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Continuing Educational Services provides seminars geared towards the economy and real estate with a special focus on mortgage lending. Khash Saghafi is also an approved instructor by the Ohio Supreme Court in regards to his expertise in the banking and mortgage industry. By: Continuing Educational ServicesCredit: Approved for credit by the Ohio Supreme CourtMore:. Tweet Soluble sulphates.

There are water soluble suiphates in some soils, such as plastic clay, which react with ordinary cement and in time will weaken concrete.

It is usual practice, therefore, to use one of the sulphate-resistant cements for concrete in contact with sulphate bearing soils. Portland blast-furnace cement. This cement is more resistant to the destructive action of suiphates than ordinary Portland cement and is often used for concrete foun dations in plastic clay subsoils. This cement is made by grinding a mixture of ordinary Portland cement with blast-furnace slag. Alternatively another type of cement known as ‘sulphate resisting cement’ is often used. Sulphate resiting Portland cement. The scammers are back! If you spend even a short time each day surfing the web you will probably have seen ads for a slimming product promising to turn you from a lard eating pie bucket into a lithe slender sex bomb, just by taking their magic pills. Some of these testimonials might even be genuine. Read all about it this Autodesk offer to keep your skills current HERE. Watch: Survivor - kid's edition Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Her range of accents is impressive and costume changes are far from seamless- but that's part of the charm. There are a lot of laughs to be had, even at her abysmal fruit related puns. Well, especially at her abysmal fruit related puns. Overlooked is a great way to spend an hour and manages to be both totally endearing and utterly bonkers. An arrest has been made in the case of a woman who was sexually assaulted and tortured in her own Conroe home. He struck the victim over the head with an unknown object that knocked her out. She told authorities that when she came to she found herself tied up with extension cords in her garage. The woman was then able to identify her attacker as an acquaintance, Gregory Kocian, officials say. I will add you to the list. I will not share your email address with anyone without your permission. Ok, I will try to “toughen” them up a bit. Anyway, many of you correctly identified the last MS as the L. J. Williams Theater on Main St. on the Redwood campus. Peter Cowper was Johnny-on-the-spot and was the first to get it right. Peter is a consistently observant HH follower. Good work, Peter!Now for the new, hopefully tougher, mystery spot. Saying good-bye. I never thought this would be so hard to do. But do it I must. I appreciate it. Next a quick update on what's happening in my life. These last few weeks have been exhausting. After me being under weather, Damien had the flu or the swine flu. We don't know which, because they don't test it anymore.

Iowahawk weaves a masterful story today:Bogart Could Play Rather Ooops, sorry, Bogie's booked.

Snow! Ice! Cold! More snow!I've really needed a flower fix lately—I'm talking about real flowers here, growing-in-the-ground flowers. Fortunately, the indoor habitats at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden have just what I'm craving. It's time for a reveal!I am the lucky one playing with some Bella Blvd papers this month featuring the Estate Sale Collection. I love the colors in this paper and the versitility.

It has blues, greys, stripes great for those guy pages.

