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If you find yourself in the neighborhood you should, like totally, stop by. " a collaborative workspace where the staff can meet together but also invite friends and partners to share ideas. Read all about it here and be inspired! De design opdracht was: "een geweldige gezamenlijke werkruimte waar het personeel dingen met elkaar kan bespreken, maar ook een ruimte waar het personeel vrienden en partners kan uitnodigen om ideeën of creaties te delen. Robert Dodson is working on a new piece of footage that he captured of what he and others believe shows a bigfoot diving into some brush to remain hidden from Dodson and his camera. Take a look:. We had an amazing time at the CHA Trade Show! Thank you to everyone for stopping by. You guys are too awesome! Here are some photos of our booth and the wonderful booth crew! Our Stamp Shammy was a Hot Product! Woohoo!! We can't wait for you to try it! A rainbow of cardstock and ink!! And look at all those reinkers! The papers are all named after the wonderful girls at LFHQ! We had so much fun having them pose with their Perfectly Plaid paper! The booth is ready for the show to begin! We had so much fun doing make and takes and talking about our new products! The Stamp Shammy was a big hit! Everyone loved using the MISTI for our make n take projects. We can't wait to show you what the Design Team has been working on! Thank you so much for visiting! Have an amazing day,. LINK Sort of "cute" anime Kamasutra. There's also a "Naruto" position. Remembering Harold and GeraldineVictims of Repression: Harold Cepero and Geraldine MorenoThe regimes in Cuba and Venezuela are so focused on preserving power and the repressive status quo that they are willing to kill future leaders that represent a nonviolent alternative to them. Sadly, these regimes are also targeting the next generation of democratic leaders as well. This was done so that with impunity the Castro regime would carry out the fraudulent change that both of them had denounced. Oswaldo was a founder and leader of the Christian Liberation Movement and Harold was its youth leader. The Christian Liberation Movement is circulating a petition calling for an international investigation into their untimely deaths. Democracy and human rights are in decline in the Americas. It turns out that several big medical societies recently threatened to pull their meetings out of Massachusetts ostensibly because of concerns that a new state law regulating drug and device marketing would make it impossible to hold the meetings. This training will focus on VAWA, U Visa, SIJS, and Asylum cases. m. She is wearing a colorblock linen top, The Row bag, washed out denim and leopard print loafers. Get the look: + Grace Elements Oversized Pullover + Relic Heather Flap Croc Messenger Bag + Blu Bijoux Set Of Beaded Bracelets + ASOS Washed Black Skinny Jeans + Shoe Cult Pulau Loafer In Leopard. We have what are quite possibly the most spoiled pets in the world. My in-laws, sadly for them, have no grandchildren.

The line dies with us.

Kartini the gecko was a wedding gift to us, and the hubacious one and I honeymooned in southeast Asia, including Indonesia. just as he relentlessly pilfers from my wallet. Too early! Too early!!!!!!!! What is it with these old farts?. Jaime Derringer, editor of Design Milk and Dog Milk, lover of cheese, design enthusiast. This is where I work and play all day, every day. Although I have a laptop, I like working at my desk best - it motivates me to get things done. Otherwise, I'll get distracted and end up in a black hole of Bravo TV and Doritos. My desk isn't usually this clean, but I try to keep it fairly tidy or I can't work. This is why I watch the Investigative Unit on NBC Bay Area and in particular, correspondent Elyce Kirchner who provides a lot of significant insight and quality A-Rate reporting. Sure, I've been critical of the crew but Elyce has neutralized my stance. Very powerful TV journalist. "Don't Give Up," a hand-printed tote bag from the folks at Print Liberation. I think this would be helpful to look at every day. THE FAMILY TREE: "I'M SORRY. BUT I STILL THINK HER SKIRT IS TOO SHORT. " THE FAMILY TREE: "I'M SORRY. BUT I STILL THINK HER SKIRT IS TOO SHORT. Good Morning! It's reveal day at Scraptures today! I am lucky enough to be a guest designer for the month of January and truly loved playing with these Glitz Papers. Glitz is a paper collection I've never really played with. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -Mahatma GandhiIt is the glory of God to conceal a thing:but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. have redeemed us to God ……. Når jeg gravet rundt Ginkgo tre så fant jeg denne. Jeg mener jeg satte ner i hvert fall den frøsådde grønnlilje og Kniphobia. Spørs om dette ikke er den sistnevnte.

Nå er den i hvert fall spadd opp og satt i en egenpotte, stående på blomsterbenken på baksiden.

Alt i alt så var det vel tre som fikk plass på akuttmottaket. Den i midten må være grønnlilje.

Til venstre er den blåblommige sivliljen.

