word in our Christian vocabulary that appears in our Bibles – namely "church". Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume on Sunday lashed out in anger after former Rep. During a panel segment on Fox News Sunday, Harman pointed out that recently-released emails about how the Obama administration prepared talking points after the Benghazi attack did not prove that there was a conspiracy to deceive the public. Not much going on here, I'm in masters school and it's a ton of work. The kids are growing and are a pain in the toosh, hopefully that will get better. I'm at Perkins right now, just did some homework and am hanging out with my friend Rach. Life is busy, but good. We're making it all work the best we know how. Man, would I love to find one of these helmets. The price seems kind of steep from back then though but I'm sure this one would fetch a pretty penny now on Ebay!. One way to see a straight lad's friggin arse. The Western press tended to make the superfluous connection between the violence and the U. S.

troop withdrawal, and then portrayed the day’s events as part of an orchestrated campaign launched by Al Qaeda in Iraq, even though they were probably only responsible for a few of the incidents.

The day showed that Iraq’s insurgents are still capable of horrendous acts, but that the Western media regularly misinterprets their deeds.

The U. S. withdrawal and Al Qaeda in Iraq were constants throughout the English language reporting on yesterday’s attacks. Martin Chulov of England’s Guardian for example, wrote that the day’s bombs were all coordinated, and blamed Al Qaeda in Iraq using an Islamist website that praised the attacks as proof. The Los Angeles Times put one of those themes explicitly in its article title, “Iraq attacks raise new concerns about U. S. ADEAM Andrew Gn Balmain Elie Saab Holly Fulton Isa Arfen Isabel Marant JC de Castelbajac Joie Kaelen M Missoni Matthew Williamson Mulberry Opening Ceremony Peter Pilotto Proenza Schouler Sea Tory Burch Versace Zac Zac Posen Which of these fabulous frocks do you favor? CC is loving the Tory Burch dress! xoxox, CC. Like the title says. If you arrived by way of Michele, you're right on track. I am so happy to show off one of the cutest stamps ever - the new Boy & Dog Tree Swing from the Pure Innocence line. I am so smitten with this image - his precious bald head, the adorable overalls, the tree swing - it just sings of those wonderful, carefree days of early childhood. I stamped him on one of MFT's Perfect Paper Panels, then colored with Copics and Prismacolor pencils. I included lots of earthy, natural embellishments to go along with the outdoor feel - natural twill, woven ricrac, and twine. They greeted us with caffeinated beverages and buttery pastries and we drove a few blocks down to pick up the final member of our caravan, Agnes. Cozily tucked into the Jeep we embarked on our journey North with scheduled pit stops along the way. We stretched our legs and enjoyed the ideal clear waters before hopping back into our carriage and continuing our long stretch north. second photo from Samantha's phone. We had a fairly speedy border crossing into Canada and made it just in time to watch the sun set over the falls. After sleeping off the long day and filling our bellies and bags with good food we continued onto our final destination making a short stop at The Big Apple. greenpointllc-ae. onlinenic. .