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I am finished with my shopping, have been since before thanksgiving, but I am still buying - the downside to finishing up early! So I am going to share a little recipe that I love to make for Christmas - Ricotta Cookies. My kids LOVE them. My great-grand parents all came to America from Italy. so I have alot of Italian in me! So quite a few of our holiday cookies are Italian cookies, usually made with Anisette. I also make a Ricotta Pie that I just LOVE.

It's delish! I'll share that another day.

There are some interesting ways to look at this verse in application to the Christian. One is that the person who brags about giving he did not do is like a sky that promises the relief of rain but produces nothing. But, in today’s Christianity there is another, more startling interpretation. There are several denominations of Christians who claim to have certain “gifts” that others claim through Biblical study died with the Apostles. For instance, there are people who claim to speak in a special, heavenly language either openly in the congregation or privately in prayer. They call this the gift of “tongues”. Merci & a bientôt for a while - enjoy the summer! Images: Sarah Maingot. Or not:. ETA: Added video at the bottom of the post Pap video - watch at your own risk. Over two feet of snow fell over the course of one cozy winter day. It is knee deep, and as high as the porch floor. The landscape is quiet under a blanket of white. The soft twinkle from the holiday lights still strung along the fence whisper a soft warmth. The dining patio stands still. I was out to sweep the boxwood hedge, something I do after each big snowstorm. The dining room is very quiet early on this snowy winter morning. The babies are playing in the warm coziness of the living room with 'DaDa. Allen Sunderland is good a friend of Bubble Visor. His son Brad Sunderland has an active Kickstarter project for a very nice pen he designed and manufactures in his home machine shop. In person it looks like engineering art. He machines the pocket clip from a solid piece of Stainless Steel. The Kickstarter project is only active for a few more days so check it out here if you like this pen. Linda shares her turkey with a tatted edging done in bold festive colours. Grace hasn't posted any tatting since February and got dropped of the update list. Just email me to let me know that you are tatting again. The history of man is the history of crimes, and history can repeat. So information is a defense. Through this we can build, we must build, a defense against repetition. At the same time it is unleashing brutal repression against a democratic resistance that has sought to address its grievances using nonviolent protests. Students protesters have been arbitrarily detained, tortured, shot and killed. Now the Maduro regime is claiming that the opposition are fascists and responsible for the fatalities. Alleging that they are responsible for the violence. Unfortunately, observers of the regime in Cuba find these tactics all too familiar. hwznbross swiss cheese galoreVan. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Van. Photos via: Equestrian StylistMary-Kate Olsen was spotted at an equestrian style event in the Hamptons wearing a chic black-on-black outfit. I took a few interesting photographs this week. The weather up here is finally nice enough so that you can enjoy being outside. Even if some days you must wear a sweatshirt, or a coat. I was off on a mission one day, and was side tracked by this little guy. A Black squirrel. Strange. I am wondering who the dufus was that was playing ball with Chance. Last night I went to the store. To buy a new iron. The one I have now, is a pain in the you know what. Squirts water everywhere. Has a serious leaking problem. I get to the Target. Don't worry about missing the news for a day or two. It's going to be the same thing whenever you turn it on. This is government run amok. They are eagerly feeding their constituency at the public trough without regard to any future consequences. Take a look at some of yesterday's goodies:Have They No Shame?This is little more than a group of spoiled five year olds who have a magic pen that writes letters to Santa Claus which are always fulfilled. Simply write it down and you will most assuredly have it under your Christmas tree. but, wait. Why delay until Christmas? You've got it all now. Its point of departure is a critical interrogation of the notion of a “new scramble” or “oil rush”, particularly as it relates to its post-Cold war geopolitical and global energy security dimensions as well as the implication of the intensified extraction of hydrocarbons for medium to long-term stability and sustainable development in the sub-region. Beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution. is Khan. And a pointless adaptation of a great movie. NOTE: Yes, I know I accidentally said the nephew's name is Pressman when it's Preston. My mistake. ‎. The newly formed Bees In The Attic Bee Hive met today at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Above, Cathy M. explains how a Bee Hive works and distributes the monthly schedule which indicates when we will meet and who will be queen that month. Notice all the cell phones? Cathy is instructing those with an iPhone how to set up an account on Instagram. That is where we will show our blocks and ask about fabrics. I'm at another table talking to those who have an Android. Above, Pat shows us a sample block that she made from the book we are using. When she is queen she expects to ask us to make this block. Seeing this now, gives me enough time to collect some of those gray fabrics. This is a closeup of Pat's block. It's a thought. Naaaaaah. Anyway. "I'm disturbed on two levels. First, that anytime anyone sees freaky knitwear, their first thought is to send it to me. Though this amuses me at least as much as it disturbs me. The closest he gets to fiber arts is his laundry basket, but he keeps me supplied with knitting articles anyway. A true friend. brown baby doll dressbeaded sandles. In one of the shops along the Channel Gardensat Rockefeller Center, these pretty prismsreflected the surrounding buildings. YouTube link. A child of deaf adult, often known by the acronym "CODA", is a person who was raised by one or more deaf parents or guardians. CODAs must navigate the border between the deaf and hearing worlds, serving as liaisons between their deaf parents and the hearing world in which they reside. Please don't skip over this one, especially if you're grumpy because of holiday chores. Do every act of your life as if it were your last.

