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Gn. Right reason tells us that when sin and death entered creation by the rebellious will of man, only God Himself could heal the breach caused with the divine sovereignty and holiness.

And when the Lord, God and man, took on Himself the sins of the world and suffered the consequence of death, and rose again, it was God Who intervened.

St. Springers feature upper and lower Zerk fittings for easier maintenance and longer life. Cast trees and rockers add to the strength of the springer. D. Okay. more about the strawberries from yesterday's post but first. I want to share with you a "new to me" blog by the very creative and talented Anita. Her blog is called My Country Cottage Garden and I found it while I was visiting my friend Maryjane at Beehive Cottage. Anita's blog caught my eye because I noticed on Maryjanes sidebar a picture like the little strawberries that I had made. Don Li and Amy K. have no idea that their film has halted its release courtesy of on. Later she resigned and Carol Yeung Chi Yiu took the role. The film was originally slated for release on Thursday, but Amy K. 's manager Little Fat Pig yesterday suddenly received the investor's apology announcement email, saying that NOWHERE has halted its release temporarily. Li Yat Long has no idea. Johnnie To's THREE courtesy of mingpao. It will work with Korea's SM Entertainment to create a film and television production fund Dragon Tiger Capital Partners to promote China and Korea film and television culture alliance. THREE will star Louis Koo Tin Lok, Vicki Zhao Wei and Wallace Chung Han Leung. Zhao Wei will play a female doctor started a dangerous relationship in a struggle between a cop and a robber, To Kei Fung will arrange for a real doctor to instruct from the sideline.

TRIVISA's producers will be To Kei Fung and Yau Nai Hoi and new directors will direct.

Writer/musician JOSH ALAN FRIEDMAN returns to Los Angeles for an evening of music and quality lit at Alias Books East in Atwater Village TONIGHT. He'll be reading and signing his latest book, BLACK CRACKER, and playing a set of his famous atomic acoustic blues. We carry a wide variety of subjects with an emphasis on literature, film and the arts. We're always looking to buy books, collections, and whole libraries. View Larger Map. We have a woodcarving friend who participates in area Rendezvous. A Rendezvous is a meeting at a particular time and place of people who enjoy the same activities. Jim’s place Black Powder, Muzzleloaders…whatever you call them. They have really long rifles. Flintlock and caplock. I learned how to tell the difference in the firing mechanism. They are quite heavy too…Jim says he has never weighed them but they must weigh about eight pounds each.

He made both of these rifles.

As I took aim, this is not a sport for wimps. fadedyouthblog. Below are excerpts from an excellent description of William Emerson's work on healing birth trauma in infants. This type of work is best done in early life since the issues heal much more quickly when they are acknowledged and addressed with right away. Treating Cesarean Birth Trauma During Infancy and Childhood "Twenty years of clinical and behavioral observation indicate that cesarean births cause considerable trauma to babies. The physical and psychological effects are subtle and powerful, occurring at the unconscious level of the infant psyche. Negative impacts include excessive crying, feeding difficulties, sleeping difficulties, colic, and tactile defensiveness. " "Cesarean babies need the experience of crawling through birth tunnels because their own efforts during birth were frustrated and/or unsuccessful. great use of materials!via.

As I was pouring over last week's Frugal Friday links, I noticed a bit of a theme.

And what theme is that, Wendy? You ask. Well, I noticed that many of my amazingly creative readers were using unexpected materials in their projects this last week. So today, I wanted to share a few of these. First up, Cottage Hill made a super-fabulous, custom headboard out of plywood. Yep, plywood. Here's the official announcement from the National Marine Fisheries Service. I must be crazy because I’m trying to talk Chris into this really cute bright orange kitten at the local shelter. He’s really cute. And he’s really tiny. Today, early in the morning, I was outside tending to the backyard garden and all my little animal creatures. Last night was a difficult night for me and Chris. My four littlest have had fevers and Jace did not do too well. He was pretty miserable and slept between Chris and I all night tossing, turning and sometimes crying. Poor little guy. He basically only wants his Mommy and I am waiting with open arms for my cute little guy. I love him to bits. The Norum Shuffle!. Since I have tomorrow off of work for the Forth of July, I get to see my boyfriend tonight. Tonight I chose a pink flower and lace top with a white crochet skirt and pink ballet flats. What a lucky man he is!.

