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Heres a few pics of some of the fun trailers we came across this year.

Performance Machine continues to break new ground with this latest addition by adding more custom and inspiring motorcycle wheel designs in the market. performancemachine. I know, yeah, they canceled the trades where I have the low but I don't care. You can cancel the trades, but the stops that were triggered and the selloff to the low did certainly happen. So to me it is legit and its still on this TOS. So hence a possible wave structure. The next few days/week is important. Here's a birthday card that I made a little while back. I had just bought liquid pearls for the first time, and I had to make them look like icing! I just piled on the liquid pearls and swirled them around. It really looks like icing! Well, shiny icing. Hmm. Photo Oh well. at least that's what i see. I clipped a bouquet of peonies from the garden this evening. It felt like I was saying hello to old friends.

Lilacs, lupines and now peonies.

the summer season of a blossoming landscape has begun. This bouquet of peonies is adorning our entry table.

They are the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

Having moved into our rental house in October, I am not sure what blossoms will greet us in the next several months. The last one is now on a roof top near the cathedral and she has flown quite well to get there. She should be OK now. The Watch Point folk actually saw the last bird leave the platform and eventually located it quite low down on a building. There was some gathering there this afternoon. We will upload some photos when we get them later this evening. Thanks to everyone who helped today - a team effort! Cliff, who lives nearby, will make a further check this evening. The Key To Increasing Your Customer Base: Accept Credit Cards Here is a tactic you should heed for your online business. accept credit cards. Whether you're selling digital products or tangible goods through online channels, your business should be able to accept credit cards to ensure the widest customer base possible. The importance of the ability to accept credit cards cannot be denied. Being able to accept credit cards makes your online business more accessible to a greater number of potential clients and customers. tfs/googleI've been into flared pants lately. I really like how easy and laid back they feel. I have a knit pair, a black pair, and even those lace ones that everyone was wearing a while ago. Let me know if you have any suggestions!. on Stock Island. Special thanks to Marty with Public works for his assistance with the removal. If you have large items of trash, like appliances or furniture, alll you have to do is call Waste Management for a pickup - proper disposal is simple. You don't have to dispose of trash in this illegal fashion. You can bookmark this page URL. KNBR/KGO tonsil, Kate Scott is recovering from a pretty serious bike accident last week. She'll be out at least this week and possibly next week too. We wish her well. Michael Savage has won a legal battle against the syndicate that runs his show. He's also off the radio, which if you're a fan of Savage Nation, as I am, is disappointing. If that sounds over the top, so be it. Yes, you heard me right. ' KT.

For the last few months, we've started a new tradition - Family Dinner.

Once a week, usually Sunday nights, we all get together for a potluck dinner. We keep it low-stress, but last night was my turn to host and I was in the mood to cook. Its the Garlic Soup with Avocado & Tortillas from "Fresh Food Fast. " It's super fast to put together, flavorful, warming, and delicious. I especially love the sliced up jalepenos in the soup! The only thing I do differently is that I use the tortilla strip recipe from "Real Food Daily" instead of the FFF chip recipe. I personally think the taste of revenge is actually a little salty. ‎. I am really enjoying working on the Anniversaries of the Heart designs, figuring out how I can personalize the family members represented in each block. On the Snow Garden piece, I omitted stitches in the flowers in the bird's beak to look more like shamrocks. In the Valentine Rose block, I changed the design on the door to look more like the number five, to represent our house number. The first letter of my dad's name is stitched on the heart above the house. I did A Wish for You to honor my husband. The Irish flag and verse, the year that we met, and his childhood nickname are all on the block. I could NOT have done all of that without Mel, no way no how. So it was exciting for all of us when Mel's next career step after RBD was straight into a job with superstar designer Emily Henderson. Pretty cool, right? Total follow-your-dreams success story. Now Melanie is an EHD and Homepolish designer and her own stylish apartment is about to be featured in the Makeover Takeover series on the EHD blog. 'Tis the season in my fave garden. "We are on our way to energy independence, just not in the way that we expected. " Jeffrey Brown. Clarification: Germany has straightened out a little misunderstanding about Draghi's plan to save the universe euro. It is as if the lifeguard told the drowning person that if they made it to shore this time, the lifeguard would save them next time. Renfrewshire County were the hosts this year and RLCGA Captain Gillian Kyle presented the prizes. I made this book for me, which in itself is unusual!! I wanted something that I could write little notes or attach a picture of the things that I want to try out, new ideas I dream of in the middle of the night or find when I am surfing the web and I am taken by the way someone has angled a bit of lace or torn and curled a paper around a frame. so its full of colours and patterns and shapes.

