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It is ideal for flags flown daily in high-wind areas. Flies well even in rain and sheds water better than any other material. Made with densely-woven material that is very durable and attractive. A few important observations, before the election campaign heats-up:Democrats make a lot of plans, but don't do much with them. Republicans are still following the plans their grandfathers made. Democrats style themselves as highly intellectual, nuanced global thinkers. But both in Congress and on the campaign trail they've shown themselves to be a bunch of bumbling, foreign-policy-challenged amateurs. I truly miss being able to live in Lawn Fawn world. I can't wait to hang out the critter cut outs up in the LF office. It is going to be SO fun in there! I also caught a cold. I think when you shake that many hands it is just inevitable. I am living off cough syrup, gatorade, water and soup.

I am trying to take it easy the rest of today, so that we can start processing orders and sending emails tomorrow! I thought I would leave you with this awesome video that Tiffany made.

Robert Redman was shot and killed hours after he had carried Bassil who had also been shot and killed earlier that same day and tweeted about it. "Today I was hit with a rock in the back, a helmet in my nose. All victims of the violence of this dictatorship. How American agri-business and members of Congress signed "advocacy contracts" in exchange for the purchase of exports and became lobbyists for the dictatorship. How Castro dictatorship stopped making payments to trading partners of what they owed in order to buy billions in U. S. exports during the Bush years. Associated Press coverage of Cuba over the past few years has been a source of controversy with well founded claims of bias. " The first paragraph blames "long standing barriers to trade" but the second paragraph states: The statistics from the U. S. -Cuba Trade and Economic Council show that U. Pope Benedict XVI in Santiago, Cuba Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesPope Benedict XVI's visit to Cuba is of immense significance on numerous levels: spiritual, historic and political. In preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ the Pope is also preaching the nonviolent nature of Christ's message and sacrifice which also informs the current situation in Cuba. In the days leading up to the visit and presently there is a wave of repression along with increased restrictions on cell phone usage and home phone lines. Over a hundred Cuban opposition activists have been detained to prevent them attending the Papal Mass. His whereabouts remain unknown. In concert with the United States Millennium Goals, eradicating malaria is seen to be equally important as eradicating poverty and realizing the laudable goals of protecting women's and children's rights around the world. However, these measures will not eliminate the mosquito vector, the parasite or the favorable environmental conditions for transmission in many countries and regions. m. You all might have been wondering if I was secretly using my week of blogging about kitchen items instead of food as an opportunity to eat take-out and tortilla chips. But no! I was still hard at work in the kitchen. and here's a little evidence:This beautiful, creamy soup is the Butternut-Lemongrass soup from "Voluptuous Vegan" - it's a really wonderful recipe, which I had somehow never made before. With ginger and coconut milk and fresh lemongrass, the soup has a hint of Thai flavorings. We really loved it. One oddity: this soup looks disarmingly like a giant bowl of cheddar cheese dip. Really. You cannot stop thinking about cheddar cheese when you look at it. I'll admit that I don't always eat my leafy greens. Dave Gilmour: "Pretty amazing! Something nobody in our field has ever done. Nick Mason: "But nobody read anything. Untitled by nikolinelr. My return wasn't met with a red carpet or rousing cheers. That was always unlikely! And the screws who were happy to laugh behind my back when I was stranded haven't had the balls to say anything to my face, the heroes. Everyone knows I'm only here temporarily, which leaves me semi-detached. This leaves me slightly adrift, a ghostly presence wandering the landings. I am both present, yet only partly. The sooner I move, the better. So. the sale is over, the Give Away has been given, the garage is finally in perfect order, the house is clean, the garden tended, the dishes are done, the laundry washed and folded and put away. The pups are asleep, the candles are burning down. Not so productive but nice all the same. Paula was by earlier trying out some clothes that Darling Daughter no longer wore. I'm a little torn about what I want to feature in today's preview.

On the other hand, there is one quilt I especially want to mention, partly because I'm pretty fond of it and partly because it's going to be the focus of my demo tomorrow during my Open Studios session at Quilt Festival in Houston.

