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Why someone should have wanted to save them in such a sentimental fashion is going to be open to speculation.

The stampex post office will provide four color prints, as BLACK, BLUE, GREEN and RED.

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Jo, jeg burde virkelig ta meg i kragen å få ryddet vekk alle potter nå. Både de som skal inn i boden og de som ikke kommer å få overvintret. Men hvilket tiltak det føles som. Først må jo boden ryddes, utrolig hvilken rot det blir i løpet av en sommer, akkurat nå finnes det ikke plass til noe der inne. Høstsolen sken godt idag fra en blå himmel men nå står den så lavt at solen stråler ikke når helt over hustaket og pottene får ikke nyte av varmen solen gir. Nå er det slutt, over for i år. I have had several inquiries this morning about the skeleton's in yesterday's post. I do miss polished. I loved contributing my ideas there, because Beth challenged me every month, and that is great for the energy and creative flow. SO many good things ended because of this drat economy.

October's cover of polished features my Skeleton couple and I am thrilled! I guess all three Stoddards are having a good month.

I am very grateful to Managing Editor Beth Schwartz and Contributing Photographer Jim Decker who make every shoot so much fun and offer encouragement and valuable advice. She is now eligible to join the LGU Hole in One Club. The Folk Art Box was made by someone out of an old fruit box. Prim Black Santa from my dearest Patty of "Dogpatch Primitives"A most precious Angel ornament from my sweet Jane of "Nothing Plain By Jane"Four things from my buddy Carol Roll of "Carol Roll Nostalgic Folk Art"Santa Head OrnamentSanta in White"JOY"An old Christmas post card. Since I don't want this to turn into a dog blog,I decided that I will just post a puppy update once a week,probably on Sundays. I will start today by showing some pictures from yesterday. Picking her up from the breeder. Her car ride home. She was very playful when she got home. And lots of play time. She was exhausted by the end of the day. Oh, but don't be fooled, my friends. That little innocent face was not trouble-free. Via the Devil and Guido, this news clip is one which has - unusually - tipped Mrs P into a bout of apoplexy. Since Mrs P works in an office where her rotational shift often sees her starting before that time, she listened to 'Paul' in angry disbelief. I was more interested as to how little things seem to have changed despite the efforts of MPs over the past few decades.

Remarkable because of his amazing talent for avoiding any kind of paid employment whatsoever.

Being an old-fashioned 'local', most knew him well enough to know these were just excuses and nodded along in faux sympathy.

See their beautiful faces, read their 'quirky' bios written in their own words, see some of their art that led me to invite them to be a part of my book, and hear my story of what they each mean to me.

Her artwork is featured in many books and magazines, and has been carries in multiple boutiques and museum shops across the world. Over the weekend, Hannity, and a lot of someones just like him, were at it again. A year ago, a federal judge told Bundy to stop grazing his cattle on the federal land. He ignored the judge as thoroughly as he had ignored the grazing fees. So the Bureau of Land Management started seizing his cattle. Which is about when everybody went crazy. Originally the plan was to head down Cookie Culvert but the tiny infall looked like a bit of a stoop so we headed to Tin Brook. First thing Iv'e got to say is this is a fantastic culvert that runs direct under stockport and as it runs under the brewery it smells amazing. There are loads of features and brick porn. I don't see any "electable" RINOs filling stadiums. This is not your grandaddy's election. How divinely decadent are these Fendi mink-trimmed ankle boots? In addition to keeping your tootsies warm and cozy, these boots can go from day, paired with a pretty pantsuit for work, to night, teamed up with a marvelous minidress. गुढी पाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्या ! Does it matter if I post a Sindhi sweet recipe on a Marathi New year? Would it taste different if I tell you I made it in Diwali and am posting it now? No, naa. Then here is the recipe. You have one more sweet recipe to try at home. Since I spent the first few years of my life in Colaba where besides the Kolis the Sindhis have their base, I grew up feasting on a lot of sweets from the famed Sindhi Mithaiwalas, whether it was Kailash Parbat or Chandu halwai. The sev barfi was brought home as an odd time treat, never for the religious rituals or naivedya. For the naivedya it has to be pure milk based sweets and this sev barfi had chana atta in the form of sev so was meant only for human consumption. I don't know what made me think I cannot make it at home. Then I chanced on Alka Keswani's Sindhi Rasoi it sounded so easy so how could I not give it a try. Time to bake Polish paska. You can find the recipe and step by step instructions here: The dough is a bit sticky but it is really easy to work with. I lightly sprinkled the counter with flour but it really didn't need it. The recipe makes three loaves. Rolling and braiding is fun too and even though I remembered to take pics of it, light room refused to load that one. Cover them with plastic while they rise. I brush them with an egg yolk glaze before they bake to give them a nice color. James "Flex" Lewis and Nick Medici from Flex Magazine's FLEXtreme Makeover.

Flex Online has a video on their Website: 'll be posting a couple more scans soon.

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Ravages of Time. "Soon to be in a mirror near you. "This cartoon confused a few readers, though I would not have anticipated that. Part of it is my fault.

By hiding the dynamite under the old geezer's chair, people assumed it meant something about death or suicide.

My bad, as the kids say. See here for deeper meanings. Instead, the cartoon is just meant to be a simple before/after visual of what time does to us. story Maybe we can ship him Bloomberg, Pelosi, Biden and Obama to help them catch up on their silly nanny laws. Next, Putin will be after their big gulps. .