And he and Samuel went and stayed in Naioth".

Observation:When David was in trouble and figured out Saul was after him, he went to the man of God he knew he could trust. By running to the man of God, David was running to God in his trouble. He was seeking out a word from God for his life and what to do from here.

Application:When we are in trouble and don't know what to do, we need a man or woman of God to be able to run to for direction, strength and help.

Everyone needs a man or woman of God who they can trust will direct them in the way God would want them to go. David knew who he could trust spiritually and he ran to him when in trouble. I've beat myself up over a missed rhythm last night. I felt like I was in a fight to focus the entire time. I found myself just thinking "Jesus" the whole time. While the girls were great and worked extra hard in school, I once again could not focus. My quiet time was interrupted several times and I never got that concentrated prayer time this morning. My day has suffered because of that. Chad and I don't totally agree on a particular thing, and while I've submitted to his authority, I'm really fighting the flesh to try and change his mind. He reminds them to be faithful to the Lord, then gives them this verse that is so powerful. He says God is able to keep us from falling and bring us to Himself without a single fault. That is powerful! God is able, are we willing?! Application: God is able to bring us to Himself without a single fault and keep us from falling. Why is it that so many people fall all around us? Why do so many ministry leaders fall into sinful behavior? I believe it is because they get their eyes off the one who can keep them from falling. God will empower us to do everything He asks us to. He is able, are we willing? God doesn't go against our will. He is a gentleman. He won't push His ways on us. He wants us to seek them out. Ukucela empunzini∼Ukubaleka Lesisimo sokukhuluma sichaza ukuthi umuntu usuke ebaleka, mayethi Ngacela empunzini kusho ukuthi wabaleka. Mangabe umuntu ecela empunzini usuke elingisa yona ngokubaleka. Abantu mabengafikanga eshumini noma kuliphi inani siyaye sithi bebecela eshumini noma bebecela enanini elithize. Phela lokho kuchazwa ukuthi bebelinganiselwa, nomuntu usuke elinganiselwa esenzweni seMpunzi edla phansi!!!. That's it, busy busy. bee. Hello there, it's Shemaine and I'm excited about the new releases from Ippity! If you haven't seen them all yet you can check out this post. So today I'm stopping by to show you one of the new Ippity releases. Here's a card I created using a couple of the images from this cute set.

Just a quick post to let you know that I've uploaded the next installment of FREE Writing Center Word Lists.

They include lists for March and April, including St.

Patrick's Day, Easter, Spring, and Birthday lists.

Ely - GLOSSY IBIS just passed Marina next To the Cutter pub.

said. I have the chart. Let me know. For all of you folks who missed it and want to see who was there, we have made a photo gallery. And for all of you who are just curious. check out all the photos! Courtesy of Doug Nelson Photography. The Crocker was a limited-production factory hot-rod, and equalled the HRD Series A Rapide twin, introduced the same year, as the fastest production motorcycles in the world. Dale Walksler with the engine that started the ball rolling. I lucked out down here and we missed almost everything. We had a dusting and we have the ice cold. I have been living on Nyquil and sleeping a lotttt. I worked yesterday and today with my head buried in a machine getting it up and running. I have not watched the news. I hibernated where I could. Until today, I did not realize how bad the storm hit most of the Midwest area. My son called and said Ford shut down. .