The thing that's tipping it for the quilt is the fact that I rushed to make an alternate block to demonstrate tomorrow and I'll be damned if I'm not going to show it off in this space. OK. Today's featured project is called The Modern Baby Quilt. If memory serves me this was the first project I designed and finished for the book. SouthCarolinaPioneers. Trace your families on line. Subscription is very cheap while this website grows. southcarolinapioneers. This was my first experience of designing for the web and I am thrilled to be included on their virtual pages. I think what the virtual Knitty group to the north is doing is so much fun. They're really helping to spread the knitting love. So I stopped and began doing the book thing - First Knitting for Baby with Melanie Falick, then Kids' Embroidery, and now Colorful Stitchery. You'll be rich, powerful, healthy and wise! This message is wonderful to hear and people get excited when they hear it. I love the Apostle Paul! He says the opposite, "all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution". WOW! Isn't that uplifting? The truth is that we will suffer persecution in this world, but God will bring us through every trial as we lean on Him. He will deliver His people!Application:When bad things happen, and they will, you don't always have to rebuke the devil. Sometimes you have to go through some stuff in this life. Persecution and difficult times really develop our character and God is very concerned with our character. God is faithful and won't allow us to go through more than we can bear, but He will allow us to go through some tough things which will help shape us if we will let it. Yeah, much better than a cold winter day in New Jersey. Enjoy your weekend.

I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again: one of the loveliest aspects of sailing is being in full charge of a boat in heavy weather.

In both cases, it’s the correct sail area for the strength of the wind that determines the amount of control you have, and therefore the ability to reef or changes to smaller sails. And yet I can hardly believe the number of sailboats I see with no reef points on the mainsail — or, if they have rows of points, no reefing lines reeved, ready for action. I am not talking about dedicated club racing boats, of course. They never reef if they’re just racing around the cans. And they are therefore never fully in control, either. The number of broaches and pitchpoles confirms that. No, I’m talking about family daysailers and ordinary weekend cruisers.

This is the new greatest thing ever.

You can buy goats for people.

You can buy crocodiles for people.

You can buy donkeys, sheep, cows, camels and all sorts of other amazing animals and things for people. oxfam. First of all, I want to explain the pokemart. You go to the pokemart you buy the stone that you need, then you go select a level to play and on the party select screen you press on the pokemon that you want to use the stone with.

You will see a button there "Use Item".

That spot is meant only for Rock Type pokemon! It's not a bug, only rock type pokemon can go there.

Third, codes for evolution stones for people who donated in the past will have to wait until next week, I didn't get a chance to add that into the game. I will have a proper inventory screen later on, and the pokemart will get prettier as time goes on. Fourth, I have currently sent the swf file to Newgrounds- Updated, Gamerfish-Updated, Freeworldgroup, Mofunzone, playtowerdefensegames - updated, funny games, OneMoreLevel. The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. What this means for us today is that we should put the mechanisms in place to deal with the serious governance challenges that geoengineering will present. William C. G. Burns is the associate director of the Energy Policy & Climate Program at Johns Hopkins University. Ya'll have seen the bookcase in my studio. Well, today I had a brainstorm. It seems like my miniature dollhouse construction date has been put off indefinitely, so this idea suddenly came to mind …. Let's turn one of the bookshelves into temporary digs for the dollhouse furniture. So I cleared off the shelf and started to move in the sitting area and kitchen. I'm loving it! What do you think? I do like the hutch against the pink and white striped paper. The island has some room to spread out. The vintage stove seems content here. I'm just going to sit over here, way in the back, next to the blogosphere's kitchen door, doodling on the table cloth, while some guys at the blogosphere's head table punch each other in the dick. Last week I started a weekly feature called This Week. Link up at the bottom and share what funny, memorable, noteworthy things happened in your week. Both girls are now back in school during the days. I talked a bit more about that on Monday. The latest edition of my university alumni magazine arrived and the cover story is about a family of quilters. So refreshingly validating in a way. The girls and I are headed out for spring break. Razor is staying home and working on a few projects. I believe a tree house is in the works. This is my first king sized quilt.

That was in January.

Better late than never, right?I'll be back in a week with new photos and stories and memories. And some big things on the horizon. Hello, and Happy Wednesday! My kids are on Spring Break this week, so I thought I'd take a mini-break with them. Sorry to be MIA!Today, I'm hosting a fun How'd They Do That tutorial and What's Up Wednesday Challenge in the My Favorite Things forum. Both the tutorial and the challenge have to do with heat embossing your dry embossing, which is how I did the moon on today's card. Hope you'll stop by and play along!I've used the astronaut image from Ben Paper Dolls to create a preschool graduation card that my daughter can give her classmates at the end of the school year. She's been going to preschool with many of the same kids for three years now, but they'll all split up in the fall as they start kindergarten at different area schools. The sentiment is done with the Brayton font and a JustRite Stamper. I also wanted to let you know about my Copic certification class on Sunday. If you've not used one before, they are quick and easy to use. Photo-copies of School Certificate. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. I see this one. .