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There's a pendant light that drops low into the room. To finish off the set and give it a bit more clutter you will also find decorative items such as binders, CD stacks, supplies, graph paper, letter pile, and framed motivational words. Random dirty pic of my Fargo- Needs Cleaning! Usually on Wednesdays I go riding and you might expect that I did just that because it was actually pretty nice out yesterday. But, I had some necessary domestic issues to attend to involving the water supply to the house. Well, this meant that a long, long overdue dusting and cleaning of my work area needed to happen. I got busy in the morning with pecking away at the monster. I actually made some headway before my lunch break, and with the results I was seeing, it spurred me on to get the deed done with plenty of time before the municipal "professional" came over to swap out the meter. That ended up leading to other issues, which ended up taking up the rest of my day.

So, no further progress was realized in terms of cleaning the shop, or for taking care of my bicycles, for that matter.

My bicycles are due for some maintenance and cleaning too.

Especially the gravel rigs. I'm sure there will be some drive train replacement parts entering the picture due to all of this as well. That's one thing about gravel riding- It is hard on the parts! Gold Midge and new stem installed One of the bikes due for some work in the drive train department is the Fargo Gen I. SALT and PEPPER This block really spoke to me last week as I reflected on and prayed for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The storm caused such devastation to so many people. HURRICANE On Friday I had the pleasure of attending a very special Quilt Exhibit with dear friends at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.

There are a LOT of beautiful block pictures posted.

Fat Gor and Fat Soh take a selfie with Angela Wang courtesy of mingpao. Ready for a brand new challenge.

and the chance to win an entire set of images?This week the challenge is a sketch challenge.

You need to use Blackleaf's products and link back at the bottom for the chance to win the set of images. There are FREEBIES if you want to play along but haven't built up your Blackleaf images yet. I love how Rachel's is all digital!And here is the card I created. I printed the pre-colored images out and used supplies on hand to create the sketch. Here is the set Rachel and I worked with and you get a chance to win!!! This set is pre-colored and can work for many projects. Get the look. lindaikejisocial. You can now buy my famous squirrels stickers in my ETSY store. A good size to stick around your neighborhood.

Great for skateboards and notebooks.

Actually didn't thought of posting this, but seeing Lina post about Mangosteen, so i thought i post about this. . Gli amici festeggeranno la coppia al Relais il Gabbiano di Stromboli.

A male Blackcap visited Dave Smith's Carlton garden bird table this morning!.

Don’t you love this little guy? He looks like how I feel when I go into the fabric shop. I want to hug everything and take it home with me. You can have a monkey like this in your house too.

Just flop him down anywhere and he looks cute.

His body is created with yo-yos strung together and attached to a stuffed head. Add a curly tail and you have this darling monkey. There is still time. This Yo-Yo monkey will make a great Christmas gift. You can get the pattern at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.

Design Joseph MintonPlace Dallas ShowhouseFabric Isaac Mizrahi for Harris FabricsHave a great weekendXV.

I was just standing at my cell door watching the officers walking back and forth to feed the different sections of inmates. I was struck by the cold indifference with which they go about their jobs. It was at this time that I realized that before receiving my own scheduled execution date I too had that cold indifference to those who received a date of execution. Now as I sit and watch the world prepare to move forward if I am indeed executed. We are all changed by out experiences in the world, but almost no experience in my life has changed me like this one has. The birth of my son, the death of my brothers and a few more are these life-changing experiences. Local folklore calls these "The Devil's Footprints": In the floor under the reading desks we can see tracks made by the Devil. C. W. Staring, the Devil caught the monk Jaromir eating a chicken in the ‘Librije’ during Lent! The Devil punished Jaromir by locking him up in the ‘Librije’ for one night. At first we had visions of a cat or dog running over the wet tiles but no. Animal footprints were added to every firing to protect it from shattering or not cooking properly. These tiles are considered lucky and it is unlucky not to have at least one in the roof. I would bet the "intentional" and "lucky" aspects of the French interpretation were devised by the local potters eager to sell their wares but unable to keep small mammals out of the clayworks. I confess I do. The type of kid who, in the summer, would jump on his bike and go exploring with his best friend. To the woods. To the river. To the old log pond.

And always there were slithery and jumping things that would catch our attention.