All of us who chase butterflies know that they are exquisitely solar-powered creatures whose behavior is strongly influenced by sunlight.

Most butterflies will, like the Mourning Cloak, exhibit dorsal basking, but others do so with the wings upright: Some butterflies, such as Clouded Yellows, Graylings & Green Hairstreaks, always keep their wings closed when at rest, and adopt another technique known as lateral basking. In cool conditions they bask by tilting their wings over to one side, so as to present the maximum area of wing surface to the sun. Conversely, when they get too hot, they tilt in the opposite direction so that their wing surfaces are parallel to the sun's rays, and present the minimum surface area to the sun. The scientists say we're going to have an outbreak of swine flu this winter. We will have the newpapers digging around for those silly flying pigs graphics again. "CA: "Right. "S: "Of course, there will. Every winter people suffer from flu. I know. I know. The whole Richard Gasquet/cocaine thing. I never thought it would happen to Richy, the kid has the face of an angel. But you never know. I was watching the tennis channel during Roland Garros and they touched on it. What was worse was Rafa Nadal's suggestion that he hooked up with some chick who did a line and then tested after that, resulting in a positive result. Just thinking about hooking up with some coked out skank makes me throw up a little bit in the back of my mouth. Anywho, I added eleven pics, but they're really eighteen since I replaced duplicates. I. Y. Introducing the newest quilt in The Blessings Series from Shabby Fabrics: Blessings of Autumn! This beautiful quilt celebrates the rich, warm colors of autumn as well as the abundance of harvest. We have this quilt available as a Block of the Month program beginning in August, as well as a pattern set if you want to choose your own fabrics. Which block is your favorite? Are you planning to participate in this BOM?. I spent the morning in the forest, hours upon hours. I was up to my chest in weeds and brush, leaping over creeks, and sitting above ravines. I love running when I get into my stride, and I love tae kwon do for the quick bits of violence and power—but hunting involves all of these things plus hope. The endurance, the bursts of energy, and the long strides - they make you feel powerful. That, coupled with this primal and magical part of the human animal, nothing beats it. When you are out hiking you are an intruder in nature, an observer. When you are hunting you are a part of it. I was the only truck at the game lands this morning, the only one. The entire forest was mine.

Few people take up Squirrel hunting, but I find it wonderful.

It's both a way to get food for Italics as it is target practice. He responded to the name "Ned" but this gave him a more Jumbo like stature. Happy Monday! It's time to share all of our HOP, Fun Friday, and FWF winners from last week. First up we'll give you the HOP winners from last Thursday. From Andrea's Blog:Amber Kroening said. Didn't get last week's paper delivery? See every edition here. It also contains very minor spoilers for the book The Bands of Mourning. Mistborn: Secret History builds upon the characterization, events, and worldbuilding of the original trilogy. Reading it without that background will be a confusing process at best. In short, this isn't the place to start your journey into Mistborn. Firm parts: Abbr. I originally found this idea on this website. I think it was made of plywood or something similar, and I assume it was larger and more expensive than my DIY version. I used one side of a dishwasher box. I cut mine with scissors because they were handy. -dana. Based on medieval Arthurian legends, The Once and Future King is a twentieth-century version of young Arthur's quest for the sword Excalibur and his claim to the throne of England. Quartet of novels by T. H. The series is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, from Arthur's birth to the end of his reign, and is based largely on Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur. Tilda + Friends ATC ChallengeThe challenge at Tilda and Friends this week is to make your ATC into something different. I have made my ATC into a card. SuppliesStamps: Magnolia Santa, Little Claires SentimentTools: Pro Markers, Cuttlebug, Glamour Dust, Prima Flower, Brad from Stash. .