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Tonight, Verve Stamps is releasing six new sets.

Before I get to my card details, I also want to make sure you know about the sketch challenge and special guest contest.

In addition, participants in the sketch challenge are also eligible for a chance to be Verve's Special Guest Diva for our June release. You'll find all the details HERE in the Verve Forum. Okay, so a few words about my project. Here's the little blurb I wrote for the Verve blog:I'm especially excited to preview Up, Up & Away! A while back I was browsing home decor catalogs when a trio of hot air balloon wall hangings caught my eye. There was something so sweet and magical about the balloons, and, as we stampers so often do, I thought "wouldn't that make a cute stamp?" I shared the idea with the Divas, and Julee ran with it. Bear with me, it'll be a few days, probably after the weekend. Spitalfields. London. Amazing how two friends can dress so differently. starting at the shoes. Hello from Nancy, Design Team Member from Really Reasonable Ribbon. This year, I plan to get my Christmas Thank You cards made before Christmas and very excited to show you a lovely ribbon that you will want for your cards. I really fell in love with the Plaid Ribbon Ivory/Rust/Gold and have been using it for my vintage Christmas cards this year like the card above. The ribbon has rich rust and ivory colors with gold running through it. This ribbon brings out the gold, ivory and rust in my colors in my card. Steampunk Style Altered Letter: "G" is for Gloria Hello, Friends! I hope you are all enjoying a sunny Saturday morning! I have something a little different and really fun to share with you today. It's a steampunk style altered letter that makes a great home decor piece and a wonderful personal gift. Take a look: Let me tell you. this was one FUN project to create! I made it for my dear friend Gloria. .