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A tantrum for my transformation - When the dryer breaks and I get a flat tyre and the two year old chucks a wobbly.

God is still in control. What's the silver bullet in Muslims getting to know Jesus? - Prolonged exposure to the Bible and prolonged exposure to Christians. When the wife is a natural leader and the husband isn't - A godly reflection. Statistics on porn and the porn industry in graphic form. We came through the two manned locks on the lower, northern part of the Weaver first thing. The second was operated by Mac, the first female CRT lock-keeper we've encountered, I think. She was as cheerful and as helpful as all the others have been. Mac was at pains to point out that it's not a garden and there's nothing diabolical about it. How it got its name I haven't yet been able to discover, unless it's from the abundance of thistles growing in the field. Be that as it may, it didn't take long to get the washing out, the canopy up… and lunch on the table. We've had a lazy afternoon in the September sunshine, reading our books and making music on the guitar. In it. Hello cute people! I wanted to share something new with you about my Quilty Fun book. It's the Quilty Fun Book Trailer If you want to know more about the inspiration for my book. And see even more behind the scenes footage. Taking cues from their friends and fans, the two created a collection of most-wanted styles incorporating a more racy and fetish-oriented aesthetic than they had in past collections. I feel like I'm always getting landlords out of trouble, protecting them from their own foolish errors. Certainly more training is needed and some landlords don't seem to have the time to take one of my courses. When you have a tenant problem, whether it's refusal to allow you to enter the unit, prepare for bed bug treatment, noise, damage etc. , do not wait and hope it gets better. Mechanical Mammoth Sam mailed me this cool Bubble Visor on a Taco mini bike. thanks sam!. courtesy of singtao. Andy Lau Tak Wa, Wong Cho Lam, Michelle Hu Yan attended with Wong Jing. They introduced their characters. Wa Jai first said, "Before I was always the most handsome one with the best kung fu in movies. This time however I took the most beating, even from foreign thugs. " Wong Jing joked that in the past he watched him beat up other people, which was not fresh enough anymore. "Watching others hit you is more entertaining". I remember people like Catherine Heenan, Evan White, Bob Jimenez, Susan Blake and the like. And how little people with no sense of professionalism and a lack of respect for the legacy of the station are driving it through the ground now. I don't relish KRON's imminent demise. Oh sure, it's not the same KRON, not at all, nevertheless it's sad to see such a proud heritage station meet its maker. Dear Gasia: nothing personal, it's the uber-smiling and laughs that drive me crazy. You're so much better. I know management has Foxified you and you have to earn a living but please. show some levity every now and then. japanese architect taku sakaushi / OFDA has sent us images of 'three corridors house', a single-storey private residence in a quiet neighbourhood in japan. via. Saw this Steam Sponge Cake recipe, decided to give it a try, use half of the recipe to try it out, but not very successful as find it not soft enough. Quarantaduesima puntata della nostra rubrica. Oggi: Amico Albero. Saggio di fine anno dei bambini della scuola dell'infanzia di Lipari Centro. After a friend asked for some workspace inspiration the other day, I realized that, other than an art studio post, I haven't posted any office spaces. Do you any of you have photos of your own workspaces to share? I would love to see them. If you didn't know it by now, I am a girl who has a constant sweet tooth, especially for very sugary confections. And in general, the prettier they are, all the better. After making our way to Epsom, we had trouble locating the exact trailhead. We could see the cell tower, so knew we were in the vicinity. We found what we thought might be the trail and headed off. We went about a mile anyway and decided we were obviously not on the right path so turned around. After looking around a bit once we got back to the car, we finally found the right spot. We passed the gate restricting vehicle access, noting that it does encourage hikers and headed up the correct mile to the summit and cell tower. This would be a great place for anyone needing hill repeats as part of their training regime. A few months ago, photographer Rikki Snyder was in our area and we got together for breakfast. We were talking biz, photography, publicity, etc - all the stuff you talk about if you are doing what we do being self-employed people trying to make a go of it. Rikki volunteered to help me with the video shoot at our farmhouse. Since she would be traveling here to help me out, I thought it would be good to find her another photography gig in the form of a home to feature on Houzz at the same time. Photo by Rikki SnyderI don't know lots of people's homes around here. Folks in New England tend to stick to themselves. In NJ where I grew up, it wasn't odd for someone to stop by and visit. Here in New England, that isn't