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Watch: Mongoose vs. Badger Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. GravityWatch: Hardworking dog. A friend of mine is looking for some Chinese New Year cards. I don't have time at the moment to make them, so I thought I would pass along the opportunity to you guys. I've been enjoying this fantasy that we've just bought our house and everything is just as it is now. crisp, clean and ready to decorate! In this fantasy world, it is as if the era of pea green carpeting and faux wood paneling never existed. So my fantasy goes like this. J. It isn’t difficult to see why. I am going instead to start with something fairly obvious, and often stated: early education begins with the child.

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I have so much to show you, so let's get this party started! First off, today Pink Paislee is debuting their new Butterfly Garden line HERE on the Pink Paislee blog! Run over and leave a note to win a Butterfly Garden prize pack! My favorite things about this line are the stamps:.

the rub ons. Before we left for Quebec City last weekend, the cats were being WEIRD.

By the way, as you can see, they aren't allowed on the kitchen counters! Naomi is kind of blending in, above, but there are three cats there! Emily gets snotty with Julius a lot, but he just ignores her.

She decided that the top of the dog biscuit box was a much better perch. All the better for lording it over everyone, as she's wont to do! Too haughty too acknowledge me. "Hey Naomi, I bet I can fit in her with you!" Then Tristan and Alex joined the party.

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Please RSVP by noon today so I can have can have your supplies ready. Everyday this week I will be posting a card featuring the color PINK. At the end of the week I will put all of the card for sale in my Etsy store and donate all of the money to the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Research. A visit to Hort Park during the weekend. Tutto decisamente di standard elevati. . Thanks!. The battalion was headquartered at Enniskillen. However, this convention was inconsistently applied and still, over a hundred years later, leads to confusion when researching military ancestors in British infantry regiments. They're blooming all over the neighborhood right now, in shades that range from white to pink to deep, deep blue. In Times Square, the NYPD is making sure they don't miss a thing.

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peet-b-shelley. That's usually what I need to get myself to try something new, even if the something new was my idea. About a month ago I bought a light box kit. Basically this entailed a portable light box, a pair of lights and a tripod. The plan was to start using this set-up to take product pictures for my store.

I brought the box into my studio with the intention to start using it right away.

And that's pretty much as far as it went. Until today.

I'm going to be taking some of the pictures for my book and it dawned on me that maybe I should learn how to use the light box.

You may remember my mentioning, earlier this month, Steve Baker MP having asked a few questions of government departments about their policy towards grants afforded to charities. We asked them all. ". True to his word, they are all now available. So let's boil them down, eh? Culture Media and Sport: Use of DCMS grants is also limited to the specific purpose for which each is given, and DCMS does not provide grants specifically for advocacy, lobbying or campaigning. Justice: Grant agreements contain standard terms and conditions which prohibit using the grant to fund certain activities. These include activities which may be party-political in intention, use or presentation or general lobbying on behalf of the recipient. “The next crop will be very, very good in Vietnam with very good quality,” Edward de Wismes, a futures broker at Aurel BGC in Paris, said by phone today. Let's just get to the good stuff. Here our our lucky winners from Friends with Flair. Which, you all rock, by the way. Your amazing projects. EVER. SINGLE. FRIDAY. Count Duku paper model from Noturno Sukhoi. Our purpose is to create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. British Council invites applications for the position of PROJECT MANAGER: ENGLISH TEACHER TRAINING. We will only shortlist applications submitted on a British Council application form. We will not respond to CVs. britishcouncil. Applications can be submitted electronically to kathryn. It is an international standard hospital which provides healthcare & medical services to the people of Bangladesh and South Asian Region. To enhance and further improve our service we are looking for suitable candidates for various departments of the Hospital and inviting applications from the doctors and nurses who are dynamic, self-motivated, proactive and having dreams to grow their career with an internationally reputed Hospital. Sc.


Sc. Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Crown Publishing, our winners will get their hands on a copy of Chris Beckett's Dark Eden! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winners are: - Jon Robison, from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA - Nathan Stumpf, from Linden, Alabama, USA - Tom Knapik, from Woodridge, Illinois, USA Many thanks to all the participants!.

This past holiday season my dog Lexy was very very naughty.

She got into lots of trouble so we "Dog Shamed" her. She LOVES chocolate! Yes its really bad for dogs. Lucky for use she has very little to no reaction to it! Brownie Disaster documented FOREVER Here are a few other shots. Paula will bring in her entire plein air set up, and explain why, and how she uses her equipment. She will also cover additional considerations for painting outside - things like clean up supplies, sunblock, bug repellent, layered clothing. Paula will describe how she packs everything so she can travel lightly and be able to walk into locations. If there's time, she will set up a small canvas and get started on a painting. Now that summer weather is here and it’s nice to spend some time outside rather than in the studio! "Morning Walk" by Paula Ensign Here's a list of Paula’s Plein Air Supplies:EaselPalette - I use paper palettes. Solvent - I use mineral spirits as a medium and for clean up. calling Gruber "an insomniac with Tourette syndrome. For instance, you may repeatedly blink your eyes, shrug your shoulders or jerk your head. In some cases, you might unintentionally blurt out offensive words. source. I wanted to send a shout out to everyone wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Today we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Take time today to thank Him for everything in your life. We have so much to be thankful for. I don't care who you are or what you are going through. He will never leave us or forsake us. Enjoy this time with family and loved ones today. But remember why we celebrate Christmas and what it means to you and me. All that's needed to close the gap is a "pathway to citizenship. Last weekend, I and my boyfriend went to the west, to meet my parents. We went to a restaurant to eat eel, one of my favorite Japanese food. They have three types of menu, regular, deluxe and super deluxe. I and my mother chose the deluxe, and my father and my boyfriend chose the regular dish, like always. There were big shrine and in the shrine, lots of flowers were in bloom. There were also lots of deers.

They were taking the sun.

To start the weekend: Martin Mester Mike O'Hearn Olly Foster Ryan Huges Scott Dorn. EGG MASALAAn absolute delight and a quick dish to prepare. You can boil eggs while you are preparing the masala. Boil eggs, shell and keep it aside. Heat oil in the pan and add onions, green chilies, and ginger-garlic paste.