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On a midsummer day in late June, the former queen of France lay dying at her residence of Westhorpe Hall in Suffolk. Mary Tudor, the universally acknowledged beautiful younger sister of Henry VIII, was only thirty-seven years of age at the time of her death. Fiery, charismatic and passionate, Mary is perhaps better known for being the beautiful duchess of Suffolk rather than queen of France, a position she occupied for only three months. The 'white queen', as Mary has sometimes been known, was surrounded by only a few attendants in the gentle seclusion of her Suffolk estate. It is entirely possible that her husband was not at her side in her last hours. In her youth, Mary had been described as 'a Paradise - tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor'. This is a belated entry for last week. My legs were pretty dead at the beginning of the week, but freshened up a little more each day.

By Saturday they were feeling OK, but apparently weren't totally good to go on Sunday.

Leeds is a solid Yorkshire town. A solid iron, presumably Victorian, bridge spans the canal just down from our mooring. A solid Victorian church reaches to the sky. This parish church has recently been entitled "Leeds Minster", a church warden informed us, for some reason which he seemed not entirely to understand or to sympathise with. The building is unusual, in that the entrance brings you to a point between the nave and the chancel, which are of equal length, so you're half way up the church as you enter. The older buildings in the town are also solid, and quite a contrast to the more recent additions. I didn't think it was an entirely happy mix. We made our way to where the town hall sits. The boat is one of the largest seine skiffs in Alaska, and almost begs not to be considered a skiff due to the size and power. Over the years, the rails on seine skiffs have been getting higher, thus creating a need for a higher tow post. This height can lead to instability and poor towing characteristics. Bringing the tow point down was the primary goal in the new design. The new skiff is more like a tug than a traditional skiff, and many design features are a departure from traditional skiffs known throughout Alaska. Our Lovely Vacation. All I can say is vacationing with friends is the way to go! We went out to the coast and spent a week with our dear friends. It really is very nice and filled of course in her dining area of cups and tea pots galore! And she and I enjoyed using some of her very favorites to sip tea and chat! She did serve a proper tea! We drank a tea that was called "Yorkshire Gold" It was one of the smoothest teas with no bitterness.

For some people in Colorado, seeing bigfoot is no big deal they say.

Apparently they see them all the time. So where's the videos?. Konstantin Alexandrof is a professional photographer/videographer from Moscow, Russia. Artistic nudes were my main interest from the beginning. Whether you read the book fifty years ago or yesterday, we'd love to have you join our conversation. Drop-in, booking not required. Free activity. Standard admission charges apply. Even Texans who would never spend a single dollar on a lottery ticket are lining up with lotto veterans to try their luck at the almost one billion dollar grand prize. How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction: Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques I'm one of those folks who does not play the lottery on a regular basis. In fact the last time I had a lotto ticket in my hand it was one given to me at work as a Christmas gift. However, like most other Texans I expect to be in a long line at a local convenience store on Saturday laying down a few bucks to try my luck as well. difficile.

A recent report cited particular problems run by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

As reported by the Telegraph,The hospitals had filthy wards and vulnerable elderly patients were told to soil their beds because nurses were too busy to help them. courtesy of singtao. With Song Hye-Kyo for example, he put other actors' photos next to hers to see which one was the most suitable, the best looking. However Ng Yu Sum admitted that often casting was based on inspiration. She was greedy too and hoped to choose both. As long as he ran into a good chance he would try it, he never planned on how many movies to make. Thank God for the Olympics because without them, we'd be in deep shit. There is a fun website called, The Envelope Collective. People are asked to send them a letter or package but to think of the envelope as a canvas. You can draw, paint or collage anything you want onto it. When it gets to them they post them online. Here is my silly envelope art. I wanted to do something fun and cartoony.

I had saved up a bunch of old stamps that came in handy.

You can check out the site here. I was very sad to see that one of the greatest websites of all time, Art Dorks is no longer in business.

“It is a unique case, probably the second oldest known.

"The access road is the beginning of the end," says Erik R. Seiffert, a vertebrae paleontologist and an associate professor at New York’s Stony Brook University who has done research in the area. "It is a tragedy of modern Egypt that what lies below the soil is often of greater potential value than what lives above it. That is certainly the case with Fayoum, which is among the more neglected regions in an historically deprived nation. Hunting scene. Impossible not to post the news that Mubarak has stepped down. Quite remarkable! Tahrir Square is one big happy and peaceful party. Families and members of the military are shown mixing with the crowd and everyone there seem to be elated. The Higher Military Council has apparently been put into temporary control, replacing Mubarak's government, and we will have to wait and see what will happen in the next few days and weeks. Hopefully real reform will follow. The next few weeks will be very interesting, but in the meantime here are some very recent reports on the subject on the Web.