and the pinks and brown for the girlie pages. i sprayed with Shimmerz and Glimmer Mist and find my papers are curling. OMFG! I LUV THIS SINGLE SO MUCH 'CAUSE THEY REMIND ME TO METIS GRETEL!!!. A FRIEND who has been sailing for years tried to charter a yacht recently. They wanted written proof that he could handle a yacht and navigate. And, of course, he didn’t have any written proof. In the end he printed a list of his sailing experiences and had it signed and sworn by a notary public. That did the trick. It was always envisioned as a stand-alone piece, but seeing as a cartoon in yesterday's Evening Standard has indirectly, and inadvertently, busted one for me, why not set the ball rolling now, eh?The particular yawn-inducing defence of smoking bans in question, which is supposed to be a debate-killer apparently, is this one. "Your right to smoke ends where my nose begins"It's a cracker, ain't it? So perfect is it, that it has occasionally even cropped up at Westminster. It's one of the ASH classics. Hello, all. Perhaps later I'll go swimming. Because I'm in LA!My first genuine book tour stop is tomorrow evening at Vroman's Books in Pasadena, JC's home turf and I'm sure a perfectly lovely place. Today, however, I am going to eat bon bons with a vengeance. And perhaps work out in my fancy W Hotel's fancy-ass gym. Because I'm in LA!. Two days of raised bed gardening, writing, and chickens! In this workshop we'll spend a weekend together making something out of nothing. We'll plant it too, and talk about what is being planted and why. We'll also cover basic ways to turn that hard-working patch of lawn into a three-season salad bar by adding a simple poly-tunnel cover to it. You can go home and do the same thing on your own turf and have a little backyard salad bar with a plastic cover that can extend the kale, spinach, and lettuce we'll plant right through frost! It's never too late to start a garden, even in late July! That will be with the bulk of Saturday. The afternoon will involve a rest under the Maple tree to talk about writing, books, and I'll do some reading from stuff I am working on for the future. Three-Minute Fiction is a contest NPR runs every once in a while, and this was my entry, but it lost. The rules are simple. This latest was too much fun to pass up. Judge and author Michael Cunningham just had this to say: the first line of the story had to be Some people swore that the house was haunted and the last line had to be Nothing was ever the same again after that. Here is my entry. P. More on Record Blueberry Crop - AgInfo. corn and soybeans on pace to have record yields this year. Purdue agriculture economist Chris says that success will eventually effect the price of food for consumers. We just LOVE Fly Guy! We did this a looong time ago, but I thought I'd share. We began the year with a book study using a simple chapter book. This made students very excited- they read a 'chapter book'! To make it even more special, it's about Fly Guy- a pet fly to a boy named Buzz. Great close reading practice! Here are some of the focus vocabulary words I pulled from the story. We talked about each character's traits and the story elements. They answered questions about each of the chapters in the book. Text-to-self connections allowed students to relate the book to their own experiences. More pictures of the vocabulary wall and pages. by Dan Phillips Find out who Grandma's holding, more pix, and the full story, here. For example, most people would agree that the deity of Christ is an essential doctrine of Christianity, but Sabbatarianism is not. Some rather extreme fellows have begun a quasi-Christian cult located not far from where I live, and they actually teach that all truth is primary and every disagreement is worth fighting about and ultimately dividing over if agreement cannot be reached. Imagine this was a Filofax. the user interface is more or less the same. Bad for the Party of Lincoln. Really bad for the country. Really, really bad for Christianity. Just bad all around. Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser, Conservative Christian and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson. And he is terribly shocked and put out over how those people over there are behaving: Oh, God — and I mean the entreaty seriously — the Trump/evangelical summit in New York was just as bad as some of us feared. Wow, Check these guys out!Rian Batista and Caetano Malta Rian is playing Bass with me and Caetano is playing Guitar. and yes, I do think Cheap Trick are AWESOMECamille. By vegasfox Part I “Hahahahaha. ” Andrew’s laughing always rang obnoxiously in her head long after his voice died away. She had been living in this small, rural town just six months and already she felt like it had been an eternity. The nice thing about being an army brat was the constant moving and she was itching for another one. Virginia made this beautiful quilt. I think I love pink and black! I chose a gray Permacore thread and used a poly batting she sent. The quilting designs are continuous curves in the small squares, line dancing in the large squares, and meandering in the black sashing. These summaries were written by the hosts of the healing salons. From Les Terres FertilesIt's tough to sum everything up, there were a lot of twists and turns in the thread. So I feel it's best to keep it seems short and sweet.

There are definitely still differences of opinion out there.

And I believe those who support PAIL also understand the hurt on the other side, and want to stress that of anything PAIL was a way to try and minimize hurt. So I think in the end this brought to light a lot of feelings that we all were probably hiding, and I think that's a good thing. It was quite cathartic for me to be able to really spend some time thinking about some of the issues the rest of you raised on your posts, and I got some great responses to my questions here. We are at this moment engaged in old married activities including lounging on sofa watching America's Got Talent with fan and pupusa carnage spread about us moving on shortly to eating leftover cupcakes and watching Ancient Aliens in bed. All I want for the remainder of the summer is to hide out on my new sofa reading and watching period pieces, pettin' the cats and enjoying an occasional sunny, grassy dining experience. Maybe just for this week, or until the next house guest arrives which is in approximately two days O_O. I just learned about instagram thanks to Lisa and Kennedy and have been obnoxiously documenting hot dogs, cats and boys hanging out in my livingroom since! You can follow me at hannahkristina on there :D I've also been updating the old tumblr loads more lately here! Wearing some goodies that I'll be listing in shop soon. Some Bobo Tags: black and white, chesterfield, couch potatoes, marriage is nice, pictures. Teddy and I would like to apologize for a mistake in yesterday's recipe. I said that I added bok choy to the salad recipe. Brain cloud! It was actually napa cabbage. Teddy recognized my mistake but couldn't tell me because she does not talk. Do you eat garlic scapes?They are one of my families favorite summer treats. They usually appear right about the time of summer solstice around here. Now they give them to me so between my own and the ones they give me, I have plenty for a short period of time. Sen.

Ron Johnson is circulating fund-raising materials.

I remember when RoJo ran as a "conservative. ". a "need" a new political system based on a market economy. " ". .