Marcus AureliusDo your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed andwho correctly handles the word of truth.

Steve Vaught is walking across America. Thanks Caroline Nesbitt. History is a cruel mistress. Nations rise. And, just as Newton taught us, they inevitably fall. What happened to cause the builders of these monuments to abandon their work? The fact that there probably will never be an answer does not make the question any less persistent. I was delighted with the response to my request for bloggers willing to review Tea and Trouble Brewing. Each blogger will not only review the book but will host a giveaway. So the more of these blogs you visit, the greater your chances of winning. And with all of these blogs, you'll want to stick around and read a bunch of previous posts after you enter the giveaway. L. E. For in global warming, the prophecy of the world ending by fire may strangely be fulfilled. ". Batman-themed cardholder created by Bamboogila. Clawful is the half-man, half-crustacean member of the Evil Warriors group from the Masters of the Universe series. Congrats Genevieve! You may not have won the Miss America crown last night,but you have won the hearts of those of us in Idaho!Genevieve's mom, Mary Beth, is a friend of mine. Mary Beth has told me of all the work Genevieve has done to raise the self esteem of young women all overthis country. I am very proud that Genevieve represented the state of Idaho inthe Miss America pageant last night! You have a bright future ahead of youGenevieve and we are proud of you!Bentley is too!!Hugs,Susan and Bentley. You may not all be aware but in recent months Canterbury and adjacent areas were given a beating by severe gales that knocked over many thousands of woodlot trees. Everyone without exception is claiming that the market for their logs has collapsed.

So who is telling porkies then?.

very disturbing. Brought to you by the people who demand "tolerance. " Ugly people doing ugly things. Since I've worked in several professions dominated by homosexuals I've counted hundreds among my friends. I could no more imagine any of them acting like this than I could the sun spinning out of control. This is what the "homosexual agenda" has wrought.

It's a shame.

More:Digital Hairshirt: Out of Order: what the Chick-Fil-A counterprotests continue to show meCapitilist Preservation: A Dose of Liberal Stupidity. Philippe Audibert Baltimore silver-plated tassel earrings. Rada Deco tassel drop earrings, at anthropologie.

Jack Vartanian white gold tassel earrings, at barneys.

So glad you're here! Today we are featuring Christmas Faith by Heather Nichols, Shine by Nichole Heady, Inspired: Jesus by Betsy Veldman, and A Thrill of Hope by Dawn McVey. If you prefer your Christmas images and sentiments to be faith-based, you're going to love today's products! First up is Christmas Faith. These images have a folk feel to me. The bright red birds, symmetrical layout, and felt heart all helped to support a more folk art look. Stamps: Christmas Faith Dies: Christmas Faith, Pretty Frame, Limitless Layers: Heart Stitches Ink: Pure Poppy, Harvest Gold, Pinefeather, Ripe Avocado, Simply Chartreuse, Aqua Mist, True Black Paper: Fresh Snow Linen card stock, Stamper's Select White card stock, Rustic White card stock Other: white felt, white embroidery floss, foam adhesive It doesn't get more faith-based than a Jesus die-cut and stable! Inspired: Jesus is the newest in the Inspired line, and an instant favorite.

The stable is from last year's Petite Places: Nativity stamps and dies.

Cooking is like love.

It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Saw a recipe for some yummy looking green beans and I just had to try it - my way of course! I used turkey bacon, which contrary to popular belief, tastes very good when cooked correctly. If you ever stick it in a microwave, you're surely in for a grave disappointment. However, cook it in a pan or add to a dish - like these green beans - and you're in for a tasty, guilt-free treat. .