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I'm working on a new quilt pattern and I'd like to ask a few of you skilled sewers to review the pattern for me and, if you'd like, sew a version of the quilt. You don't have to sew up the pattern to review it, just make sure that the directions make sense. In return for your hard work and sage advice, you'll get the first draft PDF of the pattern and, eventually, the final draft PDF for free. Going out of town tonight so an early update thread here. I mean if it looks like a duck. quacks like a duck. It has the technical attributes to include the RSI low on a subwave three of wave three and the positive RSI and MACD divergence between waves three and five that warns of an impending wave two.

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Having to monitor hot spots is one thing, but firefighters say some of the debris piles they’ve found are so bad they burst into flames as soon as they get a little oxygen. That’s why firefighters will remain on site throughout Saturday night and into Sunday morning. “We’ve been watching ceilings collapse and walls collapse, and we can hear glass breaking and windows burst out,” Salzmann said from her balcony. The fire burned throughout the night leaving crews the next day with a lot of work left to do as hot spots reignited. Some excellent stuff from Chopper Addict. The theme of this year’s conference is on the black body in the west.

NYU faculty, international scholars, students, and invited guests will together explore new ways to discuss images and experiences of how the black body is imagined in the West.

The conference is free but registration is required. How the black body has been imagined in the West has always been a rich site for global examination and contestation.

The representation and depiction of black peoples often has been governed by prevailing attitudes about race and sexuality.

From the ubiquitous Renaissance paintings of blacks as the “other” positioned as the sublime backdrop or purposely attracting the lustful gaze of the other, to the recent French Elle magazine article on First Lady Michelle Obama’s sense of style finally filtering down to the fashion-strapped black masses, to the Italian Vogue special issue on African fashion, there is evidence that discussion of the black body remains relevant. How the black body is displayed and viewed changes with each generation constantly allowing young diasporic generations from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, the U. K. , Middle East, and the Caribbean to add their own dimensions to explore ideas about reinvention and self-representation. "LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Just days after two cousins were shot and killed in Shively, two teens were arrested and charged with murder. According to police, it was a drug deal gone bad. ". m. that day, Meany called police and while on the phone she began screaming and the call ended. ". Deputy Martin Digrius receives Sheriff's Medal from Colonel Rick Ramsay. Sheriff Bob Peryam and Colonel Rick Ramsay handed out the Sheriff’s Office top honor to an Islamorada deputy last week – the Sheriff’s Medal for lifesaving actions. Deputy Martin Digrius was awarded the medal for his quick actions in saving the life of an Islamorada woman who was choking. m. , the victim was on the ground, unconscious and not breathing. It seemed as if what was supposed to happen went the opposite direction but that is why you have to play the game. It was that kind of night for the prospects. Thanks to everyone who played last week's contest! We'll be announcing the mojolicious winners on Wednesday. As always, this week we've got another sketch to kickstart your mojo! There's a star on the sketch, but feel free to substitute any shape or embellishment that strikes your fancy. Have fun! We can't wait to see what you create!To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the Mr. There is no time limit - you can always play any week at any time, but I will close Mr. That way there's no confusion which Mr. Linky is the current one. Their decoration is a rare record of funerary beliefs held by the non-elite inhabitants of Amarna. Much of the wood of the coffin panels has been consumed by termites, leaving little more than the brittle layer of paint itself. The conservation of this material, by professional conservators, has begun and will be pursued during the Amarna season that has just started. To aid the work, we have recently launched an appeal on the Amarna Justgiving website: Donation is easy, and the Gift-Aid element is automatically handled. Please, if you can, help this project to succeed. Last in a line of so-called Black Pharaohs, he ruled over ancient Egypt and beyond as king of the African civilization of Kush, the last black leader of a superpower before the current U. S. president. Toronto enjoys a special connection to the time. The renovation project has been a lengthy and dedicated one. anything else, really. I'm sorry. I don't like s'mores. The brittle graham cracker that always breaks and usually fails to keep a s'more together is reduced to crumbs.