He said that Zerubbabel would bring out the capstone and there would be shouting and cause for celebration. Application: Sometimes life doesn't happen like we wished it would and sometimes we feel like we are behind the curve and not being blessed like we had planned. We thought we would be at a certain place in life by now, but we are not there yet. Sometimes we have to look at the day of small things and stop despising it. We must look at it and know God is in control. What seems like nothing much now, may turn into something great later. We can't despise the day of small things. I sought him, but I did not find him". Observation:Song of Songs is a beautiful story of romantic love between young lovers. In the story we see how they relate to each other and some of the feelings that lover feel for each other. In this verse we see the bride seeking after the bridegroom with all her heart. In the New Testament we are called the Bride of Christ and He is our bridegroom. Application:Jesus is worth pursuing with all your heart. Song of songs is a story about a couple, but when we see ourselves as the bride of Christ, we can extract things from the story that should apply to us. Fair are the flowersin our garden of friendswhose fragrancefills our liveswith the sweetscent of caring Bless you, dear friend, for you are oneof these beautifulflowers. for me on my Birthday. As I get older and hopefully more mature, I realised that if I have to choose between quantity and quality, I'll go for quality these days. It's not always like that. There was a time that I thought more is good. For example, having more of a cheaper share is better than having less of a better one.

Or eating more lousy food in buffet is better than eating less but higher quality ones.

There are many many such examples where I can quote you that lets you see how I chose quantity over quality. Hopefully I will reduce such nonsense from now on. if someone had told me that we would all outlive the Ringling Show I would have thought him insane. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald, Carey Mulligan PHOTO CREDIT: Carey Mulligan photographed auditioning for the role of Daisy Buchanan. Photo: Baz Luhrmann. Zelda, l. , Carey Mulligan r. Since Baz Luhrmann acquired the rights to F. How cool is this stamp! I love it!  Here is my card: And here is a card the very talented Angie Blom has made: Go HERE to find out more information and to sign up. Have an amazing week! . Happy Saturday Unity Peeps! It's Karen, here today sharing MOREUnity and Creative Imaginations!! We hope you've been inspired this whole week with all the lovely creations you'll found right here and on the Creative Imaginations Blog!!+Starting off today, we have Jess, who has made two fabulous cards using the Samantha Walker Papers & Products, and Unity/Marah Johnson Co-Brand stands. Next up, it's me, Karen, sharing a romantic card made using IOD papers and Unity/IOD Co-Brand stampsfrom the Devoted Collection. Then, Eva is sharing two more fantastic cards highlighting IOD papers and Unity/IOD stamps. We are having another Van der Spek meet up at the workshop in Puttershoek. Firstly please read all of this post before checking your diary.

Hopefully there will be future meet ups, so if you miss out on this one there will be a chance again in future.

There are full details about how to apply for a place at the end of this post. GIVEI have decided to have a GIVEaway on The Altered Page. I have a large number of art books, some of which are duplicates, and I thought it was time to pass them on.

They have all been useful to me and are all in good condition.

Make sure you GIVE your email address so I can contact you or just check back next Friday to see if you have won. It seems it is TERMITES. The long drop dunny that is the current Australian Labor Caucus Room in Canberra is decidedly smelly and the pile of excrement at the bottom just gets bigger. The milkybar kid keeps informing all who might listen that he is only campaigning for the party as he makes every post a winning post for Krudd Inc by getting extraordinary exposure in the MSM. "The Leadership was settled many moons ago", he says in response to questions on his ambitions, YEAH RIGHT. The same man who just happens to be the Minister supposedly in charge of the weeping sore that is "boat people".

Last night he was revealed on Paul Murray Live resplendent in a nicely knotted "Blue Tie".

त्वचा गोरी असावी असे प्रत्येक भारतीय स्त्री आणि पुरुषाला वाटते. चमकदार त्वचा आणि गोरी त्वचा मिळविण्यासाठी खात्रीशीर उपाय हे नैसर्गिक असल्यास त्याचे साईड इफेक्ट होत नाहीत. Home Remedies For Fair Skin For Men And Women आवळ्याचा मुरांबा रोज खालल्यास दोन ते तीन महिन्यातच त्वचा गोरी होण्यास सुरुवात होते. गाजराचा रस अर्धा ग्लास रिकाम्यापोटी सकाळी घेतल्यास एक महिन्यात रंग उजळायला लागतो. चहा आणि कॉफीचे सेवन कमी करा. जास्तीत जास्त पाणी पिणे. EASY!!! my kids have already dipped into the candy!Jar is from Ikea. Fill with orange candy. Definitely decorative Pumpkin Faces. Ribbon tied on the handle for spikey hair!. Funny old world. The trees are in full bloom. Freezing temps sent Razor and I scuttling around the yard with sheets and duct tape. Licious, my youngest, came home with chicks. Chicks hatched at school.

One with a major defect making it unable to walk.

When I'm sewing, I sometimes put needle on the top of the thread. So I made a pincushion which size is suit for the thread. I put the hard interlining on the bottom of it. I can attach it with double faced tape on the top of the thread. It's convenient!. .