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Watching documentaries has a great impact with me. The reasons why I opt to watch documentaries were to know better the real life situations of our fellow countrymen.

As their always concern is poverty and the children were majorly affected in this circumstances because instead that they go to school or play with the other kids they need to work and help their parents to find food for their family for them to survive and fill their empty stomach.

There are also other cases even they want to go to school their problem was they’re far from the schools especially those at the remote areas, they need to cross a mountains or rivers to reach the school to attend their classes, lack of school materials are also the main cause why students loss their interest to study.

I always keep on my mind every time I watch that kind of stories I feel pity on them, I hope I can help in a simple way with those kids who deserve to finish.

The group of Backpackers they invited me to their precious event, they put my name as a list of their guest in their project in Ifugao as a volunteer. I never think twice if I should join or not what I said to myself this is the opportunity to experience such things that I usually watch and that it will remark to my heart and soul because I did a good deeds to other people. Touchdown in Lagawe The project in Ifugao two groups were merged for this event the Backpackers and Kaskwela they’re assigned to distribute the school supplies sponsored by National Bookstore at the vicinities of Hingyon Municipality. You know, I've read some articles and blog posts about what some folks are attracted to in nature. I've heard things like, "I'm a water person", or "I'm a mountain person". I don't know what I am, but I do like the mountains. I always look forward to that part of the trip and always feel a bit of sadness when that part of the trip is over on the way home. So, I wouldn't say that I am a mountain man, because I like my woods and rivers too. Lakes are great and I will always relish the days I had on the fishing boats. But I will say that mountains have their allure for me and the especially the thought of riding a mountain bike on and around a mountain is especially appealing. However there is a good case to be made both long, medium and short term that stocks will turn down next week. First the monthly presents some obvious technicals. Yes momentum is slowing. Also note the monthly "doji" candlestick. Jordan Wolfson's piece Female Figure is an animatronic robot that dances in front of a large mirror, while at the same time seeking eye contact with the spectator. Jordan Wolfson lives in New York and Los Angeles and works in a variety of media, such as installation, sculpture, video and performance. Along the way, I became involved and overwhelmed with the writing, photography and publishing my book, The Oy Way, on how to learn Yiddish while exercising. If so inclined, you can find its web site here. Next came the marketing and selling of the book and although that effort consumed even more time, I wrote and “starred” in four YouTube videos demonstrating exercises. These were shot first in noisy Los Angeles, and then in the serene quiet of Japanese Gardens in San Jose. You can find those videos here. I diligently tried to contact anyone at Google for help, and did so by email and phone, and also tried my many tech expert contacts in the Silicon Valley, but it was to no avail. I had already written several new posts so I was not at a loss for words, but was at a loss as to where I could place them. For a Discussion board assignment, the instructor will present a topic that you must address in discussion with your classmates. Back to the DCA today for the Nine Trades evaluation session, where we all looked back on the project and had a nice meal afterwards. I said that I'd contribute some photos and here they are:. This is the card I had to make the other day for a male birthday, Brendon's - have a fabulous day Brendon! It's made using the Chipboard Bundle from Craftwork Cards for the card blank. Decorated with some old papers I had. Up close, I added a chipboard letter B, again from Craftwork Cards and decorated it with a tiny tag and heart. Then finished off with stamping one of the tickets from the Chipboard bundle with a sentiment stamp, again from Craftwork Cards. What do you think? Jx PS: I will post the rest of Sue's card pages tomorrow!. Senior volleyball players and fellow senior fans on Dig Pink night. Read all about the match in this week's Bonanza Valley Voice. It hits newsstands on Wednesday afternoon. Today is the last day you can get the Dotty For You Paper pack. Head over to my website to get yours TODAY!!. I think it was a fashion accessory as much as anything. Grab a purse, clap a hat on your head. As Roxie pointed out, it also gave women a way to deal with hair they only washed every week or so. But even after women bobbed their hair in the twenties and started washing it more, they wore hats. I think it was all about looking good. We ditched hats at about the same time we ditched bras, in the sixties/seventies. I think it's possible we got carried away and ditched some clothing that, while not necessary, was really pretty and nice and flattering. I saved all the available photos of it, for inspiration. Sorry I took so long to get around to this. LOUIZ!!! YAY!!Louiz, e-mail me and we'll discuss mailing the booty. Thanks, everyone, for participating, and again, sorry it took so long to pull a name. Stonework by Michael Eckerman. Via Reddit, where there is discussion and criticism of the construction. Today was another unpacking day. this is getting a bit monotonous no? I did make some headway in the sewing room and hang curtains in the bedroom. That all just about wore me out. I hid in the kitchen for a bit making a huge batch of Beef Barley Soup. Oh I love playing Secret Santa and most of all I love getting gifts from a Secret Santa!I am participating in a swap at The Paper Passion and just yesterday I got a goodie box filled with yummy scrappy supplies!Happy Holidays to You My Secret Santa Clause!! THANK YOU!. I wrote the principal a letter, congratulating him. Our favorite and most frequent canine visitor is moving back home for a while. We will miss his cute face and his friendly owners. Luckily, Frank has a home in WaterColor and will be back to