actually done - without an invitation. It is expressed solely in cardiac myocytes and oxidative skeletal muscle fibers. It binds oxygen to its heme residue, a porphyrin ring with an iron ion. blogspot. Izithakazelo zakwa-Mndaba : Sobahle, Makhunga kaNdunakazi UPhongwana, umntwana wenkosi, UMadanga uhlamvana lubhula umlilo. Tags: Izithakazelo zakwa-Mndaba, Mndaba clan names, Mndaba clan praises, Mndaba clan, Mndaba izithakazelo, Mndaba praises, isithakazelo Mndaba. I'm also introducing a new technique I want to call "Controlled Color Bleeding". I put together a tutorial so you can give it a try, too! You can also watch the video right on my YouTube channel HERE. Hello AI Fans!! Today I'm showing you a card where I only used the front half of a AI Spinner Set. Sorry I have no idea where. Hello Ai Fans! I'm just back from CHA and I've seen so many beautiful things that I can't not share them with you. Beautiful paper by Cosmo Cricket. Kraft, gold, vellum and glitters. Coral, mint and white and gold tissue paper. And wonderful wood veneers/wood charms. Favorite paper collections and what I love about them: Amy Tangerine for American Crafts - Plus One I love the vibrant colors. Heidi Swapp - Dreamy I love the watercolor-y look of the collection. The colors are soft and lovely. Alison Kreft for Webster's pages - Sprinkled with Love and Hello World Lovely papers, patterns, colors and paperclips. I'm not sure if it applies for all of you who reads my blog still, but for me, everytime at the count down, i'll feel emotional and touched, another year has passed, i think of all the bad things that i've done and the achievements that i've managed. I sincerely apologize to those who i've hurt, physically, emotionally, psychologically. and i want to thank those who stayed by my side to help me through my difficult times. Thank you mommy, thank you to my awesome SAM teachers at taylors. Thank you thank you thank you, God! Fireworks light up the sky, dontcha wish the person you love is holding you right now, enjoying the scene? Last year, you promised me, that today now at this very moment, we would be watching the fireworks together, but this also is an empty promise like all the previous ones. I've accepted that. Mica Men are chemically inert, dielectric, elastic, flexible, hydrophilic, insulating, lightweight, platy, reflective, refractive, resilient, and range in opacity from transparent to opaque. its so expensive the processing, i want to see you before you leave, so much work we'll drink together. ""Yeah I wrote that song yesterday, when this sun was goin down,like so much stuff. Hope you enjoy the postings, stay tuned. Matt. I asked my sister, who speaks French, to help me name my series of six roosters with French sayings and titles. I wanted to have a cohesive series of titles to go along with my series of feathered friends. I see so many colors that are unexpected and yet work so well. I chose one of the pink and green scrap squares for my next card. I dry embossed the square to give it some texture and help unify all the different patterns and colours of the paper. I then secured it to a soft pink card base and added a piece of ribbon, a stamped die cut shape and some self-adhesive pearls. My New Year's Resolution. I sent the after school kids all the makings for a taco bar yesterday. Chorizo poop, sorry. I like to add it to tacos because it adds so much flavor. Season the meat with salt and pepper, granulated onion and garlic, cumin and chili powder. I also made a lot of Mexican garlic rice to eat alongside the tacos. I sent it to them with shredded lettuce, Mexican cheese, flour tortillas and hot sauce for the kids that like things spicy. The kids had a blast making their own tacos. Have big dreams, you'll grow into them. What fabulous advice! Hi everyone, Bonnie here today to share a fun card and awesome bow using Delicate Stitched Satin from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I will include my video tutorial below in case you missed it the first time I posted it. It's such and easy bow and it really is a 'show-stopper'. Bizarro is brought to you today by The Face of Fear. Although I admit that I think Glenn Beck is a dangerous lunatic, I didn't see this cartoon as particularly partisan. Mostly, it is just meant to describe Beck as someone who believes in The Devil and would debate him if he could. Both of which I'd guess are true. It follows, in its entirety, minus the signature.

"I like Bizarro in my daily newspaper.

I like Glenn Beck better. "I assume this person thought this cartoon was vaguely offensive to Beck, but I'm not sure in what way. If you're a follower of Beck's and believe him to be a sensible person in control of his mental faculties, what would be offensive about this? I can't see it. Perhaps it is the fact that this cartoon is only actually humorous to those of us who see him as insane and fans of his find this notion offensive in and of itself. Its a gray and rainy day here today in west michigan. Rain is looming and my patience is draining. And it has prompted this post. Gray has been pushing me to the limits lately. We’ve been struggling with him more days than not. He never listens, he’s moody, he’s bossy and has major attitude. it’s hard and exhausting. .