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I will admit I wasn't this cheery when he sounded the alarm, but just a few hours later my day is off to a wonderful start. Eight hours of sleep reset my tired self. I woke up with good work and a farm I love more than I can even explain demanding my attention and hands. What a blessed surrender, that. Ah, yes. The week is over. The weekend is nigh. There is the sense of freedom, of possibility, dare I say…romance? Certainly here next to the roaring fire with a sheepskin adorned in front of it the wine glasses are clinking and two hearts are thawing near its fiery embrace. Or, you know, you're defrosting some old pig hearts to feed your hawk. No, there's no romance here these days. But there is a lot going on. Mostly animal related. Hello Ai friends and happy Thursday! Today I am sharing another card using one of the NEW Mini TryFolds. When you open the first fold, there's more flowers on the second panel. The center of this image was die cut as well. This set has a sweet bunny. closer view of the inside. Be sure to check out the Mini TryFolds line for more fun Ai images! Have a great day and… happy stamping! InLinkz. Above and below are the first of our new season gardens. It's been slow going this year because we've had so much rain. At the moment, the soil is too saturated to plant anything. One of the things you should learn when you start growing vegetables is the nutritional requirements of everything you grow. I am sad to announce that my beautiful purple Malden developed some ring issues and has been returned. I noticed with some disbelief that the tiny gaps on the two lower rings had got bigger, and the bottom one was starting to move out of alignment. I have been offered a refund as the variations in the Malden leather mean that I'd only want to get a replacement in person and it's not from a local supplier unfortunately. 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