Frogs. I swore I was not going to do this. But, since I did not tell you I wasn't, I am going to do it any way. Tracking someone else's package as it wends its way through the shipping channels of The States and Mexico does not make for interesting reading. But it is keeping me entertained. The last time, we talked, my DVDs and book from Amazon has wandered from San Bernadino to Ontario to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles, I thought it would make the jump across the border. Not so. And now it's time for another Rafael Nadal megapost on the brflines site. I added twenty three new pics of Rafa to the site. That's a huge upload of pics. You need to go look at them!. This is a post from earlier this year. Today. I have no words and as I skimmed through old posts looking for something to share. this one, well. This one was written for this time. Please pray for our extended family as we mourn the loss of a family member.


He delights in every detail of their lives". Observation: In this passage, David speaks of how much God loves us. It says that He cares enough to direct our steps when we are godly.

It goes on to say that He delights in every detail of our lives.

This amazes me. God is concerned about the littlest details of our lives. He delights in knowing the little details. He is incredible! Application: We often think of God as too busy to bother with the little stuff. Have the BBC recently co-opted a Daily Sport hack to sensationalise their news reporting? I think we should know. Ah, there is nothing like walking into a sunbeam lit kitchen and grabbing that hot percolator off the stove. THe sheep are on the hill, the horses are swishing their tails by their gate, and the whole day of writing, archery lessons, and design work is ahead of me. I can lean back against the kitchen county, take my first sip of Heaven's sweet mana, and take in a deep whiff of rotting corpses. Mmmmm. Farm life.

He or she is now rotting in the crawl space under my kitchen.

Last week between thunderstorms, I had the girls quickly put something on that looked okay together and ran them out to a friend's field for our annual flower pictures. I hadn't worried about it much as we were set to get family pictures done, but the weather ruined our plans and we rescheduled for June. and all of the flowers will be dead by then. She was sick and willing to pose for the group shot, but really didn't want a picture of just her. So we did a back shot with her new flag. And Lexi took some pictures too. I LOVE this picture I got of the two of them! Here is one of the pictures that Lexi took. She did a great job! And that's that. Another year of spring pictures with a sick kid. This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here from your blog by saying you're part of "On my mind". Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. When I wandered into Hanno's shed on Wednesday afternoon to take a photo, I re-discovered this old barley twist tea trolley that my sister Tricia gave me. The top shelf was badly deteriorated so Hanno is fixing it. It's on my mind now and I'm hoping it will be ready soon. Hint hint, Hanno. Firstly, I wish you all, my blogging friends, a very Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a wonderful time and Christmas you have wished for. It has been hectic, right up to the last minute. But they are up and looking wonderful. So is my new wall hanging, The Winter House. Also the grey blocks in the border - they should had been nine patch, but again, not enough time. I really wanted the wall hanging for my new dining area. Despite all of that, it looks great. CLOSED TODAY DUE TO FLOODING ACCESS ROADS Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. " - Mahatma Gandhi There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. Atmospheric river flow continues and associated carnage follows. Mudslides, flooding, trees down and debris are once again the norm on the roadways of travel. Use caution and alternate routes as needed and only if necessary. CHANNEL: Small lefts getting destroyed by the SSW winds and the currents as no one is in sight for this damp and dour Monday. PATCH: Another small and blown out day with messy waves and dashed opportunities. Make an effort at doing something new as today's not the best day for you or me. This cam cover aboard a generator shovel to be auctioned yesterday at the Petersen Automotive Musueum was given the full engraving treatment. Though you might only be able to run this set-up effectively where a mini gas tank is incorporated into the frame, it would be worth it for a drag or wild show bike. President! Oh, wait. I recorded Jockeys for the Head Chef, figuring that I'd let her write a review for the blog. and besides, I have this thing against watching anything that smacks of reality TV. However, there will be no review. She liked Jockeys too much, and says she's embarrassed at the idea of being too effusive. "I wouldn't be able to be snarky," she explained. Just goes to illustrate my point that she's never happy unless she criticizing something. "Everybody at the track is aware of the agreement," is what I was told by the reader, who was on the backstretch today. Or maybe there are still some details to work out. But I was told it's a "done deal. ". This is what I saw when I looked outside this morning. All we got was a dusting. Teddy was happy. My potting table looks like it is ready for spring. As are my raised planters. Soon it will be time for the planters to be unwrapped. I think Teddy is ready for some of this. And for no snow on her driveway. This is a distant memory from last year. I would not mind the arrival of Spring as long as we don't immediately get hot and dry. And I really miss my fresh herbs. I hate paying for them this time of year. Agency: Cowan Design Country: Australia. .