Interesting that Switzerland have announced that they are freezing Mubarak's assetts.

Tunisians are apparently out on the streets to celebarate Mubarak's resignation as well.

I had a ton of stuff going on this weekend! From birthdays and parties to plays and working. I didn’t get pics for all my busy weekend outfits, but I did get a few. Ironically, even with all of the very different outfits – I wore all Steve Madden shoes! Party Night Purple Dress/ Tunic: JC Penny’s. Belt: Forever XXI. Leggings: Forever XXI. Boots: Madden Girl.

Necklace: Lia Sophia.

Tights: Simply Vera.

Actually, I took this picture at a little past o'dark-thirty in the morning.

I'm sure that when Happy Hour rolled around for real, the joint was jumpin'. Still. To see more of the world, go here. We were in the front yard yesterday when a Monarch sailed by.

She was touching down on various leaves, so we knew her mission was ovipositing rather than nectaring.

The newly-forming pods may provide a more tender food source for the emerging first instars. The caterpillars that emerge from these eggs, should they survive to adulthood, will then fly to a valley in northern Mexico where their ancestors spent last winter. The mind reels. Alright, this is overdue!!! I got rid of my blue dresser and now I have been insprired to clean up a few things in my scrap room. again!So I have a few. no. blog about products from stores but seriously, these cement pots from Terrain are perfect for knitters. It says they are for indoor use and have no hole in the bottom. Great for knitting needles? Maybe they could be painted for those of us not fond of cement color gray. Someone emailed me today and said they couldn't find my post about buying my books, so here it is again:The two titles are Ordinary Days and Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting. Or you can get an autographed copy from me. S. Izithakazelo Zakwa Mdakane Mshiza kaNonomba Sihlangesasala kwaNodwengu Nina bakaBayikana Ninenisindabagadla Nina bakaNogalimba Osindabagayi Inkomeqhamuka KwaBhulihawu kwaLolentshe Mlangatshe!. parking on the Cambrian apron. parking on the Cambrian apron. Do you think he will mind the bling? Ha! gotta love it! Had a super fun time at the Rubber Garage sale yesterday! It's always great to see and meet new people and reconnect with old dear friends too! Thank you to all who stopped by! and to my dear friend Kirstin who always makes time fly! never a dull moment and laughs with her. Thank you doll! Have a fun weekend everyone! Hope you like the card. WheeeeeeeeeeeeLady on a Scooter I'm getting ready for the Copic workshop at the Paper Rabbit in Greenwood, SC tomorrow. They request the Art Impressions stamps, especially the Oldies and Girlfriends. When they see this new line, Ai People, they will love it too! This is another sample from that series. It is available in a set and unmounted. Let me know what you think of it. Last weekend, my mother and I attended a local quilt show of a neighboring guild, Narragansett Bay Quilters' Association. My favorite! My love for orange started a few years ago when my color consultant suggested orange accents for my pretty green bathroom. Then when Pat Sloan ran an orange challenge last year, I realized I didn't actually have much orange in my stash. I'm happy that shops and designers are providing us with more of this yummy color!Lets go sew some strings!. I had an interesting weekend, we went to the in-laws on Saturday so that hubby could help put up a patio "cover" it's very open and wood so not really a cover but I'll have to take a pic to show you. The monkeys were pretty good over there so of course on Sunday. Hell broke loose and the monster ran amok. They were actually pretty good at the yarn and wool festival, but they tend to be pretty good when we're out. Ju got to pet some animals and we saw the end of a shearing. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day: "We're on the cutting edge of reality itself. Right where it turns into a dream. Conditions are due to change from one moment to the next today friends, so be mindful and respectful, or you may be served a reminder of exactly who is in charge. CHANNEL: Though currently void of sliders, this corner may have been abandoned too soon, as the patient and just amongst us are finding hidden gems. Not the shapes of lore or bar room legend, but merely solid thigh high rollers holding the inside for multiple seconds. This should benefit somewhat as the tide fills in, but as the winds begin to unravel the afternoon, expect merely the chop, flop, and slop. Melvin Sokolsky photo. xoxox,CC. Hi there. The yellow sample was made much the same way and I layered the green leaf petals as well. .