Are you a consumer, a citizen or a member of the audience? Temporary Suspension of Disbelief: Markets are rallying, Italian bond yields are falling as masses pretend that salvation is neigh for European bankers.

Sanctions and Sanity: Be Careful What You Wish For: The US is trying to stop Iran from selling oil on the world market.

And if that doesn't work, more austerity. The only thing likely to end the reign of terror will be blood in the streets. It's their last first day of elementary school. Sniff, sniff. I had a lazy day in Rome today after a crazy morning.

I dutifully set the alarm on my iPad, which had not failed me thus far.

That should be enough, yes? No.

Panic! Yet with some vestige of hope, I raced to get dressed and get out the door. Since the whole three week program had been such a bargain, I said sure. However, when I sought out my new lodgings yesterday afternoon, they didn't know anything about it! Uh-oh.

Derfor var det jo dumt å vente til tirsdagen.

De to vakre rosene av ‘Golden Celebration’ som var så fine igår får følge med ‘Westerland’ inn i blomstervase. Nu dofter det herlig godt inne, så synd man ikke kan lagre det her på siden. Visst er den nydelig denne gyllne hyllesten. Det er jo noen fler enn Westerland som er på vei frem også. Og ute står enda en rose og venter på å bli plantet.

Problemet er at jeg ikke helt får bestemt meg hvor.

Although it's quite hot here today, Edward has ventured out to peek over the front porch gate and say hello. Hi everyone, Gaylynn here with the Stamp of the week reminder. This week is the lovely kit Heart Be Light. Sentiment: Let your heart be light. This is just one of several holiday cards that I have made recently. I feel, for once, like I am ahead of schedule for Christmas. The Unity stamp of the week program offers a new stamp set beginning every Sunday. To get this kit at the member price, sign up by this Saturday evening. Unity Memberships To learn more about all of the different memberships which Unity offers While you are there, check out these amazing promotions going on now at the Unity store. Every day this month I have read a book about going to school. i. e. There had been no mention of this particular model to the UK trade, but a sample appeared at a German Trade show and one of our 'fans' sent me some details about it. At that point I thought may be it will only for sale in France and Germany, but at the time of writing it is still not appeared on either site. I write this having just arrived home from the traditional American Thanksgiving celebration. Or should I say "celebrations," since my husband and I visited both families. m. m. I am now starting to applique the outer borders. They are rich in leaves and flowers. The instructions say - cut three hundred and fifty six leaves and one hundred and ten circles! These numbers are just too daunting, I think I'll will cut them as I'll go, it will be easier that way. This is going to be a long journey. Basra in southern Iraq has always been the main business hub of the country. It has the only access to the Persian Gulf and contains the vast majority of the nation’s oil and gas reserves. Today, it receives just over one-third of all investments in the country, and that amount is dramatically increasing. The problem is that far too many of these deals fall through because of government red tape, lack of coordination, the country’s limited banking capacity, and corruption. The leading sectors foreign businesses put their money into were real estate, transportation, electricity, industry, and oil and gas. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. The Row metal-framed lizard clutch. Iosselliani large crystal earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. The Democrats claim that, as an appropriations amendment which has to "age" for three days, it would delay the budget extender and thus cause the shutdown of state government. Shaped cards are literally cards that are shaped to resemble something other than the standard square or rectangle. I have seen cards cut to look like teddy bears, castles, cars and even a big pencil. You are only limited by two things - your imagination and the need to retain a goodly section of the fold between the back and front of the card. Decide on the size of card you wish to make and source an appropriate piece of cardstock. Score and fold it in half as you would for a standard card. Using a pencil, draw an outline of the shape you wish to cut. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Their chief scientific and medical officer was quoted in USA-Today as saying "We don't believe there 's a syndrome"The ADA is quoted as saying that each of the conditions that make up the syndrome are potentially life threatening but there is no evidence to suggest that someone with multiple factors is any sicker.

Here are some of the key points of the statement.

Although certain CVD risk factors are prone to cluster, there is considerable doubt as to the predictive value of the syndrome, i. e. In regard to whether metabolic syndrome is a coronary risk equivalent, the authors quote a study by Wilson et. .