visit. If you live here, you've probably seen Frank hanging out the window of a green jeep or patiently waiting outside an area business. He's just too cool. Those with a good memory might remember Peter Phelps, an Australian politician and Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council. Phelps is notable for being incredibly principled in defending liberal values in such an illiberal environment as NSW, and in a chamber which is situated in nanny state central Sydney. As such, I was thrilled to unexpectedly meet him in July during a coffee break at a Royal Society of Medicine event on over-regulation of pleasure. Last year - when he was government whip no less - I wrote about how he casually entered a chamber packed full of variously ignorant prejudiced prohibitionists armed only with insults, smears, innuendo, wild assumptions, and downright lies, and placed in front of them simple incontrovertible facts about e-cigarettes. And arguably won hands down. Ms MARTIN: They should not be advertising to children so they should be happy to set that aside. The Hon. Dr PETER PHELPS: Why not? What is wrong with children who have high calorific outputs exposed to advertising which gives them high calorific inputs?Ms MARTIN: Because children who do a lot of exercise need more healthy food, not junk food. o Out-of-the-box workflows and workflows created in the designer are sequential workflows. o Essentially, a state machine is based on the concept of conditions and transitions. A condition is a set of circumstances that indicate the current status or situation of the process being modeled. o Events occur and cause a transition from one condition to another. So I was slicing a fresh tomato the other day and I remembered this: My brother Fred was the coolest guy God ever made. He was as rogueish and mischievous and adventuresome as Tom Sawyer, good-looking, charming, and smart. You always got the sense that his imagination was simmering just below the surface, and when all the boring people had their backs turned, he and a lucky sidekick or two would skate off and do something wild and fun and just bad enough to make your eyes get big if you ever found out. Which you probably wouldn't. At least I wouldn't, because I was the boring little sister who might tattle. I heard hints of his escapades, a whiff of contraband in the barn joists above the milk house or sly explorations in the woods. As the fascinated little sister, I wanted most of all to be noticed, to be drawn into that dazzling circle where furtive and funny and dangerous adventures happened, just out of sight. Today's featured blogger is Jan Pierce at Words for the Journey. Enjoy!. My card was made using some stamps from their Shoppe Windows line. I chose the adorable Lingerie Shoppe. Doesn't it make the cutest birthday card for a sister or girlfriend? The Shoppe Windows are clear stamps which make them so easy to use! Here's a close up of the cute little mannequin image and the funny verse that goes along with it. Pin It. Kitchens are the undisputed heart of the home, where all and sundry gathers, mingles, and lingers during parties. But to achieve that kind of appeal outside means increasing your outdoor living space. To draw a crowd and keep those entertain require a bit more than plop down a table and a few plastic chairs. With an outdoor kitchen you can get ready meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you are cooking on the other, so you feel as though you're part of the gathering. Since durability is such a critical issue for an outdoor kitchen, stone veneer is a low-maintenance option that won't need painting or sealing. Real stone is heavy, expensive, and requires the experience of a mason. Documentations cultured stone, such as the style used in this project from Landmark Stone, is easier to work with because it's lighter, cuts faster, and lasts just as long as the real thing all while looking as natural as real stone. More. Inspirational Quote of the Day:"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. " - William Shakespeare Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. Calm winds are providing the smoothing conditions to help the situation and bikini bathers have already being observed in the wee hours. Racked out W swell has capacity to deliver heaving seas and though our hamlet is relatively protected a few dicey ones may slip past the goalie. All manner of watercraft are breaching the breakers and some are sliding gracefully along while others seek the line upon which to set their course of destiny. It is official as Gabe's panhead is finished and he is currently in route to New York where he will embark on a six month voyage aboard the Bounty. Wish him luck and follow his swashbuckling adventures at:. Although small, they are a tad too large for pocket carry, but are all excellent candidates for a concealment belt holster especially one of the inside-the-waistband varieties as they all have slide widths of about one inch or less. We’ll start this series with the Walther PPS. However I wanted nothing to do with it. I have started working on small boards to increase spontaneity in my collage work. My plan was to use them as studies and give myself permission not to get caught up in the details. I wanted to make them quick and impulsive, utilizing many papers that I might not normally use when trying to create a realistic likeness. I am quite pleased with the result! At the top of the single coffee mug, the bits across are all from an old book photo of a woman in the garden. On the saucer I used a lot of printed materials that I tinted with acrylic glaze before tearing up. On the double cups, I did not try to capture all the details in the cup handles or make the oval of the mouth of the cup symmetrical. Giving myself permission to work fast and in a more impressionistic manner was very freeing and I think you can feel this in the finished pieces. Colorado democrat is first senator to be successfully recalled. He gave his concession speech already. One down and hopefully being followed by a fellow demorat. Maybe they will get the message? Thank you Colorado, Thank YOU. Now if more follow suit, maybe we can get our country back on track. Democrats making history, yessssss. I've made my point you've made yours. I have my opinion and beliefs you have yours. Never the Twain shall meet. You go your way I'll go mine. You believe what you want. .